Slave Births, 1804 - 1833
The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey
Vol. 54, Nos. 2/3, May/Sept. 1979

        "The New Jersey Assembly in 1804 passed an act to gradually abolish slavery within the state.  The act provided that every child born of a slave after the fourth of July of that year was to be free, but should remain the servant of the owner of the mother, as if bound out by the Overseer of the Poor, until the age of twenty-five years, if a male, or twenty-one years, if a female.  All slave births were to be recorded by the county clerk."
        The records below were copies from a manual which is part of the county clerk's files in Newton, NJ.
  "The following births were accidentally laid among the certificates of marriages, therefore was not found in time to be Entered in their proper places.      Green Clk." "End of those noted on the preceeding page as not recorded in their proper place.      Green Clk.
  The above appears by an endorsement made by Francis Donlevy to have been brought to him on the 2 Sept. 1822 and laid in his hands until this day 3 July 1825.           Green Clk."

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