Colonial Naturalization List

(1713 -  1772)

By Henry Race, M.D.


Vol.2, No.1.                 Flemington, N.J.              March, 1893

Special thanks to Wendy Heitzman for sharing this item with us.

Reliable information relative to the immigrant primogenitors of families is very desirable and satisfactory in genealogical researches. The register of naturalization in Colonial times furnishes the names of immigrant ancestors in a large number of cases. Naturalization was not requisite of settlers who came from England, Ireland or Scotland, as they made no change of their allegiance. Many of those from Germany, Holland and France located first in New Amsterdam (New York,) or on Long Island, where they took the oath of fidelity to the British Government and afterwards removed to New Jersey. This was more frequently the case with settlers in Essex and Monmouth counties. It is probable that many of the pioneers were never naturalized. By the Act of Assembly of April 4th, 1709, ownership of one hundred acres of land or a personal estate of fifty pounds was make requisite for the right to vote for public officers. This left but little motive for needy settlers to acquire citizenship which, to them, would have been a mere pretentious nullity.

The following is a complete list of the names of all persons who were naturalized during the Colonial period, -compiled from Allinson’s Acts of the General Assembly:


March 11, 1713-14,

Peter Bard, a native of France.


March 17, 1713-14,

Stephen Chalines, Peter Romuer, natives of France.


January 26, 1716-17,

Jacob Arents, and his three children, viz.: Nicholas Arents,

   Mary Arents and Margaret Arents.


November 30, 1723,

John Lewis, of the county of Hunterdon; Cornelius Tomson.


February 10, 1727-8

John Boshart, Ann Rosina his wife; Christopher Boshart and

    Dorothy Boshart, their children.


July 8, 1730

Christiana Elrington, Susanna Roeters, Godfrey Peters, Hendrick Bost, Johnan Willem Snoek, Nickolas Signe, Johannes Laux, Willem Guise,

Jacob Moore, Hieronimus Keyser, Joseph Bost, Rudolph Herley,

Anthony Habback, John  Moor, Johan Ludowick Rightmier, Jacob Houselt,

Johannes Yager, Johannes Peter Yager, Paul Flag, Jacob Peer,

Hendrick Dirdorf, Christian Cornelius, Carel Hierlogh,

Bartholomeus Melibagh, Hendrick Yager, Jacob Eigh, Christian Hasell, John Housilt, Johan Philip Kaes, Johan Peter Rockefelter and his two sons, viz.: Peter Rockefelter and Johannes Rockefelter, Peter Bodine, Jacob Engle, Jacob Sartor and his two sons, viz.: Johannes Sartor and Hendrick Sartor, Johan William Berg and his three sons, viz.: Johannes Berg, Pieter Berg and John Berg, Johan Gerig Miller, Johan Young, Martin Fisher and his two sons, viz.: Jacob Fisher and Philip Fisher, Koenraet Keiel, Hendrick Snook, William Han, Christopher Snider,

Jacob Gerhart, William Engle, Pieter Fisher, Pieter Young,

Herbert Homer, Koenraet Henerigh, Adam Homer, William Bellesfelt, Willem Kaes, Paul Kole, Heironimus Horin,  Matteys Smith, Carel Maret, Johannes Giddeman, and his son Hendrick Giddeman, Mattys Kaalsit, Hendrick Weever, Ann Hagg, Anthony Dirdorf, and his four sons, viz.: Peter Dirdorf, John Dirdorf, Anthony Dirdorf and Christian Dirdorf.


August 16, 1733.

Henry Mershon of the county of Hunterdon, planter, Peter Demong and Peter Knott of the county of Monmouth, planters.


March 15, 1738-9.

Peter Frauberg, Jacob Forsman, Nicholas Dahlberg, Nicholas Bud, Johannes Casparus Koch, Katherine his wife, and three sons, viz.: Joseph Koch, Anthony Koch and Jacobus Koch, Caspar Wister,

Henry Fisher, John Bloom, John Peter Zenger, John Vandreson,

John De Wit and Charles Duran.


July 31, 1740.

Johannes Martinus Van Harlingen, Peter Soulard.


December 8, 1744.

Ludwick Hadn, Jacob Urtz, Frederick Tendle Spick, Adam Hoeshield, Michael Tilheaver, Peter Dofgel, Hans Michael Milner, Johannes Hoffman, Matthias Houshilt, Johannes Trimmer, Adam Bellesfelt,

Johan William Bellesfelt, Perer Bellesfelt, Johannes Henry Snug, Bastiyan Kes, Johan Chris Smith,Jr., Filliep Snieder, Hendrick Winter, Johan Diel Berg, Adam Diels, Hendrick Diels, Matthias Trimmer, and Matthias Sharpentin.


