Recollections of Baptistown

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~~ 9 ~~

        A tailor shop stood between the hotel and the house where James P. Gary now lives. It was built by Albertus K. Wagner, who worked in it for several years.  He married Rhoda Moore and lived for a number of years near Head Quarters in Delaware Township, and died there several years ago.  Uriah Lerne worked at the tailor's trade in this shop for some time.  His wife was daughter of Elisha Bird.  The Post Office was kept here for several years.

        There was a small house on the north side of the Baptistown church.  Mrs. Sipes, the mother of William Sipes, lived there for a few years.  John N. Thatcher, the grain cradle maker, occupied it for several years.  His children were: Samuel, Nathaniel, Edward, Jeremiah, Elizabeth and Hannah.  I thin there were other children, but I cannot name them.  Samuel kept the hotel at Centrevill, Bucks Co., Pa. for several years.  Elizabeth married Thomas L. Brink, son of Daniel Brink.  She died in Frenchtown a few years ago.  Hannah married David C. Robinson; she died in Frenchtown recently.  One daughter married John Trimmer; she was the mother of George S. Trimmer.

        David Stryker, now living near Milford, owned where P. Vanderbilt now lives.  It then included the A. B. Chamberlin place.  Stryker divided the farm and sold the part where Vanderbilt lives to William Lair, Jr. and put up the farm buildings where Chamberlin lives.  I am inclined to think that these two places at one time belonged to the J. P. Gary Farm.

        John V. Thatcher lived where Peter Polhamus now lives.  He built the house where Polhamus lives, also the house where Steward Kitchen now lives.  He was one of the most progressive farmers in that vicinity.  He worked at shoemaking in his younger days.  He was the son of Bartholomew Thatcher and Rachel, nee Vorrhis. His wife was Charlotte, daughter of Nathaniel Thatcher.  They were faithful members of the Baptistown church and both died in Phila.  Their children were:  Lavinia,

~~ 9a ~~

Rachel, Nelson, Caroline and Emily.  Lavina married William, son of Tayler Eich and Anna Horner.  RAchel married Wesley, son of John Bellis and Elizabeth Roberson.  Nelson worked with William Smith at shoemaking.  He went to Boston, Mass, where he married and I think he was in the Union Army.  Caroline married Jacob, son of Godfrey Hawk and Charity Sidders.  They lived in Frenchtown.  Emily married Oakley Cowdrick, son of John Cowdrick.  She died in Camden recently.

~~ 10 ~~

        John Slate, Sen. lived where Pierson Wood now lives.  His wife was Rachel Hoff.  Their children were: Samuel, Thomas, John, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Mary.  Samuel married Delilah Horner.  Thomas married Catharine, daughter of John Roberson and Grace, nee Opdyke.  Their children were: Moses, Selinda, Lavina, Rachel M., John, Elizabeth A., Grace, Sarah C., Emma J., and Sibilla.

        Thomas Slater was a carpenter by trade, was fleet on feet, and one of the best shots on the wing in that vicinity.  He lived for a number of years where Elias Opdyke now lives.  He died in Baptistown a few years ago.  His widow is still living.

        John Slater married a sister of John V. Thatcher.  He taught school when a young man, farmed near Everittstown for several years, moved to Frenchtown, where he was elected Justice of Peace and where he and his wife died within a few days of each other.

        Nancy Stryker married a Mr. Stryker.

        Elizabeth married Mahlon, son of William Roberson and Ann Curtis, for her first husband.  They lived at Milford for a number of years and died there.  They were members of the Christian church.  Six children was the result of this union--Rachel Ann married Joseph, son of Godfrey Hawk.  They live in Kansas.

        Mary H. married Charles Kline who worked at the tailor trade in Frenchtown for a number of years.

        Emma married Alexander Cochran, who commanded a Co. in the Union Army during the war of succession.

        Sarah married Levi Sharer.

        John married Josephine, daughter of Rev. John Mc Glauffin.

        William married Sarah, widow of Dave P. Shrope and daughter of David Pittenger.

~~ 10a ~~

        Elizabeth Slater's second husband was Jacob Race.

        Mary Slater married William, son of William Horner.

        After the death of John Slater and his wife, Rachel, the farm was sold to Daniel Horner, who erected the farm buildings that are now on the place.  His wife was Mary, daughter of Joseph Bosenberg and Elizabeth Sutton.  They had 3 children:  Joseph B., John William and Elizabeth.

        Joseph B. married first Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas L. Brink and Elizabeth Thatcher.  His second wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac R. Srope.

        John William lives in one of the north western states.

        Elizabeth married Pierson, son of Henry Wood and Sarah Kugler.  They live on the homestead and Daniel Horner lives with them.

        The old house was located a few yards south of the new one.  It was one of those old fashioned houses with cellar kitchen and wide fire place.

