Recollections of Baptistown

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~~ 75 ~~

        Lavina Roberson, daughter of John Roberson and Lavina Thatcher, was born Mar 24, 1872, and died Jan 14, 1879, and was buried at Kingwood M.E. church.  She married William West, son of Thomas West and Rachel Hoagland.  They had 11 children: Thomas, Maria, Sarah, Rachel, Lucinda, Wilson, Eliza, Letitia, Nancy, John R., and Margaret who died in infancy.

        Thomas West born Jun 7, 1819, married Julia Myres May 17, 1837.  They had 6 children:  William F. born Nov 25, 1838, died Mar 22, 1874, married Sarah J. Bloodgo?; Susan L. born Dec 17, 1840, died Jun 1, 1873, married George Suydam; Wilson born Mar 3, 1843, died Mar 28, 1843; Julia A. born Feb 22, 1847; Sarah C. born Dec 16, 1851, married George Rhodes; Fannie C. born Aug 1, 1853 married Rev. A. J. Coutler.

        Maria West married Henry Hann.

        Sarah West married Henry Lunger.

        Rachel West born Oct 15, 1824 married Erastus Myres.

        Lucinda West born Dec 29, 1826 married John Hoppaugh and they had 4 children: William, Jacob W., Lambert and Melvina.

        Wilson West married Catharine Fisher.

        Eliza West married Reading Holcombe.  They had one daughter, Mary, who married Jackson B. Sherman.

        Letitia West, born Feb 23, 1824, married Peter S. Roberson Feb 20, 1846.  They had 5 children:  Amy, Cornelia, Andrew J., Sylvester B. and Martha J.

        Nancy West married Robert McCauley.  They had 5, children: Amanda, who married Linden G. Johnson; Lucinda, Wilson, George and Lavina who married Rev. John W. Woodward.  More detail about this family can be found here.

        John R. West, born Oct 6, 1834, died Feb 18, 1894, in Frenchtown.  He married first Ann E., daughter of William Lair.  His second wife was Keziah Hunt, window of Peter S. Hunt and daughter of Thomas C. Taylor.

~~ 75a ~~

        Mary Roberson, daughter of John Roberson and Lavina Thatcher, was born Saturday, Jul 26, 1794.  She married Charles Trimmer and removed to N.Y. State where she died Feb 1, 1852.  They had 7 children:  Augustus who married Phoebe Brown; John who married first Juliett Northrop, his second wife was Sadie Hiner; George married Elizabeth Anderson; Mahala married Samuel O. Roberson; Jane married Daniel McP. Vansyckle; and Mary who never married.

~~ 76 ~~

        Sarah Roberson, daughter of John Roberson and Lavina Thatcher, was born Mar 15, 1796 and died Aug 20, 1887 near Auburn, N.Y.  She married William Vansyckle Aug 8, 1815.  He was born Dec 27, 1789, and died Aug 8, 1872 in Cayuga Co., N.Y.

        They were among the first settlers in Cayuga Co.  Mr. Vansyckle rode on horseback from N.J. to Cayuga Co. in the year 1815.  His wife followed him 2 years later.  When she arrived she found it a forest.  At the time of her decease it was highly cultivated.  Auburn was a clearing in the woods yet bristling with stumps when she first saw it.   She left it a city.  She united with the First Presbyterian Church of Union Springs in 1821.  She was remarkable for her strength of character.  Her physical vigor was as conspicuous as her moral and religion strength.  What she believed, she firmly believed and feared no expression of it.  She could adopt herself to all classes of society and was singularly happy in her contact with children.  William and Sarah Vansyckle had 10 children born to them: John, Catharine, Lavina, Abraham, Sarah A., Margaret, Garret, Thomas, Moses R., and William H.

        John Vansyckle, born Oct 8, 1816 and died Mar 19, 1819, in N.Y.  He married Apr 6, 1840 to Mary Slack.  She was born Oct 2, 1818.  They had 4 children: Edmond born Feb 29, 1844; William born Sep 25, 1857; George A. born May 3, 1849; Moses R. born Nov 27, 1854.

        Catharine Vansyckle born Jul 22, 1818 and died Dec 8, 1841.  She married James S. Everitt.  He was born Apr 19, 1810 and died Jun 17, 1866.  They had one daughter, Millicent A., born Apr 18, 1841.

        Lavina Vansyckle born Sep 8, 1820.  She married Thompson T. Davis and had 4 children: Jesse born Oct 1, 1843; Sarah C. born Sep 30, 1848; Thompson T. born Dec 10, 1852; William A. born Nov 14, 1857.

~~ 77 ~~

        Abraham VanSyckle, son of William VanSyckle and Sarah Roberson, was born April 27, 1822.  He married Marilla Weeden Apr 8, 1851.  She was born April 26, 1824 and died Feb 16, 1873.  They had 4 children: Aarah M. born Jun 26, 1855; Caleb W. born Mar 10, 1856; Zelia M. born Jul 3, 1860; Fremont born Jun 9, 1865.  His second wife was Lavina Harrington, whom he married Nov 8, 1874.  She was born Mar 5, 1828.

