Recollections of Baptistown

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~~ 30 ~~

        Dinah Sherman married Garrett Heath, had children:  Asa H., Francis and Charlotte.

        Thomas Sherman married Elizabeth Hoppock.

        Jonathan married Fanny Bird, had children David B., Rebecca and Margaret.

        Rebecca Sherman married Daniel Heath and had children:  Catharine, Mary and Mirande.

        John Sherman married Elizabeth Rittenhouse and had children:  Mary, Sarah, Rebecca, Isreal, Andrew, John William, Dinah and George.

        Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Tomlinson, Sr., married Henry Snyder, had children:  James, Francis, John, Dinah, Margaret.  James married Emma Johnson.  Margaret married William Howard.

        Sarah, daughter of Francis Tomlinson, Sr., by second wife, became wife of Jacob Kugler and had children:  William, John, Reuben, Charles, Joseph, Elizabeth, Hannah, Dinah, Susan, and Ellen (Kugler).

        William married Mary Mattison; John married Margaret Hann; Reuben married Sarah Emmons; Charles married Sarah J. VanFossen; Joseph married ---- Hartpence; Elizabeth married William Hann, for his second wife; Hannah married Henry Niece; also Aaron Hoffman; Dinah married George Niece; Susan married Pierson Niece; Ellen married John Emmons.

        Jacob Kugler's children are all deceased except Charles residing at Tumble and Joseph residing at Milford.

~~ 31 ~~

        In 1748 Thomas Curtis purchased of Thomas Thatcher 157½ acres of land and in 1751 purchased of John Hoff of Bucks Co., Pa., 174 acres.  These tracts were located about ½ mile north of Kingwood Presbyterian Church.  The farms of Joseph Dalrymple and widow Larason are a part of these tracts.

        Thomas Curtis was born 1719 and died 1814.  His wife was Mary--family name not known--whom he married Nov. 26, 1742.  They are buried in the Curtis Burying Grounds at Baptistown.  They had children:  Jonathan, Francis, Obadiah 1st, Sarah, Thomas, Obadiah 2nd, Abel and Benjamin.

        Jonathan was born May 19, 1744, and died Jun 26, 1782, was married and had children.

        Francis was born Dec 22, 1745, was married and had 2 children.

        Obadiah 1st was born Apr 13, 1748, died young.

        Sarah was born Mar 24, 1750, and died 1852 in her 103rd year of her age.  She married Edward Taylor, who died 1833 in his 84th year.  A sketch of their family was given in a former article.

        Thomas was born July 17, 1752, and died 1823, was married to Elizabeth, a sister to Edward Taylor.  She died in 1819 aged 52 years, they had 8 children.

        Obadiah 2nd was born Jul 27, 1755, and died 1806, married Anna Yard on Jan 14, 1790.  She died 1848 aged 80 years, had children:  John, Sarah, Adger Silas, Rachel, Mary, Francis, and Uzima Elizabeth.

        Jehu was born Oct 9, 1790, and died 1876--Hackettstown, N.J.  is first wife was Ruhannah Hill of Sussex Co., N.J. whom he married Jan 2, 1820.  She died May 4, 1821.  His second wife was Catharine Eich, whom he married Aug 17, 1822, by whom he had 2 children: Ruhannah born Aug 10, 1823, married Peter Gary and had 3 children: George E. born May 11, 1825, and died Aug 28, 1834.  Jehu's wife (Catharine) died Apr 7, 1826.  His third wife was Grace E. Eich, whom he married May 2, 1829, and had son Joshua H., born Jun 23, 1830.

~~ 31a ~~

        Grace died Oct 17, 1867, in Hackettstown, N.J.  Grace E. and Catharine Eich were daughters of Tunis Eich and Susan Taylor, a sister to Edward Taylor.

~~ 32 ~~

        In 1846, Joshua H. Curtis removed from Kingwood to Hackettstown, N.J., married Margaret White of same place, where they still reside.  Have child, George P., editor of Warren Republican, also Alice E., Joseph W., D.D.S., Frank W., M.D., all residing in Hackettstown, N.J.

        Sarah, daughter of Obadiah Curtis, was born Jan 15, 1792, married Samuel Stout Dec 30, 1817, and died Jun 4, 1882.  Had children, Mahala, Thisby, Bateman, Obadiah, Sarah, Asher B., Rachel and Eleanor.  There may have been other children, but these are all that I can name.

        Mahala married William Maxwell of Perryville, N.J.

        Thisby married first a Mr. Weller from Warren Co., N.J. and had 4 children.  Her second husband was a Mr. Smith.

        Bateman was twice married and reside near St. Edwards Episcopal Church.

        Obadiah married and resides near Frenchtown.

        Asher B. resides in Flemington, is a tailor by trade, had a son a lawyer.

        Rachel married Richard Bloom.

