Egberts Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery
Mt. Bethel, Mansfield, Warren County, NJ
from the collection of Beulah Gangaware

Special thanks to Albert Hosbach for sending me this list for use on my web site.

The following information should help explain why some of these names are duplicated in the listing for Mt. Bethel Cemetery:

                        The names in the Egbert Cemetery and Mt. Bethel Cemeteries I believe are a combination
               of both cemeteries. In a booklet of  The 155th Anniversary of the Mt. Bethel Church,
               Sunday August 9, 1964, it says:
                        "From 1899-1901, William Aten was pastor. Then a much needed improvement was made.
               For nearly a century an old stone row, some 12 to 14 feet wide lay along the side of the
               old graveyard 300 feet or more. This had grown up with hedge and presented a view
               which was not pleasing to the eye. So it was decided to bury it. Every day for a month
               or so they worked to bury it. Though the stone row was buried unfortunately all the
               graveyard animosities were not buried with it. Before this there had been 2 additions to
               the old graveyard and in order that they might have the grounds well kept, the majority
               of the Trustees decided to stake out the new part of the graveyard back of the church
               and sell lots to those who were not regular supporters of it. 1 or 2 objected and with
               others, mostly those who had no connection with the church, they got Mr. Fordyce to
               deed them 2 acres of ground adjoining the church, on the south, and then organized
               what is called the 'Free Graveyard Association' and now there is the burden upon the
               community of keeping up the graveyard enough for a large part of Warren County."

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