        Sarah A. VanSyckle born Mar 2, 1821.  She married George Utt Sep 10, 1848.  He was born Feb 22, 1819.  They had 3 children: Jacob H. born Jun 5, 1849; Mary I. born Oct 10, 1852; Thomas V. born Nov 4, 1859.

        Margaret VanSyckle born Aug 8, 1826.  She married Almerion Utt Feb 17, 1847.  he was born May 14, 1817.  They had 6 children: William R. born Aug 12, 1848; Sarah L. born Mar 25, 1853; Hiriam V. born Jan 13, 1857; Charles J., born Mar 29, 1859; Mary B. born Aug 31, 1862; George A. born Apr 11, 1866.

        Garret VanSyckle born Sept 13, 1828.  He married first Antoinetta Pease May 15, 1855.  She was born Nov 1, 1832 and died May 15, 1864.  They had 4 children: Charles F. born Jul 17, 1856; Clara B. born April 17, 1858; Cynthia born Aug 11, 1862.  He was married 2nd time to Magdalena C. Chamberlin Jan 7, 1868.  She was born Sep 27, 1828 and died Mar 4, 1874.  They had 2 children: Herbert C. born Jan 2, 1870, and Roscoe M. born Jan 30, 1871.  His 3rd wife was Mary C. Westfull, who he married Sep 18, 1876.  She was born Mar 22, 1841.

        Thomas VanSyckle born Oct 22, 1830.  He married Addie Coats Apr 16, 1860.  She died Mar 1865.  They had one child--Ernest, born Oct 22, 1862.  His 2nd wife was Mattie Bryan, whom he married May 19, 1871.  She was born Apr 16, 18??.  They had 3 children: Florence E. born Mar 2, 1873; Edna born Aug 20, 1875; and Francis born Jan 26, 1878.

        Moses VanSyckle born Apr 14, 1833.  He was married to Sarah C. VanSyckle Feb 29, 1860.  She was born Nov 1, 1837.  They had one child--Millie E. born Feb 15, 1866.

        William H. VanSyckle born May 13, 1836.  His 1st wife was Sarah

~~ 77a ~~

J. Hammond, whom he married Nov 20, 1860.  She was born Jan 15, 18?1 and died Apr 13, 1883.  They had 2 children--Henry H. born Sep 10, 1863; William R. born Jul 31, 1874; William H's 2nd wife was Nellie H. Burlew whom he married in Feb 1885.  She was born Apr 28, 1848.

~~ 78 ~~

        Moses Roberson, son of John Roberson and Lavina Thatcher, was born Jan 30, 1799 and died Mar 16, 1885 near Frenchtown, N.J. on the farm where he had resided most of his life.  His wife was Catharine Opdyke, daughter of Daniel Opdyke and Mary Everitt.  She was born Feb 24, 1802.  They had 9 children born to them:  Grace; David O.; Lavina; John O.; Margaret; Eleanor; Jonathan; Mary; Sarah A.

        Grace Roberson born Sep 7 or 8, 1822 and died Jan 2, 1843.

        David O. Roberson born Mar 31, 1824.  He married Mary A. Fisher.  They had 2 children: William and Amy K.

        Lavina Roberson born Jan 22, 1826 and died Jul 24, 1929 (??).

        John O. Roberson born Feb 18, 1828.  He married Elizabeth Housel.

        Margaret Roberson born Sep 1, 1830 and died Oct 1854.  She married Eli Dalrymple, son of Samuel Dalrymple and Sarah Higgins.  They had one son, Samuel R., who married Harriet Opdyke.

        Eleanor Roberson born May 22, 1833 and died Dec 26, 1842.

        Jonathan Roberson born Mar 17, 1836.

        Mary Roberson born Apr 11, 1838.  She married George W. Eichlin.

        Sarah A. Roberson born Nov 25, 1840 and died Jun 25, 1851.

        Thomas Roberson, son of Thomas Roberson and Catharine Pierce, was born Sep 2, 1760.  He married Mary Kemple, daughter of William Kemple.  She was born Jan 8, 1768.  They were members of the Baptist Church and owned and lived on the farm now in the possession of Alpheus Bonham.  He built the house where Mr. Bonham now resides.  In 1832 they removed to the State of Delaware, where Thomas died Oct 31, 1836.  Mary, his wife, died Jul 17, [year is a strikeover; no clue].  They had one son, William K., born Nov 3, 1789, who in 1809 married Mary Leigh.  In 1830 they removed to the State of Delaware where he died Jul 17, 1843.  His wife Mary died in 1840.  He was a minister of the gospel.  They had 5 children: Elijah H; Westleigh; Livera; Amy and Elizabeth A.