        Adger Silas, son of Obadiah Curtis, was born Sep 22, 1793, married and had one child, a daughter who became the wife of John Sipes.

        Rachel, daughter of Obadiah Curtis, was born Jun 1, 1795, and died Sep 1888, married Stephen Aston, the boss flax dresser.  It is said he  could dress 100 pounds a day.  This was considered a large day's work.  Had children:  Joseph, Elijah R. and Larenda.  Her second husband was Isaac Hoagland, who she married Sep 22, 1838.

        Joseph Ashton married Mary Ann, daughter of Charles Shuster of Frenchtown vicinity, Nov 25, 1849, had 2 sons and one daughter all residing in Trenton.  He has a cottage at Ocean Grove, N.J.  He spent last winter in Florida.

        Elijah R. Ashton was married Dec 23, 1852, to Hannah M. Wyckoff, has children and resides near Trenton.

~~ 32a ~~

        Larenda Ashton married Joseph Maxwell and has 2 sons, one was a doctor and died recently.

        Mary, daughter of Obadiah Curtis, was born Apr 6, 1797, died Nov 21, 1855, married Frederick Brewer Apr 8, 1818.  He died 1829, age of 34 years.  They had children:

        Catharine who married William Smith Sutton.

        William married and resides in New Brunswick, N.J.; a 1st class tailor.

        Matilda who married Samuel Britton Snyder.

        Francis C. who married Rebecca Dalrymple.

        Ruhannah who married Thomas Sebold.

        Mary E. who married Jonathan M. Conner.

~~ 33 ~~

        Francis, daughter of Obadiah Curtis, was born Aug 25, 1799, and died Jul 25, 1808.

        Uzinah Elizabeth, daughter of Obadiah, was born Aug 26, 1802, and died Jul 29,1808.

        Abel, son of Thomas Curtis, was born Apr 29, 1761 and died 1847.

        Benjamin, son of Thomas Curtis, was born May 10, 1763, died 1835.  Abel and Benjamin never married.

        Thomas Curtis, Sr., willed 80 acres of his land to his son, Abel, and if he died without heirs it was to go to his grandson, Jehu, who before the death of his uncle Abel, sold the 80 acres to Henry Fischer, who sold it to Mordecai Roberts, and in 1843 Roberts sold it to Joseph Dalrymple.

        Thomas Curtis willed 20 acres on the east and 40 acres on the north side of his farm to his son Benjamin.

        There was a David Curtis who owned a farm west of the Kingwood Presbyterian Church and made cider and applejack.  I remember going there when a small boy with my folks on a load of apples.  I was much interested in the process of making cider.  I remember the big wheel that rolled around in a circular trough reducing the apples to a pumice, and then to drink cider as it ran fresh and sweet from the press was a great treat.

        David and Thomas Curtis were related but in what degree I have failed to learn.

        David Curtis married Elizabeth Smith.  Had children: Lydia, Hannah, Sarah, Jame [sic], Amy, Andrew, Benjamin, William and David.

        Lydia married Adam Leonard.

        Amy married William Cooper, the blacksmith.

        Andrew married Anna Dilts.

        Benjamin married Uzina Potts.

        David married Rebecca Rodenbock.

        Sarah, Hannah and William never married.  William was minus one leg.

~~ 33a ~~

        There was a Daniel Curtis, a tailor who worked in Frenchtown in a shop that stood near where the depot now stands.  I remember going there with my folks when I was a boy not more than 6 or 7 years old.  He had a son, Thomas, who also worked at the tailor's trade.  I think he resided in Barbertown for a short time.

        There was a Thomas Curtis who was pastor of the Baptist Church at Baptistown in 1750.  He died 1752.

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~~ 35 ~~

        Samuel Everitt resided on the road leading from Kingwood Presbyterian Church to Frenchtown, on the south side opposite the residence of the late Mahlon Thatcher.  The farm is now owned and occupied by James Kugler.  His wife, Nancy Thatcher, I have no knowledge of her parents.  Had children: Jonathan, Elijah, Elizabeth, Mary, Daniel, and Rachel.

        Jonathan married and removed to Phila., at which place he died many years ago.

        Elijah studied medicine with Dr. Kennedy of Sussex County, now Warren County, near the Log Jail, now Johnsonsburg.  Married Martha Gaston and raised 9 children.

        Elizabeth married Hugh Menagh, had children: Jane, Nancy, John, David, Hugh, Catharine, Elizabeth, Joseph, Dinah, Mary, Martha, Elijah, Margaret.

        Jane Menagh born May 8, 1793, married Phineas Dunn, had 4 children.

        Nancy Menagh, born 1795, married Elijah Rittenhouse, and had large family of children and lived and farmed near Palmyra.  Their son Joseph is a Presbyterian minister.

        John, born May 29, 1797, married Susan Bird and resided at Beatytown, Warren County, N.J.  Had 3 children.

