Recollections of Baptistown

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~~ 15 ~~

        Edward Taylor owned land now in the possession of Wilson R. Kugler, James Asheraft and Paul C. Larue.  He married Sarah Curtis.  He died in the 85th year of his age, his wife died in her 103rd.  They had 8 children: Abel, Mary, John, Ann, Elizabeth, Thomas C., Theodosia, Athaliah.

        Abel married RAchel, daughter of Samuel and Nancy (Thatcher) Everitt.  In 1836 he removed to Ohio, where he died in 1866 in his 92nd year.  They had 9 children:  Cordelia, Sarah Ann, Samuel E., Elijah E., Elizabeth M., Mary, John B., Moses R., Selina.

        Coredlia married Charles Wolverton of Mount Pleasant.  In 1832 they removed to the West and located near Milan, Ohio, both deceased but left a number of descendants.

        Sarah married David W. Hazen of Hackettstown, N.J. by whom she had 5 children, Elijah E.T., Jose K., Zela H., Kate and Ann.

    Elijah E. T. went West when a young man, married and settled in Illinois and had a number of descendants.

        Joseph K. Hazen married Miss Trimmer of German Valley.  They removed to the West and then returned to the East, and was a few years residing in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Had one son and one daughter.

        Zela H. Hazen married and resides in Mississippi and has a number of descendants.

        Kate and Ann are married and live in Chicago.

        Samuel E., son of Abel Taylor died in 1843, he married Mary Nunno of Schooley's Mt. in 1826.  She was born July 14, 1808 and died Aug 8, 1891.  In 1836 they removed to the West and settled near Milan, Ohio.

        Elijah E., son of Abel Taylor, married Tebecca Delne of Hope, Warren County, by whom he had 7 children:  Euphany, Mary Jane, William C., Henrietta C., Elijah E., Rebecca A., Charles D.

        Euphany married Theodore G. Palmer of Mount Holly, N.J.  They reside in Newark, have 4 children:  Martha, Theodore D., Laura, Lincoln B.

        William C. is a widower and resides in Jersey City, N.J.

~~ 15a ~~

        Henrietta resides in Plainfield, N.J.

        Elijah E., Jr., resides in Newark, N.J.

        Rebecca married J. C. Walsh and resides in Newark, N.J.

        Elijah E. Taylor, Sr., was born March 31, 1807.  His wife is dead and is living in Newark and has 6 children, 12 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren, living.

        John B., son of Abel Taylor, married Euphany Delue, went West and located between Sandusky and Milan, Ohio.  Wife and 3 children are deceased, [word cut off in copying] ..e living; married again, now lives in Tuledo [sic], Ohio.

        Moses R., son of Abel Taylor, resides in Lansing, Michigan.

        Selina, daughter of Abel Taylor, married Jacob M. Collmer of Schooley's Mt., went West; now a widower with 2 sons and their descendants [word cut off in copying] Detroit.

        Mary, daughter of Edward and Sarah Taylor, died in her 72nd year.  She [word cut off in copying] ..rried first--Risler, by whom she had 6 children:  Sarah, Margaret, John T., [word cut off in copying] ...lliam T., Jacob and Thomas.

        Sarah married, now a widow, resides in Plainfield.

        Mary married Samuel Probasco, both deceased, some of their descendants [word cut off in copying] ..side in Burlington, N.J.

~~ 16 ~~

        John T. married Keturah, daughter of Elisha and Isabel (Miller) Rittenhouse, both deceased.  They had 6 children.

        Harried married Rev. Ephriam Rittenhouse, she is deceased, he is living in the State of Delaware.

        Cyrus married Sarah F., daughter of Daniel B. and Rachel (Pyatt) Rittenhouse.  He is farming near Locktown.

        Stacy who married Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Eliza (Rittenhouse) Kugler, he is deceased.

        Emily married W. Yawger, he is deceased.

        Sarah married Sidney, son of George Johnson, they reside near Raven Rock, N.J.

        John married Anna Francis of Virginia and resides in the homestead near Locktown.

        William T. Risler, a member of the Philadelphia Bar, died Oct. 21, 1860, aged 54 years.

        Jacob Risler have no knowledge.

        Thomas T. Risler, died in Humboldt County, California, aged 51 years.  He was a graduate of Hamilton College, N.Y. and was ordained a Baptist minister.

        Mary, daughter of Edward Taylor, who married a second time to Michael Shurts, by whom she had 2 sons:  Nathan and Taylor.