January 19, 1747-8.

Peter Louderbach, Catharine, Elizabeth and Barbara, his three daughters.


December 16, 1748.

Hendrick Goeglets.


March 28, 1749.

Peter Schmuck, Philip Marot and Peter Bruier.


October 8, 1750.

George Cooper, Philip Cooper, Theophilus Bindur and Christopher Easter.


June 6, 1751.

Philip Young, Henry Croo, Johannes Fisher, Jacob Winnacker,

Michael Shuatterly and Jacob Kemper.




October 23, 1751.

William Evelman.


June 21, 1754.

Johannes Doremus, Hendrick Beuf, Hendrick Beuf, Jr., and

Cornelius Paraut.


October 21, 1754.

Henry Graaf, Johannes Myer, Christian Kaul, Hendrick Koch,

Peter Hoffman, John Young, William Hoffman, Christian Kule,

William Barwick, Johannes Kase, Matthias Kase, Johannes Ross,

Hantil Rester, Hanborn Koch and Martie Shipley.


August 20, 1755.

John Beulesheimer, Henry Landis, Peter Yager, Andrew Trimmer,

Valentine Ent, Peter Werts, William Ecker, Henry Warner, Andrew Redick, Abraham Laslire, Justus Ranzel, John Sentiny, Michael King, Adam Agee, Jacob Vogt, Justus Gans, Henry Hoffman, Martin Streetman,

William Kelin, Adam Hag, Peter Case, John Immel, Jacob Young,

Christian Wertchen, Michael Myer, John Pheger, Peter Neyzard,

Harmon Wagoner, John Kemper, Peter Coens, John Raker, George Geeler [Marilyn Souders tells me this actually reads "Geeser"], Albertus Popplesdorf, Thomas Hall, Jacob Boum, Adam Pocke, Henry Bemer, John Peter Fox, Tunis Young, Henry Harter, William Wertchen,

Francis Bickle, Tunis Case, George William Vanbagh, Christian Beck, Christian Hassen, Adam Snook, Rudolph Staneman, and Christian Kaul.



May 29, 1756.

Johannes Belesvelt, and Peter Van Allen.


November 28, 1760.

Peter Penier, George Andreas Virselius, Jacob Autsoni, and          Christopher Baueysen.


April 7, 1761.

David Slayback, Henry Luts, Michael Hammer, and John Allison.


March 10, 1762.

George Beck, Jacob Wigmore, and Stephen Sarich.


April 28, 1762.

Christopher Huson, Hans Jacob Prettiker, Jacob Stucky, Henry Cook, Michael Maps, Charles Martin Roan, Henry Diffidaffy, Henry Swink, Nicholas Philips, Philip Marks, Leonard Fox, Caspar Grim, and

John Rouse.


June 3, 1763.

Jacob Albright, Daniel Dorn, Nicholas Angle, Benedick Yare,

Johannes Vos, Gabriel Hymer, Johannes Heyler, Cornelius Ferberg,

Joseph Huppell, and John Snyder.


December 7, 1763

Johannes Kank, John Dellar, George Kesler, and George Himns.




February 23, 1764.

Joseph Behringer, John Snoffer, George Windemude, Casper Shepperd, Walton Vokes, John Henry Snoffer, Martin Swort Welder, Adam Cunkle, Andrew Wagener, John Philip Weiker, and John Morkel.


June 20, 1765.

John Houze, Peter Hendrick Striepers, John Herbergs,

John William Pollmann, and Peter Kurtz.


June 28, 1766.

Jacob Hertel, and John Jacob Faish.


May 10, 1768.

John Louterman, John Snook, Frederick Hayn, William Stodder,

Philip Bemer, John Haas, Johannes Mayer, Peter Colther and

 Nicholas Ott.


December 6, 1769.

Christopher Bishop, John Lame, Peter Lame, Henry Lishman, Francis Ralph, George Sawibeck, Thomas Whisler, John Martin Fulkemer,

Jacob Akeley, Frederick Smith, Matthew Marton, John Bohn,

Gerhart Winter, Peter Brown, Andrew Congle, (Cougle?) Peter Slim,

John Hartman, Johannes Hofses, Johannes Balthaser Harff, Walter Wob, Christopher Rob, John Cosman, John Marlin, and Henry Stricklan.


October 27, 1770.

Frederick Outgelt, Leonard Lymaster, Peter Lupp, John Bower,

Lawrence Eykeinier, George Obert, Peter Obert, and John Irick.


September 26, 1772

George Felthausen.

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