Preface to the Index for Beers' Warren Co NJ Maps

23 June 2003

Index to "County Atlas of Warren New Jersey" by F W Beers in 1874

Reprinted 1976 by the White Township Bicentennial Committee
Reprinted 1983 by Genealogical Researchers
Reprinted 1994 by Warren County Historical Society

NOTE - This index was created from the 1994 reprint.  The references
in this index may or may not apply to the other reprints.

Copyright (c) 2003 by everyone on the list at the end of this preface.
This index is freely distributable as long as it is not for profit.
Non-profit organizations may distribute this index for compensation
covering their costs.


The atlas pages that are indexed are numbers 12 through 55.  There are
two separate indexes.  One index contains all individuals appearing on
the maps.  The other index contains everything except individuals.

The format of a reference for an individual in the index is:
LastName, FirstName MiddleName Title
LastName and FirstName are always present.  MiddleName and Title may or
may not be present.  Anytime a FirstName is unknown there appears six
dashes (------) instead.  The name in the index is always spelled like
it is on the associated map.  There are times when all that is shown on
the map are initials.  We show this in the index in the same manner.

The reference notation goes as such:
The first two characters are always the page number.  When there are
multiple maps on one page (e.g., page 19) then the name of the map is
also part of the reference.  For maps which are divided into districts
(e.g., page 16) a further notation of "Dist No" is used.  The district
number indicates which district on the map the name appears in.  For maps
which take up an entire page and are not divided into districts (e.g.,
page 23) a further notation of UL, LL, UR, and LR is used.  This notation
indicates which quadrant (Upper Left, Lower Left, Upper Right, and Lower
Right) of the map the name appears in.

If a reference is followed by a number enclosed within parentheses this
indicates the number of times this name appears with this exact reference.

There are a few instances where reference entries are not pictured on the
associated map (e.g., pages 22-23 where the two pages were put together
incorrectly by the binder).  These instances are so noted in the index.

If the letters in a name are not able to be read clearly then a question
mark (?) will appear in the reference.

Report any errors or ommisions you may find to anyone on the list below.

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