~~ 11 ~~

        Peter Heath, son of Richard Heath and Catharine Rittenhouse, lived where Cornelius Rittenhouse now resides.  The house has been remodeled and enlarged since the first I knew the place.  Mr. Heath carried on coopering in a shop a few yards east of his dwelling.  His wife was Susan Reading.  She was very inquisitive and would frequently hair her neighbors as they passed her house, and inquire as the news of the day.  This was a little annoying to some people.  She done this writer and his grandmother a good turn once.  We were on our way to the store at Baptistown with a basket of eggs on a Sunday morning, thinking it was Saturday.   We had got tangled up as to the day of the week.  Aunt Susan came out as was her custom and wanted to know where we were going.  We told her we were on our way to the store to do a little trading.   She said it was Sunday, we could scarcely believe her, but upon looking down the road we saw people on their way to church.  We left our basket of produce with Aunt Susan and hurried on home where we found our folks doing up their Saturday's work.  The broom and mop were laid away in a hurry.

        Peter Heath had 3 sons, Reading, William and Elisha.  He may have had other children, but these are all I knew.

        Reading married a Miss Bowden and lived on his father's lot for a number of years; moved to Carversville, Pa.  His wife is dead but he is living unless he died very recently.  He had one son, John William, who is now a Doctor of Medicine and resides in one of the western states.

        William was a blacksmith and worked for a few years in a shop now owned by Thomas Jardine near Kingwood.  He died a young man.

        Elisha died a few years ago near Carversville, Bucks Co., Pa.

        When I first knew the place where William Search lives, it was owned by parties living in Phila and William Coughlin lived on it.  It was a large farm and included part or all of the farm of Joel Heath, Isaac H. Hoffman, Daniel B. Case, heirs of Gertrude Heath, Martin F. Bellis and Nelson Thatcher and 1 field now owned by David Cline.

~~ 11a ~~

        William Coughlin's wife was a Robinson, a sister to William Robinson, father of David C. Robinson of Frenchtown.  Had children:  David, Elizabeth, Charles, John, Samuel and Mary.

        Elizabeth was Thomas C. Taylor's first wife.

        David married a sister to Nathaniel Britton, who owned the farm now John Park's and William Wilson's in Kingwood and kept a hotel in Frenchtown and died in Milford Feb 14, 1865, aged 58 years.

        David Coughlin had sons Samuel Ba [sic] and Earl and daughters, on the wife of John Jamison, another wife of John B. Hunt.  David kept hotel in Milford and died Dec. 28, 1869, aged 64 years.

        William Coughlin at the time of his death or shortly before his death, had a license to keep a hotel in Kingwood township, near Point Pleasant, now Byram.  He was buried at Baptistown and when his coffin was lowered in the grave, on of the straps broke and let the casket fall into the grave.

        William Coughlin made a public sale while he lived on the big farm and here I first saw a velocipede.  It had 2 wheels of the same size following the other and was propelled by the feet of the rider striking the ground and who sits astride.

~~ 12 ~~

        The next one who lived on the large farm was Josiah Rounsavell.  He carried on coopering in connection with farming.  He died in Frenchtown several years ago.  His wife was Margaret Bearder an aunt of William R. Bearder of Locktown.  Had children:  Sarah Ann, Amelia, Mary Miranda, Lavina, Andrew B., Jacob, Amy, Trimmer, Lafayette, Richard, and George.

        Sarah Ann married Cyrenus Wagner, they lived in Baptistown for many years and were prominent members of the Baptist church, had children:  William who married Mary Jane, daughter of Daniel and Jane Roberson.  They conducted a large bakery in Jersey City, are now living on a farm in Bucks Co., Pa., a daughter Cornelia who became the wife of Lemuel, son of John Shepherd.

        Amelia Rounsavell married John Sine and had a son, Ada R., who married Margaret, daughter of George Arnwine and a daughter Sarah Elizabeth married Francis R., son of Daniel Roberson.  The son and daughter are both deceased.  Mr. Sine was for several years collector and overseer of the poor, also chosen Freeholder.  He died in Frenchtown, Aug. 12, 1877, aged 70 years.

        Mary Rounsavell married David Moore, a brother of Jacob Moore who kept the hotel in Baptistown.  They removed to Trenton, N.J., where they kept a fruit and confectionery store near the Warren St. depot.

        Miranda Rounsavell became the wife of Nathaniel Van Kirk.   She is still living in Trenton.

        Lavinia never married, was helpless from birth and died several years ago.  She followed dress making.

        Andrew B. married Harriet Aller.  He was a cooper by trade, kept a store at Baptistown and Rosemont; taught singing school, led the choir in the Baptist church.  He lived for several years where Jacob Hoagland now lives, removed to Chicago about 20 years ago, where he still lives.  He had one son, William, who married Mary M., daughter of Andrew B. Rittenhouse.  They live in Orange Co., N.Y.  They had a son and a daughter Anna.

~~ 12a ~~

        Jacob Rounsavell married Lydia, daughter of Sergeant Lake, has been dead many years.

        Amy Rounsavell married Ezra Dalrymple for her first husband, he died at Baptistown - had a son Nelson.  Her second husband was Samuel Pittenger of Frenchtown and had a daughter.

