Recollections of Baptistown

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~~ 69 ~~

        Elizabeth, daughter of John Roberson and Lavina Thatcher, was born on Sunday, Jan 18, 1778, and died May 23, 1859, in the State of Maryland.  She married Benjamin, son of Benjamin Rittenhouse and Elizabeth Fowler.  He was born Aug 16, 1774, and died Aug 18, 1860, in Maryland.  They resided for a number of years near Locktown on a farm now occupied by Asher W. Carrell, removed from there to Bucks County, Pa., and from there to Cecil County, Maryland.  They had 10 children: Ann, Lavina, Elizabeth, Gertrude, Jeremiah, Jane, Catharine, John, Mary and Azariah.

        Ann Rittenhouse was born Sep 20, 1795 and died Mar 11, 1858 in Frenchtown and was buried in the old graveyard at Rocktown.  She married William, son of Richard Heath.  They lived for a number of years in Baptistown, where James P. Gary now resides.  Mr. Heath taught school when a young man, was postmaster at Baptistown a few years, and died in Baptistown, was buried at Locktown.  They had 3 children: Catharine who married John Deputy and removed to the Sate of Delaware, where she died Aug 12, 185a; Lavina who married William, son of William Lair; William who married Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Slater of Baptistown.

        Lavina Rittenhouse was born July 15, 1798.  She married Jacob, son of Richard Heath.  Lavina and her husband are buried in the new graveyard at Baptistown.  They had 3 children: Elizabeth A., born Sept 8, 1820 and died June 1890; she married David B. Sherman.  Richard born Dec 24, 1825 and died Sept. 1850, was unmarried.  Gertrude born Mar 20, 1828; she married William, son of Samuel Dalrymple.

        Elizabeth Rittenhouse was born Mar 24, 1801, and died Oct 11, 1871 at Locktown, was buried at Frenchtown.  She married William, son of William Lair and Elizabeth Boss.  They lived for a number of years near Locktown on the farm where Henry F. Bodine now resides, on which Mr. Lair built a large stone mansion house a few years previous to his death.

~~ 69a ~~

They had children:

        Benjamin R. born Mar 27, 1820.  He married first Abi F. Meredith, his second wife was Mary J. Rittenhouse.

        Ambrose B. born Oct 25, 1821, died Sep 12, 1863, in Cecil County, Maryland, unmarried.

        William B. born May 29, 1823, married Lavina Heath.

        Mahlon R. born Aug 15, 1825, died in Maryland in 1886.  His wife was Sarah Mason.

        Lavina born June 9, 1827, she married Charles Baker of Bucks Co., Pa.

        John born Nov 19, 1829.  He married Lucinda Rittenhouse.  They now reside in the State of Maryland.

        Elmira born Aug 25, 1832 and died Dec 14, 1835.  She married Samuel Fauss.

        Sarah C. born Jul 31, 1835.  She married Daniel R. Heath.  They resided in Summer County, Kansas.

        Huldah born Dec 13, 1837.  She married Wilson R. Thatcher.

        Ann E. born May 31, 1841.  She married John R. West and died in 1882 in Frenchtown.

        Emily born Jun 16, 1844.  She married David Bodine and died in 1894 in Locktown.

~~ 70 ~~

        Gertrude Rittenhouse born April 12, 1804, and died Feb 9, 1872 at Rising Sun, Secil [sic] County, Maryland.  She married Elijah H., son of William K. Roberson and Mary Leigh.  They had 2 children: Sarah C. who married Charles W. Simpers; William T. who married first Ella Simpers; his second wife was Emma Gilford.

        Jeremiah Rittenhouse born May 25, 1806 and died at Rising Sun, Maryland in July 1882.  He was twice married.  His first wife was Anne, daughter of John Higgins and Precilla Werts of Kingwood whom he married March 30, 18??.  His second wife was Sarah Felty whom he married Jan 1, 1845.  He removed from Hunterdon County to Bucks County, Pa., and from there to Maryland.  The children by his first wife were Mary Jane, Eliza Ann and Amy T.  Mary Jane married Benjamin R. Lair; Amy T. married W. L. Meanes.

        Jane Rittenhouse born Dec 26, 1808 and died Feb 8, 1837.  She was the first wife of Elijah H. Robersin [sic].  They had 2 children:  John, who married Matilda Kerr of Indiana; Mary E. who married Emley Schold.

        Catharine Rittenhouse born May 25, 1811.  She was married to Asher Clargston Jan 10, 1829.  He died in Indiana Sep 26, 1865.  They had children:  David B. born 1832, married Ann McLallen; Mary E. born 1835, died in 1857, married Thomas McCra; Azariah R., born in 1837 and died in 1885, married Sophia S. Thompson; Gertrude J. born in 1838, married Thomas S. Stradley; Asher R. born in 1839, married Mary A. Mattonn; Lavina C. born in 1842 and died 1880, married Henry McLallen; Ruth E. born in 1844 and died 1872, married James Kerr.

        Mary Rittenhouse born Mar 21, 1815.  She married Jan 1, 1834, to Spencer Worthington of Bucks County, Pa.  They had children: Jeremiah, William, Asher, Elizabeth and Abi.

