Recollections of Baptistown

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~~ 46 ~~

        Andrew Butterfoss, son of Andrew Butterfoss and Anna Moore, married Rebecca Johnson.  They had 16 children: Daniel, Nancy, Mary, Charles, Andrew, Enos, Amy and Rebecca.

        Andrew Butterfoss was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and was wounded in the leg, which made him a cripple for life.

        Elizabeth Butterfoss, daughter of Andrew Butterfoss and Anna Moore, married Garret Lare.  They were the parents of Samuel, Mathias, Garret, Andrew, Anna and Mary Lare.  Her second husband was Philip Dilts--no issue.

        Samuel Lare married Mary Johnson.  Garret married Sarah Little, had children: Elizabeth married Simeon W. Welsh; William married Sarah Smith; Philip D. married Lany Conover; Garret married Mary B. Cole.

        Mathias, son of Garret Lare, Sen., married Charity Painter; Anna married David Dilts; Andrew married Lavinah Boss.

        Ann Butterfoss, daughter of Andrew Butterfoss and Anna Moore, married Nathaniel McPherson.

        Rebecca married Ezra Sharp.  They were the parents of Mary Sharp, whose first husband was Asa Read, second husband was Christian Frick; Caroline, who married John Cavanaugh; Nancy who married Joseph Scarborough; John who married Mary Jones; Alice who married William Crothers; Rebecca who married Charles Lambert; Sarah who married George Arnold; Catharine who married Lewis Snyder; Bennet, Nathaniel and Ezra died young.  Bennet and Nathaniel were twins.

        Elizabeth McPherson, daughter of Nathaniel McPherson, married James Dalrymple.  They had children: Ann, Joseph, Nelson, Ezra, John, Esther, Rebecca, Samuel and Mary.  Joseph Dalrymple now residing in Frenchtown is their son.

~~ 47 ~~

        David Pittenger lived near Milltown, now Idell, where he opened a store in a small way in his own dwelling--removed to Baptistown and kept store in the storehouse now occupied by J. C. Arnwine, removed from here to the old storehouse that was destroyed by fire a few years ago while occupied by Sutton Brothers.  He lived for several years where Daniel B. Roberson now resides.  He was a Justice of Peace for a number of years.  It is said that in his young manhood days he could pull an acre of flax in a day, but few people could do that.  However, I knew a woman who could pull an acre in a day.

        Mr. Pittenger was twice married.  His first wife was Livera Godown, daughter of Richard Godown and Mary Rittenhouse, whom he married Mar 19, 1832.  They had 6 children: Mary Ann, who married Oct 23, 1852, Edward Barrass, son of Rev. Thomas Barrass.  They resided near Clinton.

        William R. H. who married Sophia Brink, daughter of Henry Brink and Rachel Cowdick.  He resides in Baptistown and is a Justice of the Peace.  Isreal is married and lives in Camden, N.J.  William R. and Isreal were twins.

        Sarah Hane who married first David B. Srope, son of Isaac Srope.  Her second husband was William Roberson, son of Mahlon Roberson; Virginia, who married Richard Opdyke, son of Peter F. Opdyke.  They reside in Trenton, N.J.; Amanda who married first Lambert Dalrymple.  Her second husband is Jacob Tigar.

        David Pittenger's second wife was Sarah Godown, a sister to his first wife, whom he married Jun 27, 1853.  She died Feb 23, 1894, in her 83rd year.  He died in Baptistown a few years ago at an advanced age.

        Richard Godown died at the home of David Pittenger in Baptistown, Mar 24, 1875, in the 95th year of his age.

        John Cline came to America from Germany and located in Baptistown vicinity.  His wife was Eleanor -----.  They had children: William, John and David.  If there were other children, I have no knowledge of them.

~~ 47 ~~

        William married Catharine ----, no issue.  John married Margaret Rupel.  Their children were: David, Mary Ann, Jacob, Lewis, Wilson B., John and Lareine.

        David married Eliza Crummell, Jun 1, 1843.  She died soon afterwards.  He purchased a tract of land about one mile south of Baptistown, on the road to Kingwood, and built on it, and has resided there many years.  He has no living children.  His mother kept house for him until her death which occurred Apr 23, 1870, at an advanced age.

        Margaret Ann married Cornelius Wyckoff.  She died Sep 21, 1867.  Left one son, Lewis Wyckoff.

        Jacob married Lousa Vancleef Sep 30, 1858.  They had 1 daughter, Emma Jane.