~~ 17 ~~

        Samuel H. Britton owned and resided on the farm now in the possession of Dewitt C. Rittenhouse--located on the road leading from Baptistown to Locktown, about one and half [sic] miles from the former place.  His wife was Mary Slack and they had 7 children, viz:  Charles W., John, William, Eli, Lucinda, Mary Jane and George W.

        Charles W. married Maria, daughter of William Snyder and Hannah Horner, Dec. 26, 1840.  They moved to the West many years ago.  He died Pleasant Valley, Wisconsin, Mar 20, 1878.  His wife died at Minneaplos [sic], Minn. about 3 years ago.

        John married Esther, daughter of James Dalrymple and Elizabeth McPherson, Jan. 28, 1844.  He died Dec. 4, 1855, in the 34th year of his age.  They had 2 children:  Justice W. and Emma.

        Eustice W. married first Caroline, daughter of Gabriel W. Aller, Feb. 8, 1871.  His second wife was Jennie, daughter of Charles Kline.

        Emma married George Dalrymple Aug. 23, 1873.

        William Britton married Selinda, daughter of Daniel Rittenhouse and Elizabeth Myres of Locktown, N.J. Jul. 1, 1848.  They resided in Frenchtown.  Their 2 sons, Daniel D. and George, are in the mercantile business in Frenchtown.

        Eli Britton married Susan E., daughter of Eld. Gabriel Conklin, Sep. 9, 1850.  Had children:  Meritt C., Judson, Charles, Alice C. and Gabriel C.  He owned and kept the hotel at Locktown for a few years, removed to Frenchtown at which place he died Mar. 6, 1864, in the 35th year of his age.  His widow resides in Orange Co., N.Y.

        Lucinda Britton married William Smith, the shoemaker, who worked at his trade in Frenchtown for a number of years, at which place he died recently.  They had a son Preston and 2 daughters, one became the wife of Dr. Charles Cowdrick.

        Mary Jane Britton married Bryan Hough Jan. 8, 1857.  He was ticket agent for P.R.R. at Frenchtown for a number of years.

~~ 17a ~~

        George W. Britton was born Kingwood Township Nov. 28, 1832, and died at Perth Amboy, N.J. (Middlesex Co.) May 11, 1869, and was buried in the Frenchtown Cemetery.  He married Francis A. Gardner of Middlesex Co.  They had a son Samuel H. who died Aug. 19, 1865, in the 4th year of his age.

        George W. Britton studied medicine with Dewitt C. Hough who resided Frenchtown, but for several years past has resided in Rahway, N.J.  He attended lectures at a medical college in Philadelphia.  He first located at Red Hill, Bucks Co., Pa.   From there he went to Woodbury, N.J., and at his death resided in Perth Amboy, N.J.

~~ 18 ~~

        Samuel H. Britton was constable, town clerk, Justice of the Peace in Kingwood and a member of the Assembly, 1853-54.  He was an Auctioneer and cried a large number of sales.  He died in Frenchtown Sep. 7, 1860, aged 61 years.  He was Justice of the peace in Alexandria Township at the time of his death; Frenchtown was then in Alexandria Township.  His wife Mary died May 28, 1868.  It is said that Samuel H. Britton and his wife were both born the same day.

        There was another Samuel Britton in Kingwood Township, who was constable in 1813 and then kept the hotel at Baptistown.

        There was also a William Britton who was constable in 1815 and died Mar. 28, 1830.

        There was a John Britton in Kingwood who was collector and overseer of the poor in 1805.  He died Dec. 27, 1822, aged 61 yrs.

        There was another John Britton, a lame man who was town clerk in 1833-34.  He removed to Readington township where he died.

        At one time there were a number of families residing in Kingwood by the name of Britton, but at present there is not a voter in the township by that name.

        The typesetter made a mistake in some of the names in my last article; Sarah, daughter of Abel Taylor, married David W. Hazen, not Hagen - Ziba H. Hazen, no Zila - Lincoln B. Taylor, not Linclin; make the following additions:  Mary, daughter of Edward Taylor, married Jacob Risler, their daughter Margaret married John Teneyck and Sarah married Samuel Probasco.

~~ 19 ~~

        A part of this article is a repetition of a former article.  This is necessary in order to give a more complete sketch of the Taylor family.

        John Taylor was a son of Edward Taylor and Sarah Curtis and grandson of John and Elizabeth Taylor.

        Sarah Curtis was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Curtis.