~~ 70a ~~

        Azariah Rittenhouse born Feb 5, 1818 and died in Rising Sun, Maryland, April 7, 1871, where he had been engaged in mercantile trade for several years.  He married Jane Warne and had children: Susanna W., who married Dr. Eber Heston; Benjamin; Violetta H. who married David M. Taylor; Thomas W. who married Ellen F. Maudlin.  He was editor of a newspaper a few years in Butte County, Montana.  Jeremiah and Ellen who married Hanson H. Haines.

~~ 71 ~~

        Benjamin Rittenhouse and Elizabeth Roberson had a son, John, born Aug 10, 1813, and he died young.

        Margaret Roberson, daughter of John Roberson and Lavina Thatcher, was born Jun 22, 1782, near Decatur, Michigan.  She married John Powers July 12, 1801.  He was blacksmith by trade and worked some time in a shop that stood at the end of the lane leading to the farm buildings on the farm now in possession of Wesley S. Hawk, one mile south of Baptistown.

        They had 4 children: Emley, Samuel, Tempy and John R.

        Emley Powers married Eliza Vannatta.  He died 1845.  He and wife were buried at Hackettstown.  They had 7 children: Matilda who married Rosenbury Vannatta; Frances who married Charles Gibson; Mary who married Amos C. Wolverton; Lewis who married --- Silverthorn; William J. who married --- Allen; Archabald who married --- Emmons; and James.

        Samuel Powers died Apr 14, 1884 in Decatur, Michigan.  He married Parmelia Swallow.  They removed to New Jersey, to New York State, and from there to Michigan.  He has a son William who was in the Union Army during the war of secession, has been County Clerk and Dept. Sheriff in one of the counties in Michigan.

        William J. Powers is Superintendent of Morris Canal.

        Tempy Powers born Aug 3, 1802, in N.J., died Nov 2, 1887 at Decatur, Mich.  She married Barney Hagerman and had 3 children: John W. born 1836; Lydia born 1838; Emily born 1840.

        John R. Powers born Dec 3, 1813 in N.J. died Sep 8, 1846, in the State of New York.  He married Lavina VanSyckle.  The Powers removed from N.J. to N.Y. in 1830.

        Catharine Roberson, daughter of John Roberson and Lavina Thatcher, was born Wed., Jan 26, 1785, and died Mar 22, 1895, and was buried in the graveyard near Kingwood Presbyterian Church.  She married John VanSyckle Dec 16, 1804.  He was born Dec 20, 1761 in Cayuga Co., N.Y.

~~ 71a ~~

        He was a hatter by trade and made wool hats at one dollar each.  He removed to N.Y. in 1832.  They had 7 children: Thomas, Abraham, Garret, William, Lydia, Lavina and Margaret.

~~ 72 ~~

        Thomas Vansyckle died Oct 3, 1843, in the State of N.Y.  His wife was Sarah Collins whom he married Dec 2, 1834.  They had a daughter, Catharine, born Feb 1838 and died Dec 25, 1841.

        Abraham Vansyckle born Dec 26, 1808, and died Sep 30, 1859, in the State of N.Y.  He married Lucretia Hinckley Aug 8, 1857, no issue.

        Garret Vansyckle born Aug 5, 1811.  He married Sarah J. Smith Dec 22, 1836.  Garret is still living on his farm at Seneca Co., N.Y.  They had 6 children: Sarah C., Daniel McP., Mary J., John P., Lydia and George W.

        Sarah C. born Nov 1, 1837, married Moses Vansyckle Feb 29, 1860.

        Daniel McP. Vansyckle born May 9, 1839.   He married Sarah Trimmer March 13, 1863.

        Mary J. Vansyckle born Dec 22, 1841, married Myron J. VanDyne Apr 10, 1873.

        John P. Vansyckle born Oct 19, 1843, married Viola Sherman Dec 20, 1877(?).

        Lydia Vansyckle born Jun 9, 1848, married John Roberson Oct 4, 1870.

        George W. Vansyckle born Jul 15, 1849, married Mary Presser Nov 4, 1872.

        William Vansyckle born Feb 12, 1815(?), died Dec 24, 1836.

        Lydia Vansyckle born Nov 2, 182?, died Jul 29, 1841.

        Lavina Vansyckle born Nov 2, 1820.  She married first John R. Powers Jan 4, 1843.  Her second husband was James Everitt who she married May 18, 1853.

        Margaret Vansyckle born Dec 5, 1823.  She married Daniel McPeek Oct 27, 1858.

        John and Catharine Vansyckle children were all born in Hunterdon Co., and I think in Kingwood Township.

~~ 73 ~~

        John Roberson, son of John Roberson and Lavina Thatcher, was born Sunday, Jun 24, 1787, and died Mar 8, 1827.  He married Grace, dau. of Daniel Opdyke and Mary Everitt.  She died Mar 8, 1852.  They had 7 children: Daniel O., Catharine, Samuel O., Mreshon, Lavina, Mary and Elizabeth.

