Street Work

Contributed by Craig Hoffman


Craig has no information at all about this photo.
We're hoping one of you will recognize the house.

      Craig has heard from David Tyler, a current resident of Bloomsbury, who had this to say:

"The house in the picture labeled "Street Work" appears to be the house that is on the corner of Church & Main Streets in Bloomsbury.  This is across the street from the school and next to the church.  I live up the hill on Rt. 579 and drive by this area every day.

" I think they are excavating the streets to reduce the grade.  If you look at the far left in the photo the men are standing about 6 feet higher than the guys in the center.  In the area near the center where the guy is by the rocks, there is now a second set of steps.  There is a photo at the PNC bank in Bloomsbury that shows some work like this being done one block down the hill.  It could be from the same time.  If you look at the height of the ground at the cemetery, you can tell they cut the road down to lessen the grade."

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