Original RAUB Genealogy
Prepared by William MacKellar Kern, 1934

Comments in parentheses have been added by Jan Reuther; comments in brackets were by Kern.


        Several years ago, Mr. J. B. Stevens gave the writer the following information on the early Raubs.  PHILLIP RAUB came from Germany via Rotterdam, arriving at Philadelphia on September 25, 1732.  He was born in 1681, and brought with him at least three sons.  He settled first in Bucks Co., PA, and later moved to Raubsville, Northhampton Co., PA.

        The names is often spelled Roup, or Rope.  Mrs. Elizabeth Mott of Vails, NJ, believes the proper original spelling was Raup.

The three sons were:
HANS GEORGE             Born 1705               Died
        Wife may have been Katherina
MICHAEL         Born 1710
PETER                   Born 1716


        He appears to have lived at Raubsville, PA.  There are some deeds or a will on record, from which we get the names of six children and the inference that his wife was Katherina.  His death was about 1780.  The
children are as follows.

ANDREW          Born about 1730 Died in 1809
        Married Maria Scharlotta
        He will be mentioned later.

LEONARD whose wife was Christina.

GEORGE W.       whose wife may be Catherine.  He is said to have died in 1814.  No children.  He may be the one who is mentioned in the Easton Records in 1771.

BARBARA who married Val Beidleman.  They were in Warren Co., New Jersey, probably near Andrew Raub.

DOROTHEA        who married William Nyce.  They are mentioned as being in Gallen Township Northampton Co., PA, but there are deeds on record to show that they bought a farm at Hainesburg, NJ, in 1770, and sold all or part of it in 1779.

MARGARETHA      born about 1750, died before 1796.
        Married William Henry Hains.  (also spelled Haynes)  He is called "Henry Hantz" in the will.  They were prominent settlers in Hainesburg, NJ, and lived on the farm lately owned by William C. Ward.  The lived in a house that was situated halfway between the road and the Paulins Kill, now entirely removed.  He operated a sawmill and grist mill below the dam, also had a tavern.
        Mrs. Haynes is spoken of as bringing up two daughters of her sister.  One of the girls was Dorothea.  Mrs. Haynes had no children. After the death of Mr. Haynes, which was in 1793, Mrs. Haynes appears to have married Christopher Sharp, a widower.  This we gather from deeds, but wish the marriage could be corroborated by the family.
        Mr. Haynes was born in 1747 and died in 1793, and has a tombstone in Knowlton Cemetery.  All the Raub family attended the Knowlton Presybterian Church.  It appears that some 7 or 8 brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law settled along the Paulins Kill.  We are able to mention the names--Mr. Haynes, David Kern, George Kern, Henry Kern, John Person, John Fox, William Nyce,  Andrew Raub, and perhaps Val Beidleman.

        Andrew Raub would be born about 1730.  He made a will in 1806 which was probated 5/25 1809.  He is mentioned in Knowlton Cemetery as one of the oldest settlers.  From such deeds as we have seen, Samuel Green and Henry Kitchen seem to have owned the land halfway between Walnut Valley and Jacksonville.  Some of it passed into the hands of John Smith, and Adam Schneider, and was sold to Andrew Raub, in 1774.  This plot was 30 acres and lay north of the Kill, and possibly north of the road.  Andrew seems to have made several purchases and his main purchase was south of the Kill, where he is mentioned in 1796.  His neighbor then was William Dills on the west and Coonrod Deiter on the East.
        The Snovers seem to have also been on his east.  John Honeywell was on the south in the early days.
        Before his death he divided his farms up between his sons, and in several cases the property has remained in the family.  We note from these dates that Andrew was settled some 13 years before Mr. Haynes came to
Hanesburg, and nearly 15 years before the Kerns made a purchase.
        His wife was Maria Scharlotta....and she is mentioned as his wife in the Knowlton Church Records.  Her dates, however, are in the Cemetery, 2/13 1735 to 11/19 1791.
        The children are given as quoted by Mr. J. B. Stevens, but corrected by searches of W. M. Kern as found necessary.

(CATHARINE) SARAH Born   Died  Buried
  Married a Mr. Hartsel (Henry Hartzell)

BARBARA Born 10/15/1757  Died 12/3 1820 [There seems to be confusion over the dates of Barbara and
Cecilia, and we give them as we have them].  She married Mr. (Henry) Shoemaker, and it was
after Jan 1806 that she married a second time, to Thomas West.  His dates were 1760 –

CECILIA Born 4/4/1757 Died 5/29/1828.  Buried in Knowlton.
  Married Peter Freese
  He had part of the old Raub farm

MICHAEL Born (1754)  Died Spring of 1833.  Buried in Knowlton.  Married Anna Kuhl [later called Cool]
daughter of William who had a large farm near.  He will be mentioned later.