~~ 48 ~~

        Lewis married Micah Carrell, daughter of Samuel A. Carrell.  They had children: Mary Jane who married John Warne, she is deceased; Emeline who married Newton Search; David, Anderson, Wilson B. and Maggie.  Lewis lives at Barbertown and owns 2 farms.

        Wilson B., Sen., married first Hannah Ann Kerr, daughter of Abel Kerr; his second wife is Sarah Carrell, daughter of John A. Carrell of Headquarters in Delaware Township.  He lived for a number of years near Barbertown.  A few years ago he purchased the John Green farm at Headquarters where he still resides.  He has no living children.

        John married --- Stull, has 2 sons: Miller and Jordan.  He owns and resides on a farm near Locktown.  He served in the Union Army.

        Lareine married first Samuel Reading, has one son, Kensel.  Her second husband is Asa Cronce, and they reside near Rosemont.

        David, son of John Cline, Sen., married Eura Britton.  They had 3 daughters and one son: Elizabeth Ann, Mary Ellen, Thishe and John Wesley.

        Elizabeth Ann married George H. Shaw Nov 7, 1850.

        Mary Ellen married Tunis Hall Jun 19, 1855.  They have one son in the Methodist ministry.

        Thishe married Anderson Eick, son of Taylor Eick, My 8, 1850.  She married the second time to John N. Storr, Feb 5, 1865.

        John Wesley is married and lives in Somerville, N.J.

        Between 55 or 60 years ago, Godfrey Hawk came to Kingwood from the mountain region of Alexandria Township and purchased a farm about two miles southwest of Baptistown, recently occupied by his son, Augustus G.  His wife was Charity Sidders.  They had 11 children, all married and all had children: Catharine, Froman, Joseph, Elizabeth, Daniel, Jacob C., Mary Jane, Margaret, Augustus G., Wesley S. and James W.

        Catharine married John Bellis, of Alexandria Township.  She is deceased.

        Forman married Elizabeth Ann Duckworth.  He owns and resides on a farm

~~ 48a ~~

on the road leading from Frenchtown to Milford, N.J.

        Joseph married Rachel Ann Roberson, daughter of Mahlon Roberson of Milford, Jan 8, 1846.  He was one time a member of the Common Council of Frenchtown and was an Odd Fellow.  A few years ago he removed with his family to Belle Plains, Summer County, Kansas, where he resided until his death, which occurred Jan 18, 1894.

        Elizabeth married Isaac Marsh.  She died several years ago near Flemington.

        Daniel married Sarah Horner, daughter of Anderson Horner, Feb 2, 1853.  He owns and resides on a farm on the mountain above Little York.

~~ 49 ~~

        Jacob C. married Caroline Thatcher, daughter of John V. Thatcher, Dec 2, 1853, and resides in Frenchtown.  He is an auctioneer.

        Mary Jane married first Sylvester D. Horner, son of Nathaniel B. Horner of Lockwood vicinity, May 5, 1853.  Her second husband is Samuel A., son of Samuel A. Carrell.  They reside in Lockwood.

        Margaret married Elijah Potts.  They reside in Quakertown, N.J.

        Augustus G. married Mary Hayes, daughter of Rev. James E. Hayes.  He resides in Baptistown and is a veterinary surgeon.

        Wesley S. married Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Wesley Bellis, Nov 11, 1865.  He purchased the ex sheriff Wesley Bellis' farm near Baptistown where he now resides.  He also owns a farm near Lockwood.

        James W. married Emily Eick, daughter of William Eick, Dec 31, 1863.  He resides in Newark, N.J. and is a leading veterinary surgeon.

        Francis R. Lee lived for a number of years on a a farm a short distance east of Baptistown.  A few years ago he purchased a house in Baptistown that was built by Capt. William H. Slater, now of Washington, D.C.  Here Mr. Lee died Jan 18, 1892, in his 90th year.  His wife was Hester Dalrymple.  He had been township collector and a deacon in the Baptist church.

        Had one son Dr. Charles M. Lee, who died at Ringoes, had 3 daughters: Mary who married Archibald B. Trout; Elizabeth who married James M. Pittenger, and Ann who is unmarried.

        Samuel Eichlin came to Kingwood from Bucks Co., Pa., and bought a tract of land of Jacob R. Fox on the road leading from Patistown to Frenchtown, now in the possession of William Ashcroft.

        Had children: Hugh who married Mary, daughter of Mathias Salter, Oct 11, 1861.  He resides in Frenchtown and is a coal dealer.

