Recollections of Baptistown

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~~ 39 ~~

        There was a house standing about midway on the lane leading from Baptistown to the farm buildings on Daniel Warne's place.  It was removed probably 50 years ago and the frame used in erecting the house in Baptistown now owned and occupied by Peter V. Dalrymple.  I think John H. Philkill, now of Locktown, was the first to occupy it in its new location.  He drove blacksmithing in Baptistown.

        Dr. John Leavitt purchased the house and lot and enlarged the house and resided here until his death, which occurred Apr 4, 1876.  He was in his 57th year.  He left a widow and 2 children: John F. now a practicing physician in Camden, N.J., and Mary Jennes, wife of A. B. Chamberlin of Baptistown.  Dr. Leavitt married Aterah Smith when he first came to Baptistown, which was in 1854.  He lived in the house now occupied by Daniel Warne.  While he lived here, the writer recalls calling at his office to have an aching tooth extracted.  It was a large molar and the operation was very painful.  His office was in the west room of the house.

        When I first knew the house referred to at the commencement of this article, a man by the name of Plunkett lived in it.  He removed to the west many years ago.

        Aher Bonham, my first schoolteacher, occupied it for a time.  He removed to the west, also.

        Rachel Ashton and her sister, Mary Brewer lived here a few years.  Mrs. Ashton followed weaving.

        Henry Werts, the shoemaker, lived here.  His wife Elizabeth, daughter of George Powner, of Locktown vicinity.  They had a large family of children; Joseph R. Werts, now of Lambertsville, is their son.  Thomas Price, the blacksmith, lived here and carried on blacksmithing in Baptistown.  Probably he was the last to occupy it in its old location.  His wife, Uzinah, daughter of Capt. Brown of Frenchtown.

~~ 40 ~~

        Peter Slater lived on and, I presume, owned the farm now in the possession of Daniel Warne.  His wife Sarah, daughter of Thomas Roberson and Catharine Pierce.  He died in 1819 and his wife in 1828.  They are buried in the Kingwood Presbyterian Cemetery.

        William Robinson came to New Jersey from Bensalem Twp., Bucks County, Pa., and located at Baptistown vicinity.  His wife was Sarah Beecher.  Had children: Mary, Permelia, Jacob B., Joseph B., John B., Charles and David C.

        Mary never married.  Permelia died young.

        Jacob B. married Martha, daughter of Hugh Menagh.

        John B. married Margaret Menagh, a sister to Martha.

        Joseph B. married a Mrs. Warford, had a son Joh [sic] Warford Robinson, now a merchant at Milford.

        Charles married Sarah Stout.

        David C. married Hannah, daughter of John N. Thatcher of Baptistown.  David C. was a clerk in Slater and Hudults store in Frenchtown for several years.  He still resides in Frenchtown.  His wife died a few months ago.

        Charles lives near Oak Grove.

        Two families settled in Baptistown vicinity whose names, when spoken, sounds much alike.  One family write their name "Robinson," the other family write their name "Roberson".  Persons not acquainted with the generalogy [sic] of the 2 families get the names pretty well mixed sometimes.  I noticed the names of  8 voters on the last year register list written Robinson, when they should have been Roberson.  There are no families in Kingwood by Robinson.

        I stated in former article that Margaret Menagh married Jacob B. Robinson and that her sister married John B. Robinson.  Reverse that and you have it correct.

~~ 41 ~~

Horner Family

        William Horner owned a farm located on the road leading from Baptistown to Locktown on the east side of the Lockatong creek, now in the possession of John M. Snyder.

        He is said to have been of French extraction.  His sister Elizabeth became the wife of Godfrey Boss, who lived near Locktown where Mahlon Smith now resides.  His wife was the widow of Andrew Butterfoss, her maiden name is supposed to have been Anna Moore.  They had children: William, Catharine and Mary.  They may have had other children.  If they had, I have no knowledge of them.

        William married Mary, daughter of William Britton, and resided on the homestead until his death, which occurred Feb 23, 1855, aged 88 years.  His remains were interred in the old graveyard in Baptistown.  Had children: Anna, William, Delilah, Catharine, Hannah, Francis R., Nathaniel B., Daniel and Anderson.

        Anna Horner married Taylor Eick, son of Tunis Eick and Susan Taylor.  Had children: William, John, Jonathan, Susan, Clarkson, Catharine E., Anderson and Mary Ann.

        William Eick married Lavinna, daughter of John V. Thatcher, and had 10 children, 5 of whom grew to maturity, viz: John married Elizabeth, daughter of A. B. Chamberlin, now owns and resides on the Chamberlin homestead near Locktown.

        Jane married Benjamin J. Davis, a veterinary surgeon, resides in Bucks, Pa.

