Warren County, New Jersey
Blairstown Area

        Although I don't have publication information on this article, I felt certain that there was enough information in it to make it imperative that I share it.  Note that Morris Crisman, born in 1815, was still living at the time this was published.  Special thanks to Nan Horsfield for sending it to me.

        As all things that have become old and matters of record are usually of intense interest, especially those who have some immediate concern therein, we have induced Mr. Morris Crisman to allow us to publish the "marriage record" kept by his father from 1805 to 1854.  Those after that date were recorded by the children.

        The house in which Mr. Crisman lives, at Crismantown, is also of considerable interest, it having seen beneath its roof the birth of four generations.  Charles Crisman, the grandfather, was born in Germany and came to this country in the year 1769, and secured a parchment deed from Ephraim Manning for a large tract of land in 1787.  From his union with Mary Kimble came Isaac Crisman, the father of Morris.  He was born in that house in 1779 and in 1806 married Susan Shippen, from which marriage were born seven children, six boys and one girl, the latter marrying Sampson Howell.

        Morris Crisman, who was born in 1815, still lives in the old home, with his brother, Edgar, and his sons, Cassius and Blair, who till the farm.  In very few homes will be found the father, sons and grandchildren all living as one family.

        The marriages are written in a little leather-covered diary for 1802, in a neat hand and with ink that has retained its color remarkably well.

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