Green's Bridge Methodist Church
Phillipsburg, Warren County, NJ
Membership, 1875 - 1884
From the collection of Beulah Gangaware

Special thanks to Albert Hosbach for sending me this information for use on my web site.

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Rev. Geo. Terbush 1880
May 2, 1875 Dibble, Lizzie
Caffey, Martha Case, Calvin
Dalton, John S. Souders, John Wesley
Dalton, Amanda Cowell, Daniel
Davis, Daniel Cowell, Harriet
Davis, Hannah Bowers, Harriet
Headly, Nellie Bowers, Daniel
Loudenbury, Harriet Buell, James H., died 3/18/1882
McClary, John Snyder, Henry
McClary, Rosanna Snyder, Catharine
Mutchler, George M. Sheets, John M.
Mutchler, Hester Levers, Emma
Moyer, Sarah, died 11/20/1881 Rogers, Charles
Moyer, David Piatt, Joseph G.
Metler, William A. Souders, Mary
Metler, Elizabeth Eiche, Harriet S.
Piatt, Ella Stout, Minnie
Piatt, Catharine Dalrymple, Sarah
Parke, Joseph Stout, Elizabeth
Price, John H. Piatt, Elizabeth
Price, Lizzie Carty, Mary
Price, James Piatt, Isiah
Purcell, Elizabeth Young, Roseanna
Schooley, Osborn Piatt, Margaret
Schooley, Mary E. Davis, Elmina
Schooley, Nettie Souders, George F.
Seas, Alice Dalrymple, Hattie
Smith, George Dalrymple, Henry D., died 2/17/1882
Young, Jacob Imlay, Charles
Young, Joseph L. Imlay, Harriet
Young, Mary Souders, Agnes
Garner, Amanda Buell, Mary E.
McClary, Anna Buell, Esther
Swengy, Isaac Young, Elizabeth
Swenzy, Sarah A. Deremer, Mary A., 1/2/1881
Hassell, Holway A.
Rev. John H. Egbert Miller, Alfred
May 21, 1876 Miller, Hannah E.
Piatt, Sheridan
Piatt, Annie Rev. Joseph Piper
Dalrymple, John H. 1881 - 1884
Dalrymple, Hannah E. Rogers, Minnie, 7/27/1881
Hoffman, William F. Pyatt, Jennie, 7/9/1882
Hoffman, Rebecca A. Hoadley, David, 8/6/1882
Woodruff, Peter C. Hoadley, Amanda, 8/6/1882
Woodruff, Luticia Thomas, James, 1/7/1883
Murren, Charles Thomas, Susan, 1/7/1883
Murren, Mary J. Thomas, Malew, 1/7/1883
Thomas, Kate, 1/7/1883
Rev. Wesley Martin Davis, Mrs. Daniel, 3/23/1883 or 1884
Smith, George, 7/6/1879
Beers, George, 1/11/1880
Beers, Catharine
Fritchman, Jepe
Moyer, William
Dibble, Lizzie

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