        John Taylor was born Sept. 16, 1784 and died Aug. 8, 1881.  He owned and lived for many years on the farm now in the possession of Paul C. Larue in Baptistown.  His first wife was Hannah Thatcher, by whom he had one child.  Mother and child died many years ago.  His second wife was Jane Curtis, who died April 18, 1871, in her 60th year of her age.  They had 7 children:  Hannah, John, Jacob, Sarah E., Mary Ann, Susan Jane, Davis.

        Jacob and Hannah died young.

        Sarah E. was married Jan. 23, 1849, to Andrew, son of Francis and Nancy (Rittenhouse) Roberson.  He was born Dec. 28, 1825, and died Aug. 12, 1893, in Trenton.  He was a merchant and kept store in Baptistown, Everrittstown, Frenchtown and Trenton.

    John married Sep. 13, 1862, to Amy, daughter of John Shepherd.  They had one child, mother and child deceased.

        Mary Ann married Charles H. Hoff.  They had a son and a daughter.  Mr. Hoff is a merchant in Trenton.

        Susan Jane died unmarried July 22, 1874, in 36th year of her age.

        Davis married May 19, 1859, to Mary Ellen, daughter of John and Amy (Everitt) Eick.  They had a son and a daughter, one son deceased.

        Thomas C., son of Edward Taylor, resided for a number of years on the old homestead, now in the possession of Wilson R. Kugler.  He sold this and moved to Frenchtown at which place he died August 10, 1877, in his 86th year.  His first wife was Elizabeth, daughter of William Conghlin and Sarah Robinson.  She died July 19, 1823, in her 29th year.  They had one son, William C., who died Oct. 30, 1828, and a daughter, Sarah, who married William Horner in Feb. 19, 1853.  He kept store in Baptistown, Bull's Island, Frenchtown and Trenton.

~~ 19a ~~

        They had 3 children:  Alice J., Emma F., and Elizabeth.

        Sarah Hopper resides in Trenton.

        Thomas C. Taylor's second wife was Sarah Ann, daughter of Peter and Keziah Stryker.  She was born Jul. 22, 1802, and died May 19, 1883.  They had 8 children:  Elizabeth C., Amelia S., George M., Mary Jane, Keziah, Catharine H., Cornelia A., and Emeline O.

        Elizabeth O. was born Jul 10, 1827, married Charles F. Hunt.

        Amelia S. was born Mar 16, 1860 and died Trenton May 4, 1854, married Oct 19, 1850 to Mathias S. VanSyckle, who died May 4, 1880.  They had one son, Lewis M., who died Oct 23, 1877.

        George M. was born Aug 26, 1831, and married Elizabeth Fulmer.  They resided in Trenton.

        Mary Jane was born Oct 30, 1833, married first Charles S. Smith, who died Aug 16, 1866.  They had a daughter, Mary, and a son, Clark.  She married a second time May 5, 1869, to Peter C. Mechling.  They resided in Frenchtown.

        Keziah, born Sep 22, 1835, was married Sept 17, 1856, to Peter S. Hunt, who died Jul 3, 1872.  Her second husband was John R. West, whom she married Nov 28, 1883.  He died Feb 18, 1894, in the 60th year of his age.

        Catharine H. was born Sep 22, 1837, died unmarried, May 5, 1862.

        Cornelia A., born Aug 28, 1839, was married Sept. 9, 1869, to J. Newton Holcombe.

        Emeline O., born Nov 27, 1841, and married Jun 15, 1882, to Nathan W. Crouse.

        Theodosia, daughter of Edward Taylor, died in 17st [this age is questionable; 71st, perhaps?] year.  She became the second wife of John VanSyckle, who lived near the Kingwood Presbyterian Church and made wool hats at one dollar a piece, removed to New York and located in Cayuga County, where he died Feb 20, 1861.  They had 2 children:  John and Samuel.

        John VanSyckle's first wife was Catharine, daughter of John and Labina (Thatcher) Roberson.  She was born Jan 26, 1785 and died Mar 22, 1825, is buried near the Kingwood Presbyterian Church.

        ~~ 20a ~~

        Ann, daughter of Edward Taylor, died unmarried at 46 years.

        Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Taylor, died unmarried Feb 21, 1866, in her 76th year.

        Athaliah, daughter of Edward Taylor, was born Nov 9, 1796, and died April 5, 1880.

        The combined ages of Edward Taylor and Sarah Curtis, his wife, and their 8 children, was 810 years at the time of their death.  The age of Mrs. Taylor at the time of her death was 102 years and 27 days.

        Edward Taylor had a brother Abel, who married Rachel Eich, no issue.  They lived on the road from Baptistown to Pittstown on the corner where Joseph Everitt lived.  It was formerly called Susan Taylor Corner.

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