A Sampling of Odds and Ends from the
Warren Journal
Belvidere, Warren County, New Jersey
1848 and 1849

Note:  "Inst." means "instant", and refers to the current month.
"Ult." means "ultimo", which means "in the last month."

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March 21, 1848

    Abraham Reed, an unoffending youth of 20 years, was stabbed in the cheek with a dirk knife on Tuesday evening, by a young rowdy named Dover, while returning from a Methodist meeting in the village of Cohocksink.  Dover had insulted him repeatedly at the meeting, and upon being remonstrated with by a friend of Reed on the way home, inflicted the fatal wound and fled.  The knife penetrated through the right side of the face to the jugular vein.

    GOT A DIVORCE.--Mrs. Hare has got a divorce from her husband, Martin Hare, who it will be recollected, some time since, eloped from New York, with a Miss Fox.

April 18, 1848
        The subscriber requests all persons indebted to him, to call and arrange their accounts without delay.  Having recently had his stock of goods destroyed by fire, all will see the propriety of this call, and the justice of promptly attending to it.
                                                            DANIEL W. KLEINHANS
Belvidere, March 28, 1848
        I DO hereby forewarn all persons whatever from plowing, sowing or planting anything on that end of my place, where Peter E. Kenney now lives, without my consent.  I shall hold them as trespassers, and prosecute them as such after this date.
                                                                   WILLIAM KENNEY
April 1, 1848
        LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Hope, N.J., March 31, 1848:
Samuel G. Howell.  Sarah A. Cook.  Isaac Young.  John C. Curtis.  Simeon Cook.  Lewis Smith.  Nelson Decker.  Isaac Person.  Margaretta Suria.  Jonas Poyer, sen.  Isaac Carls.  Richard Poyer.  John Cornway.  Nathan Stinson.  Jacob Swick.  Daniel F. Shultz.  Abraham Swisher.  Bartile Larow.  Jesse Berry.  Daniel Ford.  Leonard Poyer.  Manuel Stone.  Isaac Case.  Thomas Grovendyke.  Richard Pawyer.  David Shipman.  Samuel Tinsman.  Samuel Shotwell.  Nicholas Albertson, sen.  Elijah Falkner.  Joseph Comax.  Isabella Walker.  Anthony Swayze.  Daniel B. Brands.  Joseph Ballinger.  Peter Cummins.
                                                                                 P. W. BLAIR, Post Master

May 2, 1848

    DEATH BY HYDROPHOBIA.--A daughter of Mr. Jacob Brown, of South Easton, aged five years, died on Sunday the 23d ult., of this terrible disease.  She had been bitten by a rabbid (sic) dog about six weeks ago.  We learn that a similar death occurred at Stroudsburg a short time since.  We see by the papers that mad dogs have appeared in several of the neighboring towns, and we would suggest that our Town Council adopt precautionary measures here.  The safety of the community, in this respect, demands that something should be done without delay.

July 4, 1848

MORE COPPER IN PAHAQUARRY--Gen. James S. Hunt, who has recently returned from a geological tour to Missouri, has just discovered a new copper mine in Pahaquarry, in this county.  It is located near the residence of Samuel Shoemaker, Esq., and in the vicinity of the mines already opened by the Alleghany Company.  The ore, a fine specimen of which has been left at our office, is of the best and richest quality, yielding about 80 per cent, of pure copper.  We understand that the vein is large, and promises to be very productive.
        The attention of men of capital and enterprize has for some time past been directed to the copper mining operations in Pahaquarry, and we learn that a large amount of capital has already been invested in the business, with a prospect of full success.  It is conceded on all hands, we believe, that the ore of this region is excelled by no other.  It is of the purest quality, and is found in great abundance.  Those disposed to embark in this business, could not, therefore, find a more desirable opening, and one which would be more likely to meet their expectations, than the Pahaquary Mines.

August 22, 1848

        A locomotive on the railway from Dover to Morristown, one dark night last week, run down a horse and wagon left to occupy the track by the owner opposite J. M. Losey's store.  Of course the poor animal was killed and the wagon destroyed.  The people in the mountains are not used to rail-roads yet.