        Maria who married Mershon, son of John Roberson.  She died near Kingwood Feb 9, 1870.

        Elley, who married David, son of Pierson Roberson.  They reside in Frenchtown.

        Samuel who married a daughter of John Britton of Gravel Hill in Holland Township.

        Levi who married Margaret Ann Duckworth Sep 10, 1859.

        Sarah Ann who married Thomas Vanselous.  Also James, Hannah and Ruth.

        David Pinkerton who resided at one time where Andrew R. Bellis now resides, lived about midway between Baptistown and Frenchtown.  His wife was Rebecca, daughter of Henry Rockefellow of Alexandria Township.  He was buried on the farm of Thomas Lequear, but a few years ago his remains, with those of his wife, were removed to the Frenchtown Cemetery.  I know but little of their children, but I think there was a Henry, John and David, and a daughter who became the wife of William Sipes.

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~~ 67 ~~

        The names Roberson, Robinson and Robeson are supposed to have originated from the name Robert.

        Professor Schele DeVere of the University of Va., who is probably as well versed as anyone in the family name, says the first form was Robert, then affectionately changed to Robin.  Then some Mr. Robin becoming well known in a given district--his son was known as Robin's son, which at the first occasion of a christening or wedding would become Robinson.  He says the different form which the original Robert's son has assumed are mere corruptions.

        The family of which I am about to give a short sketch write the name Roberson.  They are descendants of Thomas Roberson and his wife Catharine Pierce.  He owned and lived on a farm about 2½ miles south of Baptistown in what was called the swamp.  The farm is now owned by the Elliot heirs and is occupied by William Fitzer.

        I have no information as to where he came from or the place of his nativity, but am inclined to the opinion that he came from Scotland or was of Scottish descent.  There has been a tradition handed down in the family that his ancestors came over in the Mayflower in 1620, but no one by that name was on board of the celebrated vessel.

        I am informed that Thomas Roberson and his wife Catharine are buried at Baptistown, dates of death not given.  They had 7 children, who grew to maturity, all married, and all had children but one.

        Their names were John, Thomas, Francis, Sarah, Mary, Catharine and Jonathan.

        John Roberson, date of birth not known, died in 1799.  His wife was a daughter of William Thatcher and Margaret Taylor.  Her name was Lavina.

        The Thatchers and Taylors came from England.

        Lavina Roberson was baptized and untied with the Baptist church, Jul 5, 1788.  She died May 20, 1815, was buried at Baptistown, as was also her husband.  They had 11 children: William, Elizabeth, Thomas, Margaret, Catharine, Jonathan, Lavina, Mary, Sarah and Moses.

        William, oldest child of John Roberson, was born Sunday, Nov 11, 1776, died in Sussex County, N.J. Jun 1814.  He married Ann Curtis.  She was born Aug 17, 1773, and died May 28, 1858, in York, State.  They had 4 children: Cornelius, born Jan 28, 1799, and married Henry Miller of Sussex Count.

    `    Mahlon, born Jan 28, 1801, he died Milford, N.J., where he lived and shoemaked [sic!] for a number of years.  His wife was Elizabeth, daughter of John Slater and Rachel Hoff of Baptistown.

        They had 6 children: Rachel married Joseph, son of Godfrey Hawk.

~~ 68 ~~

        They had 6 children: Rachel married Joseph, son of Godfrey Hawk.  She lives in Summer County, Kansas.  Mary H. who married Charles Kline the French tailor.  He is deceased.  Emma married Alexandris Cochran.  He was a Capt. in the war.  Sarah who married Levi Sharer.  John married Josephine, daughter of Rev. John McGlauflin, and William who married Mrs. Sarah Srope.

        Frances, daughter of William Roberson, was born Aug 10, 1803, married William Williams.  They resided in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

        Charles W., son of William Roberson, was born Apr 14, 1806.  He married Catharine Rapplege for his first wife, his second wife was Martha E. Beardsley, his third wife was Eliza J. Thurston.  He lived 48 years in the State of New York, removed to Kansas a few years ago where he still resides, unless he has died recently.  Had 9 children.

        Eliza, daughter of William Roberson, was born May 27, 1808.   She married a Mr. Wooley and removed to Michigan many years ago.

        Mary, daughter of William Roberson, was born March 27, 1810, married Aaron Rockafellow.

        Jeremiah C., son of William Roberson, was born Feb 1, 1814.  His wife was Martha E. Farr.  They had 4 children, was living a few years ago in Orleans County, N.Y.

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