ANDREW Born 1766  Died 1826
  Married Susannah Nyce
  He was a Captain.  Had part of his father’s farm.

JACOB  Born 1/29  1768.  Died 3/9 1832.  Buried in Knowlton.
  Married Catharine Vought whose dates are 9/23/1778 to 4/11/1867.  Jacob had part of his
father’s farm.  He had some 5 children that we know of:

  John 1/8/1799 - 9/2/1866 married…Elizabeth Swayze
  Andrew 6/29/1797 – 1798
  Philip 4/19/1801 – 5/29/1850  married Sabra Angle, daughter of John
  Elizabeth  8/12/1803  Married Jacob L. Teel
  Charlotte  Married Mr. Dennis Rice

CHARLOTTE Born     Died
  Married a Mr. Wise (Jacob Weis)

  Married a Mr. Pullis.  [Some writers think this name, which is difficult to read, was Bellis]
  (Note from Jan Reuther: They Baptized their children in Knowlton…their name was Bellis, also
spelled Belles)

SUSANNAH Born 11/25/1773.  Died
  Married Paul Kuhl (also spelled Cool)

  Married Robert Martin, on 7/15/1809
  She is reported as the youngest of the family, and sometimes called Mary.


 Michael Raub is estimated to be born in 1759, and he died in 1833.  We do not find a tombstone, and he left no will.  He married Anna Kuhl, daughter of William Kuhl, who had a large farm toward Hainseburg.  Michael Raub’s farm was north of the Paulins Kill, and seems to be some of his father’s, and some that he purchased in 1793 from Adam Schneider.  About 1½ miles west of Blairstown, next to John P. Lanterman’s farm, and his farm descended to Erastus Raub, his Grandson.  Michael was a member of the Knowlton Presbyterian Church, and his children were Baptized there.  His children were:

ANDREW Born 3/29/1783  Died 2/21/1860.  Interred in Knowlton.
  Married Catharine Butts, daughter of Jacob.
  Son Jacob B. (Butts)  1815-1868  married Rachel D. Lanterman.
  Other children reported, but names not known.

MARIA  Born 1/24/1785

  Married Elizabeth Shackleton, Daughter of Benjamin.
  Reported married 12/5/1811.  She received some of her father’s farm which she sold to her
brother in 1819.
He received some of his father’s farm which he sold to Daniel Vaughan in 1837.

KATE  Born Died
  Maried John H. Flemming 12/26/1811
  Appear to have lived in Vienna, NJ

MICHAEL Born 2/12/1792  Died 6/1/1869
  Buried in Cedar Ridge.
  Married Mary Read 1796-1863 daughter of Isaac.
  He had the farm of his father.  His children are given below.

ELIZABETH Born 2/18/1794
  Married Benjamin Sutton, son of Nathan Sutton and Sarah Coleman.  They moved to
Northfield, Michigan, in 1834.

ANNA  Born 2/12/1797  Died 11/27/1876.  Buried at Burdett, NY
Married Samuel Vaughan, son of Daniel Vaughan, and Hannah Read.  Samuel Vaughan and his young wife went with his mother and many of his brothers and sisters to Burdett, NY, at an early date.

JACOB  Born 12/11/1799

SARAH  Born 12/20/1801  Died 7/29/1890   Buried in Union Brick
  Married Abram Rice 1796-1871
  Had a daughter Lucy A. who married James D. Lanterman


 Born 2/12/1792, died 6/1/1869.  Married 11/24/1814 [or 11/14/1814].  He married Mary Read, daughter of Isaac Read and Mary Shackleton, and granddaughter of Joseph Read and Sarah Sutton.  Her dates are born 9/13/1796, died 4/26/1863.  Both are buried in Cedar Ridge Cemetery.  He had the farm of his father, and is remembered by our grandparents.  My father tells me that Michael had a favorite cussword which was “By the Great Catofaro”.  Good Luck to his memory!

 His children are from records held by Mrs. Mott.

SALLY ANN Born 6/20/1816
  Married John Newton

ISAAC R. Born 8/19/1818
  Married  1
3 Barbara

LUTITIA T. Born 10/5/1820
  Married Isaac N. Van Sickle

MARIA  Born 12/8/1823
  Was not married

JOHN N. Born 5/9/1825 Died 1886 Buried in Cedar Ridge
  Married Elizabeth E. Vought

MICHAEL N. Born 9/25/1827  Probably died in infancy

(MARY) M. CAROLINE   Born 10/5/1829
  Married   1 Jacob Vought
     “   2  John Lake
  She had a daughter Mary, who was the mother of Mr. J. B. Stevens

IRA K.  Born 9/15/1831
  Married a Lake (Rachel), and quoted as having two children, Susan and Emma

ERASTUS V. Born 3/28/1834   Died Feb 1917.
  Married Macrina Brands, born 7/3/1838  Died 5/22/1926.
  A son Daniel B. Raub was born in Blairstown 8/13/1850 [New Jersey].  Died 10/17/1936; Buried
in Woodland Cemetery, Newark NJ.  (More to be written on him on following pages)
A daughter Elizabeth, married M.W. Mott (Milton W. Mott) and lives at Vails, NJ.
Mr. Raub inherited the farm of his father, which seems to be part of the early farms of the early
settler, Andrew Raub.

