This letter was written to my grandmother, Lydia Schilling Raub, by my grandfather's sister, Carrie Dell Raub.  Carrie would later marry John Wildrick.

        The "new daughter" Carrie refers to was my father's oldest sister, Laura, born 17 June, 1897.  "Lizzie" was Carrie's and Daniel's sister Lizzie Letitia, who married Milton Mott.

        Carrie writes of "going down to Sallie's"..."to stay awhile."  Sallie was her sister Sallie Johnson Raub, who married Everett Dean.  I believe that by 1897, Sallie and Everett lived in Delaware, NJ...not all that far from Vail!

        I find Carrie's mention of a "surplus of teachers" interesting.  A hundred years earlier, most of the family wills were signed by an "X"; how far these people had come in that time!


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