A Sampling of Odds and Ends from the
Warren Journal
Belvidere, Warren County, NJ
1850 and 1851

Note:  "Inst." means "instant", and refers to the current month.
"Ult." means "ultimo", which means "in the last month."

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January 10, 1850
Settlement Notice
        All persons indebted to the late firm of Seiple & Reese, or to the subscriber, are respectfully requested to call upon Charles Reese, at the Easton Delaware Bridge, N.J., and settle without delay.
                                                                                                    LEWIS C. REESE
        January 10, 1850

February 7, 1850
Dr. J. V. Mattison,
Would announce to his friends and public that he has permanently located himself at WASHINGTON, Warren County, N.J.

May 16, 1850

Administrator's Sale.  Will be sold at Public Vendue on Thursday the 16th inst., at 12 o'clock, M., at the late residence of James I. Browne, dec'd. all the PERSONAL PROPERTY of said deceased, consisting of Feather Beds, Chairs, Tables, Looking Glasses, Bureaus, Sofas, Carpeting, Stoves, 1 Cow, Bedsteads, Crockery, lot of Books, Pots, Kettles, &c., together with a great variety of Household and Kitchen furniture unnecessary to enumerate.
Conditions made known on the day of sale, by
                                                                                        P. B. KENNEDY, Adm.
Belvidere May 14, 1850

June 3, 1850
An Owner Wanted
For a BULL in the Belvidere Pound.  He is about three years old, and of mouse color.  The owner is requested to call and take him away.
                                                                                    JACOB SYDAM
    June 6, 1850                                                                                        Pound Keeper

June 27, 1850
Take Fair Notice!
        We the subscribers, forbid all persons from hunting or fishing on our premises, under penalty of the law.
 Paul Fairclow,
Jacob J. Pace,
Wm. Drake,
Robert S. Vansyckle
        Oxford, June 27, 1850
        The Subscriber has taken the above named Hotel, on the North side of the Pequest, former occupied by D. F. Winter, Esq.  He has put it in thorough repair, and made several improvements in the internal arrangements, which now render it one of the most convenient Hotels in the town.  He is determined to spare no pains to make all the accommodations of his house inferior to none in the county.  His stabling and sheds are new and the most extensive in the place.
        He respectfully solicits the patronage of his friends and the public generally, feeling confident that he will be able to give them entire satisfaction.
                                                                                    JOHN LINN
        Belvidere, July 26, 1849.

September 19, 1850
        In pursuance to the notice of the Chariman of the democratic standing Committee of the county, the democratic voters of the town of Belvidere, assembled at the Court House on Saturday, the 14th inst., to elect delegates to the Gubernatorial and Congressional Conventions.
        On the motion of G. W. Clason, Henry McMiller was appointed chairman, and on the motion of David Kleinhans, Lewis C. Reese was appointed Secretary.  The meeting came to order, and the Chairman made known the object of the meeting, whereupon G. W. Clason nominated Ely Moore as a delegate to the Gubanatorial Convention, and W. R. Sharp nominated P. B. Kennedy as a delegate to said Gubanatorial Convention.
        A motion was made by G. W. Clason that the delegate to said Convention be instructed, which motion was put and decided in the affirmative.  A motion was made by G. W. Clason, that the delegate to said Convention be instructed to cast his vote for John Casseed [sic] as the first choice, which motion was put, there being six votes in the negative and seven in the affirmative, it was declared that the delegate be instructed to cast his vote for John Cassedy as the first choice of the meeting.  The meeting adjourned for a short time to prepare ballots.  The voters being ready to cast their ballots, the meeting proceeded to ballot; the ballots being counted it was found that P. B. Kennedy received nine votes and E. Moore five votes.  P. B. Kennedy was declared the choice of the meeting.
        On the motion of G. W. Clason, Ely Moore was appointed P. B. Kennedy's alternate.
        On motion of G. W. Clason, Isaac Norton was appointed a delegate to attend the Congressional Convention.
        On motion of G. W. Clason, said delegate was instructed to cast his vote for Isaac Wildrick's renomination.
        On motion of L. C. Reese, Wm. R. Sharp was appointed Isaac Norton's alternate.
        On motion of G. W. Clason, Wm. R. Sharp was instructed to cast his vote for the renomination of Isaac Wildrick.
        On motion of G. W. Clason, the proceedings of this meeting were ordered to be signed by the officers of this meeting and published in the Warren Journal.
                                                                                                            H. McMiller, Ch'n
Sept. 14th 1850                                                        L. C. Reese, Sec'y

