Recollections of Baptistown

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~~ 81 ~~

        Francis Roberson and Mary Horner had 10 children born to them: William Sarah, Thomas, Francis, Annie, Samuel, Catharine, Mary, Elizabeth and Daniel.

        William Roberson was born Sep 16, 1785, and died Oct 25, 1865, at his home near Baptistown.  His remains were interred in the Frenchtown Cemetery.  He was married by Rev. J. McLaughlin Dec 27, 1808, to Sarah West, daughter of Thomas West and Rachel Hoagland.  She was born May 1, 1790, and died Mary 16, 1880.  They lived for many years on a farm now in the possession of James P. Gary, adjoining the village of Baptistown on the north.  They were active members of the Methodist church and their house was a station at which ministers put up as they passed through that section.

        The writer remembers attending an evening prayer meeting at their house when quite young.  He was accompanied by his mother, and during the evening a lady by the name of Fox got very happy and began to jump and shout and finally fell over into the lap of the one who sat at her side.  There was a small boy in the congregation who wanted to go home about that time.

        William Roberson was appointed a Justice of Peace in 1838, for the term of 5 years, and reappointed in 1843.  At that time, Justices of Peace were not elected by a popular vote as at present.  William and Sarah Roberson had 12 children:  Eveline, Ogden, John N., Elizabeth, Samuel, Mary, Rachel, Lydia, Letitia, Jane, William W. and Francis C.

        Eveline Roberson, born Mar 14, 1810 and died Aug 30, 1880, in Frenchtown.  She married Sep 30, 1826 to John Britton Opdyke, son of John Opdyke and Fanny Britton.  He was born 1804 and died Mar 3, 1861.  They had 8 children:  Henry Holcomb, born Jul 4, 1827 and died in Jul 1855, he married Fannie VanSyckle;

~~ 81a ~~

William R. born Sep 4, 1829, he married Salema Chamberlin; Sarah born Jul 22, 1835, she married Isreal Lambert; Mary Jane born Jun 15, 1837, she married L. D. Locke; Joseph born Jan 20, 1841; he married Lucinda H. Opdyke; John L. born Feb 1, 1845, married Mary Smith; George W. born Feb 23, 1848, he married Catharine Flosk; Elizabeth A. born Sep 3, 1850.

~~ 82 ~~

        Ogden Roberson was born Jul 26, 1812, and died in Flemington Apr 25, 1888.  He married Sarah Reading, daughter of William Reading and Elizabeth Sergeant.  They had 5 children: Josephine, who married Samuel Shephard; Richard and Winfield married Patience Allen; Emory who married Sarah Ayres; Victoria married Joseph Potts.

        John Nelson Roberson was born Aug 27, 1814.   He engaged in the mercantile business for a number of years in Phila, Pa., and died there Jul 22, 1873.  He married first Mary Ann Slater, daughter of Samuel Slater and Delilah Horner.  Mr. Slater kept the hotel at Baptistown.  They had 2 children: Delilah and Jane.

        His second wife was Sarah Keyser of Phila., by whom he had 2 children: Mattie and William R.

        Elizabeth Roberson born Dec 18, 1816 and died in Camden, N.J.  She married Rev. Abram Keyser Street, a Methodist minister and son of John Street of Phila.  They had 9 children: Charles W. Street born in 1834 married first Anne E. Bomford and second Lizzie E. McGuire, his third wife was Helen W. Decker; Mary F. Street born in 1837, she married Joseph McPherson; John F. Street born in 1839, he married Emily V. Phillips; Francis A. Street born in 1841, he enlisted in the Union Army and was killed in battle Oct 8, 1864 at Fisher's Hill, Va.; Sarah J. Street born in 1843, she married Edward Mills; Abram E. Street born in 1845, he married Joanna D. sicker; Leonida H. Street born in 1847, he married first Ida E. Hirst, his second wife was Emma A. Danenhower; Elizabeth R. Street born in 1850; William J. Street born in 1852, married Emma Powel.

~~ 82a ~~

        Samuel Roberson was born Jan 16, 1819.  He married Feb 1, 1843 by Rev. Charles Bartolette to Sarah Ann King, daughter of William Newton King and Elizabeth Case.  They had 5 children: Delilah W., born in 1847 married George B. Dalrymple; Augustus E. born in 1849, he married Emma Dalrymple.  He is in mercantile trade at Pittstown; William King Roberson born in 1851, he married Susie M. Molyneux and is merchandising in Phila.; Horace born in 1858, he is a lawyer and married Nettie Demerest; Samuel Arndt Roberson was born in 1865, is a teacher and resides in Hoboken, N.J.

