Recollections of Baptistown

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        In 1856 a Post Office was established at Locktown and he received the appointment of postmaster.  His second wife was Rachel A. Rittenhouse, daughter of James Rittenhouse and Abigail Mattison, by whom he had 2 children:  Wilmer who married Anna E. Morris, and Amy C. who married Manning F. Sherman.  Mr. Bellis is now proprietor of the store and also postmaster.

        Daniel Roberson, the youngest child of Francis Roberson and Mary Horner, was born May 23, 1806 and died Sep 22, 1884, in Jersey City and buried in the new yard at Baptistown.  His first wife was Jane, daughter of Daniel Rittenhouse and Jane Courtright.  I think they were charter members of the Baptist church at Baptistown and were converted at a protracted meeting that was held in the Baptist church at Locktown, conducted by a man by the name of Ketchem.  This, I think, was in 1838.  The meeting was largely attended and the converts were numerous.

        Daniel and Jane Roberson had 4 children: John H., Peter S., Francis R. and Mary Jane.

        John H. was born Jan 10, 1829.  He studied medicine and practiced for a few years, is now living near Carversville, Pa.  He married Rhoda Walton and had one son: Winfield S.

        Peter S. was born Aug 7, 1832, and died in Vermont recently.  He learned the paper maker's trade and followed in the business for several years.  He married first Mary Naylor of Bucks Co., Pa., by whom he had one son, Victor Augustus, who married Emma A. Deal.  His second wife was Jane M. Short, whom he married Sep 17, 1856, and by whom he had 4 children: Edwinna who married David M. Bisher; Mabel married Olin Dane; Edith L. and Ethel A.

        Francis R. was born Mar 24, 1835.  He married Sarah E. Sine, daughter of John Sine and Permelia Rounsavell.  They had 4 children: John; Mercy and 2 died in infancy.

        Mary Jane was born Mar 25, 1839.  She was a school teacher and married William Wagner, son of Cyrenieus Wagner and Sarah A. Rounsavell of Baptistown.  They conducted a large bakery in Jersey City for several yeas.  They now reside in Asbury Park, N.J.  They had 3 children: Sarah J.; Frank R; and Mary who is married and resides in Penna.  Sarah J. and Frank R. are deceased.

        Daniel Roberson's second wife was Sarah Good, maiden name Michiner, whom he married Jan 28, 1854, and by whom he had one son, Thomas, who married Emma Alpaugh of Little York, N.J.

        Daniel Roberson married his third wife, Mary A. Worthington of Bucks Co., Pa.

        Sarah, Annie and Mary, daughters of Francis Roberson and Mary Horner, died young.

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        Sarah Roberson, daughter of Thomas Roberson and Catharine Pierce, date of birth no known.  She died 1829 and her remains were laid away in the Kingwood Presb. burying grounds.  She married Peter Slater who died in 1819.  They resided on a farm near Baptistown now in possession of Daniel Warner.  They had 6 children: Nancy; Ginty; Elizabeth; William, John and Sarah.

        Nancy Slater died Aug 5, 1810 and was buried in the Presb.  burying grounds.  She married Godfrey, son of George Werts.  They had 3 children: Mary; Sarah and Peter S.

        Mary married Moses Thatcher and removed to Ohio many years ago.  Sarah Werts married --- Stull.  She died in Lambertsville at the residence of her son-in-law, J. Atwood Reading, on Jan 2, 1894, at age 85 years.

        Peter S. Werts was born Jul 24, 1810.  His mother died when he was a few days old, he was taken to his grandfather Werts where he remained until he was old enough to learn a trade.  He learned the shoemaker trade with John V. Thatcher of Baptistown, where he remained for 9 years.  He married a sister of John Hartpence who died at Rosemont a few years ago.  He lived a few years in the old stone house that was destroyed by fire some years ago.  In 1838 he removed to Darke Co., Ohio, near Ithica, where he still resides.  He farmed and made it a success, accumulating considerable property.  His second wife was an Indiana lady.  She is deceased.  His first wife bore him 3 children, one living, Caroline who married a Mr. Clinger.

        Jane Slater married Aaron Hampton, she died near Buffalo, N.Y.

        Elizabeth Slater married Joseph Hampton.  She died in Penna.

        William and John Slater removed to Penna., where they died many years ago.