HANNAH MARGARET Born 8/17/1837  Died in 1926 or 1927.  Married Isaac Lake.  (Note by Jan Reuther:
Marshall Lake shows Isaac’s death 24 Jun 1882—kicked by horse)

CATHARINE Born 12/12/1843  Died 9/22/1926
  Married William C. Brands 1835-1922
  A daughter Mary married Nelson P. Kishpaugh of Blairstown.
  A son Clark lives in Montrose, PA.
  Two other daughters are mentioned.


 Peter Freese was the son of John Freese and Catharine ----- and born 3/9/1763, died 8/4/1840.  Cecilia Raub was the daughter of Andrew Raub and Maria Scharlotta (Weber), born 4/4 1757, died 5/29/1828.  Both buried in Knowlton Presb. Churchyard.  Peter Freese is mentioned as having a wife Rachael in the year 1800, but we believe this was just another mistake of the early lawyers who were unfamiliar with the German tongue.  The children have been slowly located, and are as follows:

PETER  Born 10/4/1785  Died 4/26/1814

ANDREW Born 12/15/1788
  Married Susan Schaeffer
  Had children Elizabeth, Catharine, Frederick, Huldah and Sarah

CATHARINE Married Isaac S. Hazen (or the initial may be L.)
  Children are Abram, Levi, Margaret

ABRAHAM Born 3/7/1793   Died 5/7/1862
  Married Mary Brugler, dau. Of Ralph.

ISAAC  Born 8/7/1795.  Died 2/15/1873.  Buried in Union Brick.
  Married Hannah Read, Dau. Of Isaac.
  Had children Jacob, Hannah, Marshal, and Theodore.

JACOB R. Born 3/31/1798
  Married Susan Sharp
  Children, William, Abram, Harriet, Isaac

MARGARET Born 3/23/1800   Died 9/10/1865
  Buried in Union Brick.
  Her name at the Baptismal ceremony was Charlotta Margrita.
  Married Benjamin O. Vaughan, son of Daniel Vaughan and Hannah Read.
  They lived near Blairstown, NJ.
  Children were – Isaac (who died an infant), Celicia, H. Amanda, Margaret, Daniel, Darius,
Susannah, who married P. Bradley Martin, and William.  Minette Martin, a grandchild, married Charles B. Williams and lives in Midland Park, NJ.

JOHN RAUB    #20xx

 Miss Mary Elizabeth Raub gives me the information of this family.  John Raub was son of Jacob Raub and Catharine Vought.  He was born 1/8/1799.  Died 9/2/1866.  Buried in Knowlton Cemetery.  He married Elizabeth Swayse, daughter of ----- -----.  She was born 12/20/1806.  Died 2/13/1865.  The marriage date is 3/4/1826.  Mr. Raub had a farm near Cedar Lake, presumed to be part of his father’s tract.  The children were:

CATHERINE Born 1/19/1827.  Died 5/9/1904
  Married William W. Hawk
  Lived in Hollisterville, PA

CHARLOTTE RICE Born 9/22/1829
   Married George Ferguson
   Lived in Sterling, PA

SARAH ANN Born 2/28/1832   Died 3/12/1906
  Married Daniel L. Gregory
  Lived in Jackson, PA

ANDREW Born 3/23/1834   Died 7/17/1919
  Married Elizabeth Milroy
  Lived in Scranton, PA.  He was a soldier in the Civil War

MARY CAROLINE Born 6/18/1836   Died 1921
   Married Charles Keiser
   Lived in Wilkes Barre, PA

MARGARET ELIZABETH Born 1/8/1839   Died in 1917
    Buried in New Milford
    Married   1 George C. Wood
       2 Emory T. Oakley
    Lived at Jackson, PA

MACRINA HOAGLAND  Born 3/25/1846.  Died 10/8/1922
    Married William C. Ferguson
    Lived at Madisonville, PA

JOHN E. Born 11/13/1841   Died 4/21/1865.
  He is said to be the last child.
  Dates are those given me.  He was a saddler at Blairstown, NJ, and is buried at Knowlton.