        Amy is living in Trenton.

        Lafayette married and removed to the West, where he died soon after.  Richard and George live in Chicago.

p.s.  My thanks are due to "R" for correcting the name of Dr. Daggett.  The doctor's father's name was Aaron.  I presume this led me to make the mistake.

~~ 13 ~~

        Isaac R. Srope was a son of Christopher Srope and grandson of Ferdinand Srope who came to this country from France when a mere lad about the year 1730.

        Christopher was a soldier in the Revolutionary War; he married Thankful Penwell in 1784 and had 10 children as follows:

        John married Eleanor Smith Jan. 5, 1809.

        Catharine married John Hough Oct. 20, 1815.

        Sarah married James McCloughen Nov. 5, 1831.

        Mary married William Bilby Oct. 30, 1814.

        Rebecca married Mordecai Roberts Aug. 7, 1819.

        Joseph P. married Anna Housel Feb. 23, 1823.

        Ferdinand never married.

        Isaac R. married Sarah Roelafson Dec. 25, 1825.

        David P. married Eliza Anderson Jan. 2, 1816.

        Samuel P. married Eliza H. Lewis Sep. 15, 1831.

        Some of the family write the name Shrope.

        Isaac R. Srope was a blacksmith, having learned the trade with his brother John.  He was constable, assessor and overseer of the poor for several years in Bethlehem township (now Union) in Hunterdon Co.  In 1830, upon election of Wilson Bray as Sherriff, he was appointed by him as deputy sheriff.  Hunterdon Co. at that time included almost all what is now the County of Mercer.

        In the spring of 1836 he moved on the farm he had purchased in 1833 of Andrew Sweazey and Catharine, his wife, containing 58 acres of land located on the east side of the ?ackatong creek about one and a half mile south of Baptistown.  In 1839 he purchased of Mary Heath, widow of John Heath, 52 acres adjoining the first purchase on the west.  This tract had been conveyed in 1833 to John Heath by Wilson Bray, sheriff.  In 1846 he purchased 30 acres of Henry Snyder, administrator of William Cline.  This tract adjoined his first purchase on the east.  William Cline was an uncle of David Cline of Baptistown.  He also purchased 2 other small tracts.

~~ 13a ~~

        In 1860, having lived here 24 years, he sold his farm to Philip Danes and moved to Frenchtown, at which place he died on Apr. 14, 1862, in office as a Justice of Peace.

        Philip Lance and Abigail, his wife, sold the farm to Jonathan Hoff and by him to Judson B. Hoff.

~~ 14 ~~

        When Isaac R. Srope resided in Kingwood Township, he held a number of township offices, including chose Freeholder, assessor and overseer of the poor.  He was a member of the Assembly for 4 years and one year was the leader of the Democratic party, which was in the minority in that body.  He was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for 5 years.  He was a surveyor and conveyancer and done an extensive business in settling of estates.  His children were:

        William T. who resided in Kingwood township, was Town Clerk and clerk of the board of chosen Freeholders for a few years.  He moved to Frenchtown almost 30 years ago, where he has since resided and had been for many years a Justice of the Peace, Master in Chauncery and Notary Public, and is engaged in public business settling estates as administrator, executor and is an insurance agent.

        Samuel S. was a merchant in Kingwood where he died Jul. 10, 1868.

        George T. resides in Lambertsville and had been several years constable.

        David P. died in Locktown Feb. 21, 1862.

        Charles R. is a veteran of war, purchased the Dr. William R. Hand farm and resides at Barbertown.

        Elizabeth became second wife of Joseph B. Horner, both of whom are dead.

        Sarah R. married Morris Maxwell of Frenchtown for his second wife, the later died Dec. 27, 1892.

        William T. Srope married Amanda Warford.

        Samuel S. married Charlotte Hoagland.

        George T. married Mary Jane Roberson.

        David P. married Sarah Jane Pittenger.

        Charles R. Srope married Harriet Higg??.

        The Baptistown Post Office was established May 1, 1822.  Wilson Bray was first P.M. appointed May 1, 1822;
John Wesley Snyder - May 15, 1824;
John D. Scott - May 2, 1834.;
William Heath - Mar 24, 1838;
Ellis Hulsizer - Nov 16, 1841;

~~ 14a ~~

Andrew B. Rittenhouse - Nov 10, 1841;
Albert K. Wagner - Apr 18, 1845;
Uriah Larue - Jun 2, 1846;
William H. Slater - Jan 5, 1849;
Abel Webster - Mar 14, 1854;
Moses K. Everitt - Mar 15, 1859;
Abel Webster - Mar 31, 1860;
Jacob C. Hawk - Aug 31, 1861;
John B. Mason - Apr 19, 1864;
William Rittenhouse - Mar 26, 1867;
James P. Gary - Apr 12, 1869;
John C. Arnwine - May 13, 1872;
Augustus G. Vanderbelt - Feb 2, 1885.

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