        Mary Roberson was born in 1820.  She married in 1841 to Miller Kline, son of Henry M. Kline.  Miller died Mar 1, 1884 in Flemington, where he had resided for a number of years and where his widow still resides.  They had 7 children: Manuel K., born in 1846; Joseph R., born in 1850; William H., born in 1852; James A. born in 1856 and Elizabeth, born in 1858.

~~ 83 ~~

        Lydia Roberson born Oct 6, 1824.  She married David Miller Kline and removed to Illinois a few years ago after they were married.  They had 8 children:  William R. born in 1848, he married Mary Ann Murry; Wesley born in 1849; Mary Jane born in 1850, married John C. Wilson; Chalkley G. born in 1854, married Mollie S. Moler; Josephine born in 1858, married Thomas B. Baldwin; Minnie S. born in 1860, married Daniel York; Frank B. born in 1863; Mary born in 1865, married Earnes Teach.

        Letitia Roberson was born Jan 23, 1826 and died Mar 28, 1888 in Flemington.  She married George Runk, son of Hon. John Runk.

        William W. Roberson born Mar 5, 1830.  He married Sarah Gilmore Jan 10, 1851, and removed to the west soon after.

        Francis C. Roberson born Feb 12, 1837.  He married Susan Mason, daughter of George W. Mason and Mary Reading, Feb 20, 1862.  They had 8 children: Frank, Annie S., Marcus W., Harry E., Addie, Georgetta, Louis and Albert.

        Francis C. listed in the Union Army during the War of Succession.

        William and Sarah Roberson had a daughter Rachel born Aug 25, 182? and died May 21, 1825, and a daughter Jane born Jan 20, 1828, and died Feb 6, 1832.

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~~ 85 ~~

        Thomas Roberson, son of Francis Roberson and Mary Horner, was born Dec 4, 1788 and died Feb 3, 1867 at his home near Baptistown, now in possession of Andrew Roberson, where he had resided the most of his life.  He was married Nov 27, 1813 by Rev. John Ellis to Lucy, daughter of Thomas West and Rachel Hoagland.  She was born Jul 22, 1798, and died Feb 25, 1878.  They were active and influential members of the Methodist Church.  In the fall of 1845 revival services were held at their house every night for five or six weeks, conducted by Rev. W. W. Christine.  The converts were numerous, the most of whom united with the M.E. Church, some joined the Baptist Church.  A number of these converts are still active members of the church.

        Thomas and Lucy Roberson had 13 children: Nancy E., Joseph W., Francis, Francis H., Catharine E., Thomas W., Charles A., Sabilla, Rachel M., Ruth E., Lucy E., Danelia and Francella, the 2 youngest were twins.

        Nancy E. Roberson born Oct 12, 1814 and died Apr 22, 1848, near Everittstown.  She was married Jun 25, 1831 to John Bellis Opdyke, son of Amos Opdyke and Rebecca Bellis.  They had 5 children: Samuel born Jun 17, 1832, he married Mary A. Queen Mar 27, 1860; Hiram D. born Jan 21, 1835, he married Sarah A. Newman Feb 2, 1864.  He is a Methodist minister; Thomas R. born Nov 21, 1836, he married Mary Sharp Jan 2, 1863; Mary E. born Nov 17, 1838 and Amos O. born Apr 29, 1841.

        Joseph W. Roberson was born Jun 5, 1816, he married first Amy Brown by whom he had 6 children: Isabella, Wesley, Asbury, Sabilla, Sallie and Catharine.  His second wife was Julia Davis of Virginia.  A few years previous to the rebellion he removed to Va. and located in Fairfax Co. where he died 1888.

        Catharine E. Roberson was born Jun 9, 1821.  She married Nov 24, 18?? to Horation, son of George Opdyke.  In 1850 he removed to Fairfax Co., Va., where he lived and farmed until war broke out when he with his family returned to N.J.

        The buildings and fences on his farm were destroyed and his crops consumed by the soldiers of the two armies.  They had 9 children: Osmuns S. born in 1841 and died 1868, he enlisted in the Union Army; Lucy A. who married Charles W. Pullen of Trenton; Henrietta, Charles, Joseph D., John B., M. Adelaide, Rachel and Abraham Lin.