 Philip Raub was a son of Jacob Raub and Catharine Vought.  He was born 4/19/1801, Died 5/29/1850, and buried in Blairstown, NJ.  Married Sabra Angle on ----- 1816, whose name was then given as “Zebia Engle”.  She was daughter of John Angle and Hannah Barnes, Born 8/17/1803 and died 3/4/1870.  Mr. William H. Kern used to tell the writer that he worked for Mr. Raub when he was a young man, and was also distantly related by marriage to Mrs. Raub.  But that does not give us the information we wish we had.  Mr. Raub was administrator for his father in March 1832.  His farm (parts of his father’s) was partitioned in 1860 and the following children were named:

CATHARINE She was married to Adson L. Vought in 1858 (the name was given then as Aaron L.) and in
1930 was living on a farm near Susquehanna, PA.

JACOB  of Vienna, NJ

JOHN A. a doctor in Philadelphia, and living in 1930.

ABRAHAM A. a doctor.


 He is buried in Belvidere, NJ.  Was born 9/9/1806.  Died 12/5/1884.  There are records to show that he married Elizabeth Koch in 1832 and her dates are given as 6/7/1813 – 12/7/1905.  They had children

JACOB  of Oxford


SAMUEL J. of Belvidere

(MRS.) MATILDA PITTINGER of Stewartsville

JOSEPH M.   of Brooklyn

GEORGE B. of Baltimore

(MRS.) EMMA F. OBERLY of Stewartsville.

 The writer would like to learn who was the father of this Philip Raub.  It may be Andrew Raub who married Catharine Butts.

William Mackellar Kern
Genealogical Rssecords

William M. Kern
237 Franklin Avenue
Grantwood, New Jersey

The following was added by family after 1930.

ERASTUS VAUGHAN RAUB Born March 28, 1834  Died Feb. 17, 1917.  Married Macrina Linaberry Brands Nov. 13, 1858, Born July 3, 1838.  Died May 22, 1926.

Their children:

Daniel Brands Raub  Born Aug. 14, 1859.  Died Oct. 17, 1936, married Lydia Caroline Schilling, born Jan. 18, 1869.  Died Nov. 26, 1948.  Daniel Brands Raub’s first marriage was to Mary Sonnekalb, died March 18, 1890, 30 years, 8 months, 22 days.  They had a son Pern D. Raub who died July 23, 1890, 4 months 14 days.

Mary Catherine Raub Born June 10, 1861.  Died April 5, 1939.  Married John Hill.

Michael Elmer Raub  Born Sept. 30, 1863, died April 20, 1934, married Fanny Divers.

Anna Bell Raub   Born Jan. 2, 1866, died in 1900 in her 34th year.  Married a Mr. Green.

Sally Johnson Raub Born July 26, 1868.  Died April 24, 1931.  Married Everett Dean who died May 21, 1928.

Albert E. Raub   Born Sept. 20, 1872, died Aug. 27, 1938.  Married Lily Van Auken

Carrie Dell Raub   Born July 30, 1875.  Died.  (She died around 1961.)  Married John R. Wildrick.

Lizzie Letitia Raub   Born Dec. 24, 1878, died March 10, 1964.  Married Milton Mott.

DANIEL BRANDS RAUB Born Aug. 14, 1859, died Oct. 17, 1936.  Lydia Caroline Schilling, his wife, born Jan. 18, 1869; died Nov. 26, 1948.  Married Feb. 3, 1892.

Their children:

Lydia died third day of life.

Laura born June 17, 1897 died Jan. 3, 1932.  Married Harvey Beyer 5/15/1918.  Had a boy and a girl still born.  Later divorced – married Donald Sassaman Nov. 27, 1931.  No issue.

Paul Erastus born May 5, 1899, died July 20, 1899.

George Michael born June 2, 1900, died April 28, 1901.

Daniel Willard born June 30, 1903, died April 24, 1972.  Married Anna Gegenheimer Oct. 10, 1931, born 1/9/04.  Anna died July 15, 1967.  No children.

Gladys Irene  Born June 18, 1905, died Oct. 31, 1989.  Married Raymond Hetzel Oct. 9, 1926 – divorced.  Married Barney I. Krueger Nov. 26, 1952, died Jan. 23, 1963.  Children:  Carol Laura Hetzel Baye born Dec. 4, 1927, Doris Ann Hetzel Sobin born Jan. 20, 1931.

Edwin Albert Raub  Born June 13, 1908, died Jan. 8, 1983.  Married Helen Varga on Oct. 6, 1934.  Helen was born 1/16/1911, died 11/13/1993.


Mary Hill’s children – Olive, Wilbur and Elmer

Michael Raub – no children

Sally Dean’s children – Arthur and Frank

Albert Raub – one still born girl

Carrie Wildrick’s children – Roland, Marjorie and John, Jr.

Lizzie Mott – one still born girl – adopted Howard Kishpaugh

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