        David, born Apr 7, 1799, married Rebecca VanSyckle and had 2 children and resided Denville, Morris County, N.J.

        Hugh, born July 9, 1801, married Rachel Sweazy of Schooley's Mt. had several children.

        Catharine, born May 8, 1802, died a young lady.

        Elizabeth, born Jan 9, 1805, married William Whitlock and resides Mendahm, Morris County, N.J.

        Joseph, born Feb 9, 1807, married Maria Everitt, had several children.  Her parents lived where Joseph D. Larsen now resides.  They moved to Ohio many years ago where they both died.

~~ 35a ~~

        Dinah, born Nov 11, 1808, married James Woodruff and had 4 children.  Judge Robert Woodruff of Trenton was their son.

        Mary, born Nov 13, 1810, married John Thompson of Warren County and had a large family.

~~ 36 ~~

        Martha, born Jun 25, 1812, married John B. Robinson and had 7 children.  He lived for several years near Kingwood Presbyterian Church where William Philkill now resides and where he died Feb 1, 1876.  His widow is still living in Trenton with one of her children.

        Elijah born Mar 5, 1814.

        Margaret, born Jan 7, 1818, married Jacob B. Robinson, a brother to John B.  Had 4 children.  He died several years ago, his widow is still living.

        Mary, daughter of Samuel Everitt, married Daniel Opdyke.  They lived on Ridge Road where Samuel Opdyke now resides.  Had children: David, Grace and Catharine.

        David married Ellen Still.  They were the parents of Samuel, Wesley and Simeon, the school teacher.

        Grace married John, son of John Roberson and Lavina Thatcher.  Had children Daniel, Catharine, Samuel O., Mershon, Lavina, Mary, Elizabeth.  Daniel taught school when a young man, went West, where he married an located near Chicago, became Judge of the Court.

        Grace's children are all dead, except Catharine who married Thomas Slater and resides near Baptistown.

        Catharine, daughter of Daniel Opdyke, married Moses Roberson, a brother of John, had children: Grace, David O., Lavina, John O., Margaret, Eleanor, Jonathan, Mary and Sarah Ann.  They owned and lived for many years on a farm near Frenchtown.  He died Mar 16, 1885, his wife survived him for a few years.

        David, son of Samuel Everitt, married Anna Holdron.  They lived for many years near the Kingwood Presbyterian Church, had children: Eliza, Mary, Samuel, Rebecca, Joseph, Benjamin, Rachel, Adam, Jonathan, Wilson, John R., Daniel and Francis M.

        Eliza, born Dec 8, 1805, married Lewis D. Machek, a tailor by trade, had several children.  Margaret Mackey, now living at David B. Sherman's is their daughter.

~~ 36a ~~

        Mary, born Mar 27, 1807, married Daniel Hewitt, had children Holdron and Frances.

        Samuel, born Mar 21, 1809, married Eveline Rhodes, and had several children.  Resided in Sussex County, N.J.

        Rebecca, born Jan 21, 1812, married William M. Beers and had a large family.  He died several years ago in Frenchtown.  His widow is still living.

        Joseph, born Nov 17, 1813, married Grace Rockafellow and had 3 children.  He lives at what was formerly called Susan Taylor corner, on the road leading from Baptistown to Pittstown.

        Benjamin, born Feb 10, 1816, married Rebecca Rockafellow, had 3 children and resided in Frenchtown.

        Rachel, born Dec 27, 1817, resides in Stockton, N.J., never married.

        Adam, born Jun 7, 1820, died a young man.

        Jonathan R., born May 16, 1822, married a Miss Naylor, resides in Lamberville [sic], N.J.

        Wilson, born Sep 14, 1825, married Grace Opdyke, resides in Belvidere, N.J.  Had a large family of children.  He was for many years conductor on the railroad from Belvidere to Trenton.

        John R., born May 20, 1827, married and resides in Philadelphia.

        Daniel, born Jun 24, 1829, was twice married, lives in Philadelphia.

        Francis M., born Oct 30, 1830, died young.

        Rachel, daughter of Samuel Everitt, married Abel Taylor and had 9 children.  (A sketch of their family was given in a former article.)

        Abel Taylor taught school in the old log house that stood a short distance below and on the opposite of the road from the residence of the late Mose Roberson.  His son Elijah Everitt Taylor, now in his 88th year and who resides in Newark, writes me that he was sent with his sister Sarah and brother Samuel to that academy, not to learn, but to be out of the way at home.  He passed the time skipping stones on the water nearby.  There was another old house standing near the school house that was occupied by

~~ 36b ~~

Christian McClain, who had a son Josih (or Josia) and a daughter Mary.

        Daniel Everitt was 88 years old at his death.  When his widow Anna died in her 93rd year, she left 107 living descendants: 11 children, 47 grandchildren, 47 great grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren.

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