Some Web Sites by My Cousins and Others

My great grandfather, Erastus Vaughan Raub, had 2 sisters and a brother who married 2 brothers and a sister in the LAKE family.  For more about this Lake family, see  Marshall Lake's site.

Erastus married Macrina Linaberry BRANDS, a descendant of the Van Benschoten family.  An excerpt from the  book, The VanBenschoten Family in America by William Henry VanBenschoten, is available online.

Erastus' mother, Mary READ, was a descendant of the SUTTON family.  You'll find more about this family at  BJ'S GENEALOGY SITE.

There is also a huge Sutton web site with links to many more Sutton researchers.

There's also a lot about the descendants of Joseph Read at Kenneth Haggerty's site.

The Marsteller Family Research Association web site has information on the Reinhard family.

Carol Smith is a descendant of Hans Jerg Raub.

My 4th great grandmother, Charlotte Weber Raub, had a sister Maria who married Conrad Teeter.  You can find more about Conrad and Maria Weber Teeter at Laurie Dunham's site.

Marilyn LeVeque has shared shome family data and photos regarding her VanKirk ancestors.


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