October 12, 1848


        After a great deal of solicitation on the part of many of my friends, I have, at last, consented to their request.  I therefore take this occasion to announce to my friends, throughout the county, my determination to offer my name as one of the candidates to be supported at the next election for one of the members of the General Assembly, to be represented from said county.  By this notice my friends and the voters will see that I am fully in the field to be tried.
                                                                    JOHN ANDREWS
Franklin Township, Oct. 10, 1848

October 19, 1848


    The Methodist Episcopal Church, heretofore known as Green's Chapel, in Knowlton, Warren county, having been recently rebuilt, will be dedicated to the worship of Almighty God, on Saturday, the 21st inst.  The dedicatory sermon will be preached at 10 o'clock, by Rev. Bishop JANES.
                                                                                                                J. S. SWAIM, Pastor
Hope, Oct. 9, 1848

November 19, 1848

Is our agent for collecting Accounts due this Office, and for procuring subscribers to this paper.  He is now traveling in the county.

May 10, 1849
        Would like to announce to the public that he has opened a room in the building adjoining Peter Kleinhans' store for the purpose of taking Daguerrotype Likenesses.  Persons wishing likenesses of themselves or friends are invited to call and examine his specimens.
        Pictures taken in fair or cloudy weaher, single or in groups, put up in neat and substantial cares, warranted perfect likenesses and not to fade.
                                                                                            Belvidere, May 10, 1849

June 14, 1849
        The subscriber, Executor of the last will and testament of William Lomerson, dec'd, will sell at Public Vendue, at the late residence of the deceased, in the township of Washington, on THURSDAY, 21st of JUNE, inst. the Personal Property of said deceased, consisting of
Horses,   Cattle,   Hogs,
Two large Waggons, two small Carriages, double and single Harness, and Farming Utensils of various kinds, and Household and Kitchen Furniture, consisting of Beds, Bedding, &c.  Green Grain in the ground, and a quantity by the bushel, lot of Hay, long straw, a lot of Clover Seed, besides many other articles too numerous to mention.  Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A.M. when the conditions of the sale will be made known.
                            B. FRITTS,
June 14, 1849               Executor

June 21, 1849


        The new House of Worship erected at Oxford Furnace, in connection with the Presbyterian Church of Oxford, will be opened for the worship of God, on the afternoon of Sabbath the 24th inst.  The Rev. Dr. Lillie will preach in the afternoon at 3 o'clock; and the Rev. Mr. Clark in the evening as a quarter before 8.
        A collection will be made to aid in liquidating a debt contracted in the erection of the building.
Laying of the Corner Stone
        The Corner Stone of a new M. E. Church at Belvidere, will by Divine Permission be laid on the 4th of July, by the Rev. D. W. BARTINE, of Burlington, assisted by the Rev. G. S. Vancleve, of Hope, and the Rev. Wm. P. Corbit, of Hackettstown.  Services to commence at 2 o'clock, P.M.  The Public are cordially invited to attend.
                                                                                                D. GRAVES

August 9, 1849

        The Bucks County Almshouse.--We learn from the Doylestown Intelligencer, that up to Monday, 12 o'clock, there had been 87 deaths by Cholera in that Institution, the Steward, Mr. Edwards, and one of his children being among the victims.
        There were 154 paupers in the establishment, at the time the disease made its appearance, some fifty of whom are still remaining.  Several left the premises through fright.  Of some six or ten, who were still down with the disease, several have since died.
        We learn from the same source, that the bad condition of the Institution, and the inefficiency of the Directorship, are freely commented upon.--Easton Sentinel.

September 13, 1849


Having concluded to continue the practice of Medicine, respectfully offers his services to the public.  He will be found at the residence of E. H. Swayze, Esq., Swayze's Mills.
    September 13, 1849

October 11, 1849

FORFEITURE OF CITIZENSHIP--Mary Ann Richardson alias Mary Ann Gladden, the free mulatto woman who was arranged before the Mayor's Court on the 8th of September, on the charge of having forfeited the right of citizenship because she had voluntarily visited the city of Philadelphia, in a non-slaveholding state, was yesterday again brought before the Mayor, and required to leave the State with 10 days, under severe pains and penalties.  Margaret Baty joined Mary Ann in a bond for $100, condition that she (Mary Ann Gladden) should leave the State within the space of ten days never to return.--Richmond Times.

November 15, 1849


    The subscriber has removed his LAW OFFICE to the Office formerly occupied by Wm. C. Morris, Esq., one door above the Belvidere Bank.
                                                                        J. G. SHIPMAN
    Belvidere, N.J. Nov. 15, 1849


    Lost on the 10th inst. between Buttsville and the Court House in Belvidere, a Bead Purse, containing a $5 bill.  Whoever will return the same shall be liberally rewarded for their trouble.
                                                                                                    EMELINE OSBORN
                                                                                                  Daughter of David Osborn

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