        Emily T. who married James W. Hawk, a veterinary surgeon now of Newark, N.J.

        Rachel Ann who married Asa H. Holcombe.  She is deceased.

        William H. is married and resides in Florida.

        John Eick married Amy Everitt, had 3 children; Mary Ellen, who married Davis Taylor.

        Louisanna, who married Asa Rittenhouse.  Also William.

~~ 42 ~~

        Susan Eick married Enoch Hartpence, had children: Amy, Taylor and Jonathan.

        Jonathan Eick married Mary Baldwin, had children: Susan Ann, Maria Elizabeth, G. William, Amy, Charles, Samuel G., George and Jane.

        Clarkson Eick married Lavina Stout, had children: John, Alvah, Frank, and Catharine.

        Catharine E. Eick married Courtland Updyke and had children: Jeremiah, John Taylor, Lewis Anderson and Ann Elizabeth.

        Anderson Eick married Thisby Cline and had 4 children: Gabrella, William L., George and Ida.

        Mary Ann Eick married Nathaniel Shepherd and had one daughter, Louisanna.

        William Horner, son of William Horner and Mary Britton, married Mary, daughter of John Slater.  He resided about one mile east of Frenchtown on a farm now in the possession of his son William.  He died in his 83rd year--had children, viz:

        John, who married first Hannah Atkinson, a sister of Jeremiah Atkinson, the schoolteacher, and daughter of Asher Atkinson, who was County Collector about 50 years.  His second wife was Margaret, daughter of Isaac Bloom, by whom he had several children.

        Eliza, daughter of William Horner married Garner A. Thatcher.

        Rachel who married Bateman Brink.

        Mary who married John Pinkerton.

        William who married Sarah Ann Souders.

        Charles married Selina Horner.  Wesley who is also married.

        Delilah Horner married Samuel Slater Dec 26, 1818 in the Kingwood Reform Church, had children:  William H., who married Susan Risler; he lost a leg in the Army, is now residing in Washington, D.C.

         Mary Ann married John Nelson Roberson; she is deceased.

~~ 42a ~~

        Samuel, who married first Margaret King--his second wife is Jennie Pugh.  He is a war veteran.

        Gabriel H. who married Emeline, daughter of Levi Metler, is now residing in Marion, Indiana.

        Elizabeth married William, son of William Heath.

        Rachel Jane married George W. Eddy.  George W. died young.

        Catharine Horner, married Peter, son of John Snyder.  He was carpenter Peter to designate him from one or two other Peter Snyders.  He, with his family, removed to Ohio, not far from 60 years ago, and located in Darke County.  Had children: Samuel, who married Amelia, daughter of Elijah Warford, Sarah married Samuel, son of Edmond Dalrymple, the blacksmith.

        Stephen, Joseph, William, Mary, Thisby, Susan, Elizabeth and Amy.

        Hannah, daughter of William Horner and Mary Britton, married William, son of John Snyder.  William Snyder died in Frenchtown a few years ago at an advanced age.  They were the parents of: Maria Snyder who married Charles W., son of Samuel Britton, Dec. 26, 1840.  They removed to the west many years ago.  They are both deceased.

        Samuel B. Snyder, who married Matilda, daughter of Frederick Brewer.

        William Snyder married Maria Compton.

        Delilah Ann who married Morris Maxwell.

        John married Salenda, daughter of Thomas Slater, Nov 4, 1854.

        Lavinia, who married Andrew, son of James Slack.  They reside in Frenchtown.

        Sarah and Lareina never married.

        Elizabeth married William Rittenhouse of Frenchtown.

        Catherine who married Charles Niece.

        Francis B., son of William Horner and Mary Britton, owned the farm and built the house where William Dalrymple now resides, about one and half miles north of Locktown.  His first wife, Mary, was daughter of John Prall.  They had 2 sons, John P. and William.

~~ 43 ~~

        John P. went west.  William died a young man.

        His second wife was Jane, daughter of John Hockenbury, by whom he had children, Mary Jane--not married, Selina who married first Charles Horner, second one is George W. Opdyke.

        Samuel S. married Martha, daughter of Mahlon Strimple of Locktown.  He resides at Stockton and is an undertaker.

        Sarah who married John, son of Thomas Slater.  They are deceased.

        Amy who married Elwood Servis.

        Hiram M. married Selena Hunt; he resides at Locktown and is a painter and paper hanger.

        Ellen, who married Peter, son of Charles Bartolette and grandson of Rev. Charles Bartolette, who was pastor of Baptist Church of Flemington for a number of years.  They reside in Milford.

        Francis R. Horner married 3rd time Jan 12, 1860, to Margaret, widow of Joseph B. Slack.  Her maiden name was McPeek.