        Sarah Slater was born 1796 and died Nov 14, 1885, near Lansburg, Mich.  She became the second wife of Godfrey Werts by whom she had 10 children.

        Mary Roberson, daughter of Thomas Roberson and Catharine Pierce, married Charles White in 177 [sic].  She died at the residence of her brother Jonathan without issue.

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        Catharine Roberson, daughter of Thomas Roberson and Catharine Pierce, married Daniel Werts.  She died at the residence of her daughter in New Hope, Pa.   They had 10 children: Francis who married Elizabeth Silverthorn, he removed to Ohio in 1838; Henry who married Elizabeth Powner, his son Joseph R. Werts lives in Lambertsville, N.J.; John located in Miana Co., Ohio; Mary; Thomas removed to Penna with his family; Delilah; Catharine who married John Hulsizer; Elizabeth who married Isaac Bray; Daniel removed to Ohio; Sarah married a man by the name of Larue.

        Jonathan Roberson, son of Thomas Roberson and Catharine Pierce, was born Oct 18, 1769, and died Nov 6, 1844, and was buried in the old yard at Baptistown.  He owned and lived on the farm now occupied by William Fitzer.  In 1797 he was married to Gertrude Voorhies.  She was born Aug 11, 1780, and died Jan 5, 1858.  Jonathan and his wife were leading members of the Baptist church, and when the church split they took sides with the old school branch of the church.  Jonathan was baptized Aug 8, 1799, and Gertrude, his wife, Oct 26, 1797.  They had 10 children: Pierson; John; Thomas V.; Mary; Catharine; Zechariah; James M.; Julia Ann; Peter S. and Amy.

        Pierson Roberson was born Jan 30, 1797, and died May 22, 1857.  He owned a farm in Kingwood Township near Frenchtown, was a man of high integrity, and a successful farmer.  His wife was Rebecca Lair, daughter of William Lair and Elizabeth Boss of Locktown vicinity.  Rebecca died in Frenchtown May 6, 1884, in the 90th year of her age.  They had 9 children: David; Sarah Ann; Jonathan; William; John L.; Garret L.; Wilson; Mary Jane and Joseph.

        David Roberson was born Dec 14, 1821.  He was married in 1844 to Ellen, daughter of Samuel Eichlin.  She was born May 13, 1823.  David now resides in Frenchtown.  He was, for a number of years, sexton of the Frenchtown cemetery.  They had 4 children: John W. married Emma Mondbank; Emma; Henry C. who married Lucretia Wright; and James who married ---- Stamets.

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        Footnote on bottom of page:

        Jane Slater, daughter of Peter Slater and Sarah Roberson, was born Jan 31, 1780, she married Aaron Hampton, son of David and Rebecca Hampton, Soleburg, Pa.  He was born May 5, 1780.

        Children of the above: David born Aug 9, 1802; Rebecca born Apr 21, 1804; John born Jun 3, 1806; Sarah born Aug 4, 1807; Ann born Nov 3, 1808; Oliver born Nov 1, 1809; Slater born Feb 6, 1812; Ann Hampton died Dec 24, 1808.

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        Sarah Ann Roberson, daughter of Pierson Roberson and Rebecca Lair, was born Nov 16, 1822, and died Nov 20, 1837.

        Jonathan, son of Pierson Roberson, was born Nov 18, 1824, and is now deceased.  He married Dec 2, 1863, to Sarah A. Henry.  Hey had 3 children: Ellie E. who is a Methodist minister; Justine C. and Mary E.  Jonathan and his brother Joseph purchased the homestead farm after the death of their father, where they lived and farmed for a number of years.

        William, son of Pierson Roberson, was born Feb 18, 1826.  He removed to Darke Co., Ohio, when a young man.  He married Nancy Owens Sep 10, 1854, by whom he had 3 children: Mary J; Amy; and Amelia.  William married for his second wife Elizabeth M. Jaringer, by whom he had 6 children: Idolia E; Adda M.; Wilson; William E; Percy L; and Bertha B.  Amy E. married John Hawk; Adda married John E. Hafaeker; Wilson married Doley Smith.

        John L., son of Pierson Roberson, was born Mar 9, 1828.  He is deceased.  He married Mary Dilley Mar 18, 1854.  They had two children: Lewis D. and Isadore.  Lewis D. married Catharine R. Bellis, they reside in Frenchtown.