~~ 78a ~~

        Elijah H. Roberson was born in Kingwood and died Rising Sun, Cecil Co., Maryland, Dec 29, 1889.  He studied medicine and practiced for a number of years in the state of Delaware.  He married two sisters, Jane and Gertrude Rittenhouse, by whom he had 4 children: John and Mary E. by his first wife and Sarah C. and William T. B. by his 2nd wife.

        Westleigh Roberson married Mary A. Lewis of the State of Delaware, by whom he had 5 children: William K; Caroline; Mary; Amy and Elizabeth A.

        Livera Roberson married John Coulter.  They had two children: Mary J. and Elizabeth.

        Francis Roberson, son of Thomas Roberson and Catharine Pierce, was born in 1762 and died Dec 12, 1837, on his farm one mile south of Baptistown on the road leading to Kingwood, now in possession of Wesley S. Hawk.  He was buried in the old graveyard at Patistown near the northeast corner.  The homestead farm included the place now in the possession of Stanford Vanderbilt.  He also owned a few outstanding lots.  His wife was Mary Horner, daughter of William Horner and Annie Moore.  She died Aug 26, 1845, aged 81 years.  Mr. Roberson was a successful farmer.  He was a member of the Kingwood Methodist church for a number of years, but a few years previous to his death, he left the Methodist church and united with the Christian church.  He attended the 4-day debates that were held at Milford, Dec 1830, between William McCalls and William Lane, on the doctrine of the trinity.  This may have had something to do with his change in church membership.  It was his to have family worship every morning.  He had a copy of the New Testament in large type, from which he would read a chapter followed by prayer.  The writer has in his possession that old book which he prizes very highly on account of its former associations--and when he thinks of that old house, he is reminded of a piece of poetry that Eid Philetus Roberts used to sing so effectively, the first stanza of which reads as follows:

"When I think of sainted memories like andel troops they come,
I fold my arms and ponder on the old, old home
For the heart has many passages thru' which the feelings roam;
But the middle aisle is sacred to the old, old home."
        In 1813, Mr. Roberson was appointed a Justice of the Peace.  He built the house that is now a tenant house on the old homestead.  AT the time it was built, it was one of the largest houses in that section.  There was a cemetery on his farm; it was located a few yards north of where the tenant house now stands.  When the writer first knew of the place, it contained about 20-25 graves marked with common field stones without name or dates.  The stones have all been removed and

~~ 79a ~~

the land brought under cultivation.

        It is thought that some of the Gray family may be buried there.

~~ 80 ~~

        In the summer of 1891, the Methodists held a camp meeting on this farm.  It is located in a grove on the high ground south of the ravine that runs through the southwest corner of the farm.  The writer assisted in removing timber from where the camp meeting was held. Elijah E. Taylor, now residing in Newark, N.J., writes me that he attended that meeting.  He was about 12 years old at the time, and was working for William Roberson.  The probabilities are that Mr. Taylor is the only person now living who attended that meeting.

        I have no knowledge as to the names of the parties of whom Francis Roberson purchased the homestead farm, as there are no records in the clerk's office at Flemington dated prior to the year 1800.  Since that date, the records show that he purchased the following tracts of land Dec 3, 1806; Daniel Gray sold to Francis Roberson 45-10 acres of land adjoining said Roberson.

        May 1, 1806, Luther Calvin and Catharine, his wife, sold to Francis Roberson 12 acres, bounded by Nathan Britton, dec'd, Isaac Gray and Peter Fox's land.

        E. Everitt and his wife of Bucks Co., Pa., Middletown Township, sold to Francis Roberson about 30 acres, adjoining said Roberson.

        May 1, 1813, John Britton, attorney for Joseph Moore and wife, Joseph Gray and wife, and others and wife, conveyed to Francis Roberson 15 acres of land bounded by John Cline and the said Roberson.

        April 27, 1819, John Staple and wife conveyed to Francis Roberson and Francis Roberson, Jr., 143 acres of land bounded Richard Opdyke, Samuel Britton, Daniel Everitt, George Larison, Moses Everitt, Isaac Gray and Abel Taylor.

        Subsequently, Francis Roberson, Jr., became sole proprietor of this tract.  It is located on the road leading from Baptistown to Kingwood, midway between the two places and now in the possession of Hiram Rittenhouse.

~~ 80a ~~

        In 1822, William Roberson conveyed to Francis Roberson, Sr., 180 acres of land bounded by Henry Snyder, Jeremiah Thatcher and John Taylor.  William and Thomas Roberson became owners of the tract.  It adjoined the village of Baptistown on the north.

CORRECTION:  In the genealogy of Moses Roberson family, read Grace Roberson instead of Grace Opdyke and Eleanor Roberson instead of Eleanor Opdyke.


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