OXFORD:  George Titman, Peter Hopler, Philip Shoemaker.
KNOWLTON:  George Hiles, William A. Johnson.
WASHINGTON:  James H. Groff, Lewis H. Martenus.
MANSFIELD:  Robert C. Caskey, Naham Stiger.
HARMONY:  A. O. Stiles, Joseph Koch, Col. James Davison.
FRANKLIN:  Benjamin Fritts, Esq., Dr. Alfred Gale.

        The following are the delegates to the Hackettstown Convention, from this county, as far as received.
BELVIDERE:  Isaac H. Norton.
OXFORD:  William McTier, Simon Wyckoff, John Hixon.
WASHINGTON:  William W. Strader, Barney Whitmore.
MANSFIELD:  William Gardner, William Johnson.
FRANKLIN:  Kitchen Hartpence, William Winter, Esq.

October 3, 1850
Remaining in the Post Office at Belvidere for the Quarter ending Sept. 30, 1850:  Brands, Mrs. Catharine A.  *  Bird, Mrs. Mary.  *  Barrass, Rev. Edward.  *  Brown, Moses.  *  Conover, Aaron.  *  Carter, Joseph.  *  Crosby, Jr. A. S.  *  Carlyle, Thomas R.  *  Dunfield, Sophia.  *  Demon, John.  *  Engle, Miss Lette.  *  Emery, Mrs. Mary.  *  Foster, David L.  *  Green, Augustus.  *  Green, Hosea.  *  Hulsizer, Mary Ellen.  *  Hildebrand, Conrad.  *  Hewlett, S. M. 2.  *  Huselton, Henry 2.  *  Henry, Mrs. Jane.  *  Orbson, Mrs. Sarah.  *  Price, Jorg D.  *  Ross, Thomas.  *  Rush, Peter.  *  Sifers, William.  *  Shaw, George H.  *  Smith, John R.  *  Vansyckle, Jr.  John.
        Persons calling for the above will please say advertised.
                                                                                                        I. HARRIS M. P.

October 10, 1850

To those who owe me!

    I should like to settle with all of my old patrons and customers before I leave New Jersey.  If they feel disposed to gratify me in this particular, they will please call in the course of two weeks, as I intend to leave about that time.
                                                                                G. W. CLASON
Belvidere, October 9, 1850
        In pursuance to an act to enable the owners of swamp or meadow ground to drain the same, we hereby give notice, that the surveyors of the highway, and chosen freeholders of the township of Hardwick, county of Warren, State of New Jersey, will meet at the house of David Read, in said township
On Tuesday, the 15th of October, inst.
at ten o'clock of said day, for the purpose of viewing, and if they see proper, to lay out a ditch or water course, for the purpose of draining the swamp commonly called the long swamp, now in  possession of David Read, and Isaac R. Konkle; which ditch or water course, it is supposed will pass thrugh the lands of Gilliam D. Demorest, William R. Hill and others.
        All persons interested are invited to attend on that day to hear what may be said for or against the same.
                                                                                            DAVID READ
        Sept. 30th 1850

November 28, 1850
        Notice:--The subscriber takes this method of informing all those indebeted to him on book, note, bond, or otherwise, that unless they shall pay up by the first of April next, they will be left in the hands of the proper persons for collection.
Oxford, Nov. 21, 1850                                                             Geo. Kiser
Church Dedication
        The new Presbyterian Church of Stewartsville will be dedicated to the worship of God, on Tuesday, the 10th of December.  Services to commence at 11 o'clock, A.M.
        The order of exercises will be as follows:
1.  Anthem by the choir.
2.  Invocation by the pastor.
3.  Reading of Scriptures by Rev. D. Y. Junkin, D. D.
4.  Hymn.
5.  Prayer by Rev. John M'Cron.
6.  Dedication Hymn, composed by Mrs. Gray.
7.  Sermon by Rev. John Gray, D. D.
8.  Dedication Prayer by Rev. John Skinner, D. D.
9.  Collection
10.  Doxology.
11.  Benediction by Rev. J. J. Carrol.
        Preaching in the evening at 6 o'clock.