~~ 86 ~~

        Thomas W. Roberson was born Jul 3, 1823 and died Oct 7, 1858, near Croton, N.J.  He was married Feb 26, 1843, by Rev. A. K. Street to Charlotte, daughter of William N. King and Elizabeth Case.  They had 7 children: Jeremiah K., born Feb 23, 1845, he was married Oct 1868 to Mrs. Amy Race, nee Allen; Thomas C. born Nov 29, 1848, he married Emma Wilson Feb 22, 1877; Elizabeth K. born Dec 15, 1849, she was married Dec 20, 1868, to Sylvester Robbins; Fletcher born Feb 25, 1852, he is a minister of the gospel and married Sallie E. McPherson Dec 6, 1876; Samuel born Nov 29, 1853 and died Apr 5, 1866; Joseph R. born Nov 10, 1855; Margaret born Nov 21, 1857, she married Williard T. Hartson, a lawyer, Feb 21, 1884.

        Charles A. Roberson was born Mar 21, 1825 and died Mar 26, 1893 at Asbury, N.J.  His first wife was Sarah H. Waldron whom he married Feb 19, 1851, and by whom he had 4 children: Maria W. born Jan 3, 1852, she married William H. Slater; John W. born Oct 30, 1853, he married Jan 1889 to Berraba Culler, a native of Bolivia, So. America where he died a few years ago; William W. born Feb 3, 1855, he married Emma Hagaman; Augustus born Jan 11, 1857, she married Homer Apgar.

        Sabilla Roberson was born Jan 29, 1828.  She married Apr 13, 1856, to Martin, son of George Johnson, now a commionion [sic] merchant in N.Y.  They had 3 children: Olivia, Edwin S. and Belle.

        Rachel M. Roberson born Jan 15, 1832.  She married first Dr. Greenleaf D. Daggitt of the State of Maine, by whom she had a daughter Carrie H. who died young.  The Dr. died Jul 23, 1854.  Her second husband was Noah H. Hunt of Milford, N.J.  They had 7 children: Alma S. born Apr 3, 1859, she married Robert A. Montgomery, a merchant of Lambertsville; George W. born Oct 3, 1860; John H. born Jul 22, 1863; Noah H. born Mar 4, 1865; Olivia born Nov 28, 1867; Emelena born Jul 12, 1869; Fannie born May 23, 1871.

~~ 86a ~~

        Lucy E. Roberson was born Dec 15, 1836.  She married Frederick Davis Jan 8, 1868.  They live in Illinois and have 4 children: Kate A. born Nov 23, 1868; Lorena born May 2, 1870; Sopia A. born Feb 4, 1872; and Martin S., born Dec 28, 1873.

~~ 87 ~~

        Francis Roberson, son of Francis Roberson and Mary Horner, was born Jan 22, 1792, near Baptistown, on the farm now in the possession of William Search.  He died Dec 25, 1884, in Baptistown, at the residence of his son, Daniel B., and was buried in the Frenchtown Cemetery.  He married Elizabeth Bray.  She was born Jun 6, 1795, and died May 16, 1851.  Her remains were interred in the old graveyard at Baptistown, but subsequently removed to Frenchtown.

        When Francis was but a child, his parents moved to the farm now occupied by Wesley S. Hawk, one mile south of Baptistown, living with his parents until married.  After marriage he lived in part of his father's house for a few years; then bought the farm now owned by Hiriam Rittenhouse about 2 miles south of Baptistown on the road leading to Kingwood.  Here he spent the most part of his active life and accumulated the most of his property.  He quit farming soon after the death of his wife and lived with his children.  He was an ardent Republican and always took an active part in the affairs of his country, but never had any desire to hold office.  He cast his vote in 1813 and has voted at all Presidential elections from 1816 to 1884 inclusive.  He told the writer at the polls in 1884 that he wanted to cast one more ballot for good government.  He was then in his 93rd year and quite feeble.  He was tall and robust in his best days but few could put him on his back in a wrestling contest--at 80 he stood as erect as many do at 60.  His children were: Maria, Eliza, Daniel B., Andrew and Thomas W.

        Maria was born Feb 28, 1816, and died May 25, 1889, in Flemington.  She married Abel, son of Hugh Webster.  They had no children.

        Eliza Roberson was born Oct 2, 1818 and died Jan 16, 1872 in Lambersville [sic].  Her remains were interred at Sandy Ridge.  She married Charles R., son of Capt. Benjamin Swallow.  They were faithful members of the M.E. Church.

~~ 88 ~~

        They had 12 children: Maria born Sep 24, 1840 and died Feb 27, 1875; Gershom L. born Sep 1, 1842, he married Deborah VanHorn; Juliet R. born Sep 16, 1844 and died Sep 25, 1860; Francis R. born Sep 28, 1846, he married Mary A. Diddleback; Harriet H. born Sep 29, 1848; Emily born Mar 1, 1851; Hannah born Mar 26, 1853, she married Albert Warton; Charles W. born Feb 2, 1855 and died Jul 26, 1855; Samuel. born Apr 4, 1857; a daughter born Apr 7, 1859 died unnamed; William D. born Jul 21, 1860 and died Jan 1861; Winfield S. born Dec 14, 1861.