        Nathaniel B., son of William Horner and Mary Britton, married Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Hann.  He owned and resided on a farm near Locktown, now in the possession of Wesley S. Hawk.  They were parents of Sylvester D. Horner, who married Mary Jane, daughter of Godfrey Hack, May 14, 1853.  He died 1862.

        Daniel, son of William Horner and Mary Britton, married Mary, daughter of Joseph Bosenbury.  He died at Baptistown a few months ago aged 86 years.  They were parents of Joseph B. Horner, who married first Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas L. Brink, Dec 29, 1855.  His second wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac R. Srope, who he married Dec 15, 1860.

        John William is married and resides in Denver, Colo, is a lawyer.

        Mary Elizabeth married Pierson, son of Henry Wood.  They reside in Baptistown.

~~ 44 ~~

        Anderson, son of William Horner and Mary Britton, married first Mary, daughter of Peter Stout.  Had children, Sarah who married Daniel, son of Godfrey Hawk Feb 2, 1853; Mary E. died young; Lafayette who is married and resides in Trenton, is in mercantile business and is a veteran of the late war.  Also Mary C.

        Anderson Horner married for second wife Sarah, daughter of Thomas O. Taylor, Feb 19, 1858.  They had 3 daughters, Alice J., Elizabeth and Emma.  He kept a store at Locktown, Baptistown, Bull's Island, Frenchtown and Trenton.  He kept hotel at Locktown and Baptistown.

        Mary Horner, daughter of William H. and Anna Moore, married Francis, son of Thomas Roberson.  They were parents of William, Thomas, Francis, Samuel, Daniel, Sarah Anna, Catharine, Mary, and Elizabeth Robertson [sic].

        Catharine Horner, daughter of William H. and Anna Moore, married Samuel Brewer.  They were parents of William Brewer who married Susan Ent.  Daniel married Rosanna Siue; Richard married Rhoda Hunt; Samuel married Nancy Baldwin; Anna married Elisha Holcombe; and Elizabeth married George Opdyke.

        William Robinson's wife was Sarah Bucher and not Sarah Beecher as it appeared in the Independent.

~~ 45 ~~

        I stated in a former article that William Horner married Andrew Butterfoss' widow, maiden name supposed to have been Anna Moore.

        Andrew Butterfoss died 1759 or 60.  Andrew and Anna Butterfoss had 3 sons and 2 daughters--John, Daniel, Andrew, Elizabeth and Ann.

        John is supposed to have been drowned in the Delaware River.

        Daniel was born 1742 and died Dec 5, 1818, married Esther Ent, she was born in 1757 and died Jun 24, 1846.  They had 13 children--Jacob, Anna, Susan, Elizabeth, Mary, Catharine, Esther, Sarah, Daniel, Andrew, Valentine B., Rebecca and Sabilla.

        Jacob was born Dec 17, 1774 and died in infancy.  Anna was born Feb 1, 1776 and married John Pidcock on Jun 16, 1803.  They had 4 sons and 2 daughters--Charles, Daniel, John, Derrick, Hettie and Anna.

        Susan was born Jul 19, 1778 and married William Whiting.

        Elizabeth was born Sep 1, 1780, married Nehemiah Hunt.  They had 3 children: Wilson, Susan and Daniel.

        Mary was born Apr 2, 1783 and married Garret Wilson.  They were the parents of Charles, Letitia, Hettie, William and Sarah Wilson.

        Charles and William were Baptist ministers.

        Catharine was born Nov 25, 1785, married George Holcombe, had children: Eleanor, Hettie, Daniel, George Athalind, Hannah, Anna Catharine, Wilkinson and Andrew.

        Esther was born May 31, 1788, and married William Sharp.   They were the parents of Thomas, George, Daniel, Robert and Edward Sharp.  After Sharp's death she married REv. Joseph Wright.

        Sarah was born Nov 9, 1790, married John Holcombe.  No issue.  She died Jan 22, 1890, near Mt. Pleasant, N.J., in the 100th year of her age.

        Daniel was born Jul 19, 1793, married Sarah Hall.  Had children: Joseph H., John H., Sarah, Mary, Hester, Andrew, Charles, Cadilla and Samuel.

~~ 45a ~~

        Andrew was born Dec 12, 1795, never married.

        Valentine E. was born Mar 2, 1798, married Rachel Osborn.  They had 3 daughters and 1 son, Amy, Hester, Sarah and Jacob.

        Rebecca was born Aug 4, 1801, was married to Charles Brown--no issue.

        Sabilla was born Jul 11, 1804, and married Jeremiah Matthews.  They were the parents of John, Daniel M. and Whitfield Matthews.

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