Sussex County Marriages by Nicholas Albertson, J.P., 1773-1804

The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey
Volume XXIV, January 1949, Number 1
contribued by Oliver D. Drake

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July 26th 1777 this Day my Boat was taken away from me By John Conley, Lieut. for General Washentons armey to Cross the River Delaware By the Command of Abrm. Labar, Colln.

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1773 June 9th this Day Married Richd Mountain & Rachel Quick at the House of Elenor Robeson in Knolton.
September 7th this Day married Cornelius Bougard and Caterin Westfall in the House of Nath: Westfalls in Knolton.
Oct: 12th Married John Whitenack & Rachel Hutcheson at my House
1774 feby 22th Married Adam Array Jur and Caty a Black garl Brought up By Mr. Thomas Blair of Knowlton Sussex County New Jersey
April 26th 1774 Married Jacob Larew and Mary Fortuner at my House
April 17th: 1774 Married John Hutcheson and Jane More
Sept 13th: 1774 Married John Lemon to Elizebeth Tidman Both of Oxford at the House of George Tidman in oxford
Sept 14th: 1774 Married James Consoley Jur to Hester Casebean Both of Knowlton at the House of James Consoley Ser in Knowlton
November 29th 1774 Married Christopher Lefler and Margret Angil at the house of Jo: angil in Kowlton
Jany 24th 1775 Married James Fortuner and Elizabeth Dunfield Both of Knowlton at the House of Benj: fortuner
Feby 23th: 1775 Married John Rice and Margret Kitchen Both of oxford at the widow Kitchens
May 9th 1775 Married John Miller and Susanah Goodwin at the House of Wm: Goodwin in Knowlton
Augt: 24th: 1775 Married James Simpson and Mary Vinsickel at the house of Jno: Vansickel in oxford
November 21th: 1775 Married Ralph Hunt and Mary Vansickel at the House of Rhinar Vansickel in oxford
December 4th: 1775 Married David Batteran and Mary Hunt at my house

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More marriage records, all recorded in the regular "Sussex County Marriages" volumes, appear on this page.  In some cases the residence of the bride and/or groom is given in the original but has been omitted in the recording.  There are also a number of variations in spelling.  Comments in parentheses are those of Oliver D. Drake.
June 30, 1807, Joseph Graham of Knowlton to Cathrenah Pirce of Hardwick
Andrew Adams of Knownton to Elizabeth Cummins of same
Aug. 2, 1807, John Lance to Elenor Morden both of Knowlton
Henry rett to Ruth Drake, both of Pennsylvania (not recorded)

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Feb. 25, 1800 Philip Cool to Janna Dodger (recorded: "Joanna Loder").
May 4, 1800 Daniel Sherman to Ellisbath (blank. Recorded: "Daniel Shannon to Elizabeth Ribble")
Oct. 6, 1805 Daniel Swayzey's son to Annah Swayze ("son" omitted in recording)
Dec. 18, 1806 Jacob Tor to Mary Person (Recorded: "James Jacob Fox")

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1797-1799          1800 - 1802
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