        Daniel O. Roberson, born Feb 18, 1810.  He taught school a few years.  The writer was one of his pupils.  He removed to Chicago where he was elected or appointed a judge of the Court.  He accumulated considerable property and died several years ago.  His wife was Jane Kelley.  They had no children.

        Catharine Roberson, born Sep 19, 1813.  She married Thomas, son of John Slater of Baptistown in 1831.  He was born Dec 7, 1808.  They had 10 children as follows:

        Moses born Apr 26, 1832.  He left home when a mere child, married in [lost in copying] and died there Mar 1, 1881.

        Selenda, born Nov 6, 1833, died May 9,1887.  She married first John Snyder, by whom she had 2 children, Calvin and Ella.  Her second husband was Sidney Bush.

        Lavina Slater, born Mar 9, 1836 and died Jan 29,1885.  She married Asa Hockenbury.  They had 2 children--George W. and Mary.  George W. is superintendent of the Lockwood creamery.

        Rachel M. Slater, born Aug 18, 1838 and died Dec 15, 1889.  She married John Bosenbury.

        John R. Slater, born Apr 12, 1840, and died Dec 15, 1889.  He married Sarah, daughter of Frances Horner.  They had 2 children, Cora and Thomas.

        Elizabeth A. Slater, born Dec 2, 1842.

        Grace Slater born Aug 9, 1848, and died Jul 31, 1849.

        Sarah C. Slater born Feb 23, 1850.

        Emma J. Slater born Mar 26, 1854.

        Sabilla Slater, born Aug 9, 1859.

        Samuel O. Roberson, born Nov 24, 1815.  He married Mahal Trimmer, removed to Livingston Co., N [lost in copying; might be N.Y.], where he died several years ago.

~~ 73a ~~

        They had 3 children: John T., Charles F., and Luther J.  His second wife was Sallie A. Whitmore, by whom he had 1 son, William W.

        Mershon Roberson, born Mar 8, 1848, and died Nov 10, 1883, at Chicago, Ill.  is remains were interred in the Frenchtown cemetery.  He married Maria, daughter of Samuel Eichlin, May 5, 1847.  She died Feb 9, 1870, aged 44 years.  They had 7 children: Grace, John P., Samuel, Jane, Daniel O., Oliver R. and Simeon.

~~ 74 ~~

        Grace Roberson married a Mr. Davis and removed to the west.

        John P. Roberson went west several years ago, is married and resides in Hyde Park near Chicago and is in easy circumstances.

        Samuel E. Roberson is working in a gold mine in California.

        Jane Roberson married Judson Field.  They removed to Lambertsville.

        Daniel O. Roberson went to Calif. several years ago, worked in a gold mine with his brother Samuel for a few years, is now a resident of one of the northwestern states.

        Oliver R. Roberson married Ella, daughter of Lorenzo D. Brewer.  He is in the employ of the Western Union Tele. Co. at a good salary.

        Samuel O. Roberson is a telegraph operator in Chicago.

        Lavina Roberson born Feb 13, 1821, died young.

        Mary Roberson born Nov 3, 1824.  She died in Frenchtown a few years ago and was unmarried.

        Elizabeth Roberson born Mar 25, 1826.  She married first Wesley, son of Daniel Brink, by whom she had a daughter Sallie A.  Her second husband was George, son of Philip Cooley.  They had one son, John W.

        Jonathan Roberson, son of John R. Roberson and Lavina Thatcher, was born Friday Oct 30, 1789, and died Aug 15, 1863, at Port Huron, Michigan.  He married Rhoda, daughter of Thomas and Jemmina Cartwright, Oct 7, 1810.  She was born Apr 19, 1790 in Kingwood and died Jul 13, 1856, in Atlas, Mich.  They had 12 children:

        John, born Sep 23, 1811 in Kingwood.  Married Rachel Starkweather of Ledyard, Cayuga Co., N.Y.

        Mary J., born Aug 24, 1813 in Kingwood, married Amos Jones of Scipeco, Cayuga Co., N.Y.

        Lavina A., born Jun 7, 1815 in Kingwood, married Samuel R. Hackett of Seneca Falls, N.Y.

        Sylvester H., born Jul 2, 1817 in Springport, N.Y.  He married Timmath Quick of Canadice, N.Y.

        Fanny, born Oct 21, 1819 in Springport, N.Y.  Married Noah B. Freeman of Canadice, N.Y.

~~ 74a ~~

        Calvin W., born Nov 17, 1821 in Springport, N.Y.

        Lydia A., born Dec 17, 1823 in Springport, N.Y.

        Lafayette, born Apr 2, 1826 in Springport, N.Y.  He married Grace Hatch of Seneca Falls, N.Y.

        Rhoda E. born Mar 29, 1828 in Springport, N.Y.  She married Washington Wells.

        George W., born Sep 25, 1830 in Springport, N.Y..  Married Agnes Hatch.

        Thomas J., born Dec 30, 1832 in Springport, N.Y.  He married Mary A. Babcock.

        Moses, born May 30, 1836 in Canadice, N.Y.  Married Eunice Gue of New Baltimore, Michigan.

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