        Daniel B. Roberson born Nov 19, 1821 and died Aug 26, 1896, in Baptistown.  May 9, 1846 he married Jane E. Reading, daughter of John Reading and Martha Sergeant. He owned and lived for a number of years on the farm now in the possession of his son Edward R. near Baptistown, and by industry and frugality he accumulated considerable property.  He was a deacon in the Patist church.  They had 8 children: George W. born Mary 6, 1847 and died Jan 1, 1897, unmarried.  He taught school several years; Ann Eliza born Mar 11, 1849, she married George W., son of Peter Dalrymple; Andrew B. born Jun 22, 1851, he married Augustus Martin; John W. born Aug 13, 1854 and died Jul 14, 1855; Henrietta born Jul 28, 1856, she married Augustus Green; Edward R. born Mar 7, 1860, he married Frank S. Bellis [sic!]; Martha born Jul 22, 1862, she married Albien Tinsman; Abel W. born Aug 10, 1865, he married RAchel B. Hawk.

        Andrew Roberson was born Dec 28, 1825 and died Aug 12, 198 in Trenton, N.J.  He married Sarah E. Taylor.  He kept store at Baptistown, Everittstown, Frenchtown and Trenton.  About 22 years ago he was nominated for Sheriff of Hunterdon County by the Republican party.

        Thomas W. Roberson was born Oct 6, 1830.  He never married and resides in Doylestown, Pa.

        Samuel Roberson, son of Francis Roberson and Mary Horner, married Elizabeth Earl and died soon after.  He was studying for the Ministry.

~~ 88a ~~

        Catharine Roberson, daughter of Francis and Mary (Horner) Roberson, was born 1799 and died Jun 1, 1875.  Her remains were interred in the old yard at Baptistown.  She never married.

~~ 89 ~~

        Elizabeth Roberson, daughter of Francis and Mary (Horner) Roberson, was born Aug 23, 1804 and died Nov 27, 1837, and was buried in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery.  Her death took place at the home of her parents near Baptistown.  She married Feb 2, 1822 to John Bellis, son of John Bellis and Elizabeth Holcombe.  He was born Mar 7, 1797 and died Dec 29, 1827 on the farm recently owned by Michael Frace, on the road leading from Pittstown to Everittstown.  They had 3 children: Wesley, Mary and John.

        Wesley Bellis was born Dec 1, 1822 and died Jan 14, 1884.  His remains are interred in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery.  He married Rachel, daughter of John and Charlotte Thatcher of Baptistown.  They had 5 children: Mary Elizabeth who married Wesley S. Hawk; Charlotte; Martin Francis who married Violetta Rittenhouse--he was deputy sheriff under his father; Emma Jane and an infant son died unnamed.  Charlotte and Emma Jane died Young.  Wesley Bellis' second wife was Mary C. Stryker, daughter of Peter Stryker and Frances Anwine, by whom he had 9 children: Rachel Jane who married Charles B. Higgins; Frank S. married Edward R. Rittenhouse; Kate R. who married Lewis D. Roberson; John W. married Lizzie Rittenhouse; Laura who died unmarried; George W. married Mary Johnson; Thurston R.; Simeon O. and Lida.

        In 1874 Wesley Bellis was elected Sheriff of Hunterdon Co. for the term of one year and in 1875 was elected for three years.

        Mary Bellis was born Dec 2, 1824.  She married Jan 23, 1850 to William Bodine.  They had 9 children, all of whom are still living: Della Catharine married John D. Larison; Emma Elizabeth married George W. Kugler; Marietta married John R. Johnson of Lumberville, Pa., merchant; William Horace married Jennie Horner; Wesley B. married first Jennie Hunt, married second Emma Wood; Jane; Anna R. married Henry Roole; Carrie; Ida married Lewis P. Nailer.

~~ 89a ~~

        John Bellis was born Jan 8, 1828.  He spent his childhood and early manhood days on a farm near Baptistown, now in the possession of Wesley Hawk.  In the spring of 1852, he removed to Locktown and engaged in the mercantile business.  Nov 27, 1853 he married Amy M., daughter of Andrew Rittenhouse and Elizabeth Mettler, by whom he had 2 children: Andrew R. who married Mary E. Snyder, and Mary who died in infancy.

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