        Garret L., son of Pierson Roberson, was born Jun 8, 1831.  He enlisted in the Union Army during the war of the secession and was killed in battle Jun 27, 1862.  A monument to his memory has been erected in the Frenchtown Cemetery.

        Wilson, son of Pierson Roberson, was born Dec 6, 1833.  He is unmarried and lives in Frenchtown, N.J.

        Mary Jane, daughter of Pierson Roberson, was born Feb 8, 1836.  She married Samuel, son of Nathaniel Thatcher.  They reside in Bucks Co., Pa., and have 5 children: Nathaniel R.; Laura B.; Pearson G.; William; Frans--.

        Joseph, son of Pierson Roberson, was born Oct 3, 1838.  He married Jane Cooper Sep 27, 1865.  They reside in Frenchtown, N.J.

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        John Roberson, son of Jonathan Roberson and Gertrude Voorhies, was born Jul 13, 1800.  He died young.

        Thomas V. Roberson, son of Jonathan Roberson and Gertrude Voorhies, was born Aug 11, 1802, and died at Locktown Jan 28, 1876.  He married first Sarah Rockafellow, by whom he had one daughter, Mary Jane, who married George T., son of Isaac R. Srope.  They had 3 children: Thomas, Sarah and Ella.  Thomas V. Roberson's second wife was Mary Bonham.

        Mary, daughter of Jonathan Roberson and Gertrude, was born Feb 14, 1805, and died Dec 29, 1859.  She married Joseph, son of William Hann by whom he had 9 children: Catharine, Jonathan, Amy, James, Levi, Mary, Jonas L, Alfred and Jane.

~~ 94 ~~

        Jonathan Hann married Catharine, daughter of Reuben Kugler.  They had 6 children: Sarah A. married George F. Green; Reuben K. married Jennie Holland; Mary married Green Robbins; Joseph married Caroline Bancroft; Walter and Reuben R.

        Amy A. Hann married William Clason, they had 2 children: Charlotte and Catharine.

        James Hann married Margaret, daughter of Reuben Kugler.  They had 4 children: Joseph, Reuben, Jane, Grover.

        James L. Hann married Anna, daughter of Joseph Johnson of Copper Hill, N.J.  They removed to Missouri where they both died.  They had 4 children: George, Joseph, Alfred and Jane.

        Jane, daughter of Joseph Hann, married Theodore VanCamp and had one son, George.

        Catharine Roberson, daughter of Jonathan and Gertrude Roberson, was born Jun 13, 1807, and died at Iosco, Mich., Mar 16, 1987.  She married Wilson Garner who died Mar 8, 1861.  They removed from N.J. to N.Y. and from there to Michigan.  They had 5 children: Mary E. born Sep 2, 1831; Julia A. born Jul 14, 1833; Gertrude born May 5, 1838; Elsia born Nov 18, 18--, and Marcus born May 4, 1847.

        Zacharias Roberson, son of Jonathan and Gertrude Roberson, was born Apr 13, 1810.  He married Agnes, daughter of Moses Warford.  They removed to Michigan many years ago.  They had 10 children: Parmelia; Moses; Gordon; Theodore; Merrit; Electa; Stacy; Alice; Belle; and William.

        James M. Roberson, son of Jonathan and Gertrude Roberson, was born Jul 13, 1812 and died May 20, 1892.  His remains were laid to rest at Rosemont cemetery.  His wife was Nancy Heath, daughter of Elijah Heath and Catharine Kemple.  They had 3 children: Hanna Ann, George H, Emma Julia.  Hannah A. died when a young lady; George H. married Susan Niece; Emma J. was not married.

~~ 94a ~~

        Julia Ann Roberson, daughter of Jonathan and Gertrude Roberson, was born Jun 5, 1815 and died Jan 10, 1894, at Forrest Grove, Bucks Co., Penna.  She married Samuel Gray.  They had one son, John.

        Peter S. Roberson, son of Jonathan and Gertrude Roberson, was born Jul 12, 1817, and died Jan 3, 1894, at Arcanum, Darke Co., Ohio.  He married Leititia West.  They had 5 children: Amy; Cornelia; Andrew J.; Sylvester B. and Martha J.

        Amy Roberson, daughter of Jonathan and Gertrude Roberson, was born in 1820 and died Mar 20, 1842, unmarried.

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