December 5, 1850
        NOTICE is hereby given, to all persons interested, that
William Riddle, Administrator of Christiann Scovy, dec.,
David W. Boyor, Executor of Wm. Andrews, dec.,
Daniel Pittenger, Administrator of Jasper Groover, dec.
William T. Green, Administrator of George Green, dec.,
Elijah Allen and Joseph M. Mackey, Administrators of Jacob Petty, dec.,
Peter & Godfrey Kline, Executors of William Kline, dec.--first account,
Peter Kline, Guardian of John R. Kline,
Euphemia O. Thompson, Executrix of Albert Thompson, dec.,
Isaac Young and John Chamberlain, acting Executors of William Chamberlain, dec.,
        Intend to exhibit their respective accounts to the Judges of the Orphan's Court of the County of Warren, on Friday the 28th day of Feb. next, for final settlement and allowance.
                                                                                        LEWIS C. REESE, Surrogate
        Nov. 26, 1850

December 26, 1850

NOTICE is hereby given that application will be made to the Legislature of New Jersey at its next session to form the townships of Bethlehem and Alexandria in the county of Hunterdon, and the townships of Franklin and Greenwich in the county of Warren, into a new county, to be called the county of Musconetcong.
                                                                               November 1850.

January 16, 1851

Dedication:--The Basement of the New Methodist Episcopal Church in this town, will by divine permission, be opened for the worship of God, on Thursday, 23d inst.  Rev. Wm. P. Corbit, of Hackettstown, is expectred to preach at 10 1-2 o'clock, A.M., and Rev. C. S. Vancleve, of Hope, at 7 o'clock in the evening.  A public collection will be taken up to assist the Trustees in completing this noble edifice.  The public generally are respectfully invited to attend.
                                                                                H. M. BROWN

February 20, 1851

        The first Fugutive Slave case that has occurred in Cincinnati was that of a female, who was tried on Tuesday.  It caused considerable excitement, but finally ended by the woman's expressing a desire to return with her master.  The point raised by the attorney for the slave, was, she was brought there by her master, and under law entitled to her freedom.

February 27, 1851

COURTS.--The several Courts of this County commenced their session on Tuesday, Judge Nevius presiding.  The following gentlemen compose the Grand Jury:  Henry Vanness  *  Daniel VanBuskirk  *  Peter M'Clow  *  John S. Robbins  *  Henry Gardner  *  Robert Davison  *  Charles Walker  *  Josiah Dewitt  *  Wm. Gardner  *  Jas. M. Roseberry  *  John Wyckoff Jr.  *  Simon F. Wyckoff  *  Joseph R. Dilts  *  Jacob M. Blair  *  Peter Shimer  *  Elijah Warne  *  Aaron Hendershot  *  John Schwander  *  Samuel Harden  *  Jesse Vliet  *  Ephraim Camp  *  Jacob Carr.
        The most important issues to be tried are Wm. M. Warne vs. Mansfield Presbyterian Church, and John Dew, Ex Dem., Able Weller, and others, vs. John Huff.  The object of the latter is to try the legality of the will of the late Able Hoff, of Harmony.

Run Away
        On the night of the 22d ult., an indented colored boy by the name of Edward McIntire, aged about 18 years.  Had on when he went away a brown cap, blue cloth coat, brown cloth vest, linsey pants and coarse boots.  All persons are warned not to harbor said boy, as the subscriber will inflict the severest penalty of the law upon every offender.
                                                                                            AARON B. MITCHELL
        Hackettstown, April 30th, 1851

May 22, 1851
An Ordinance
For the Prevention of Drunkenness in the town of Belvidere.
        Be it ordained by the Common Council of the Town of Belvidere, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That if any Innkeeper hereafter licensed by Council, shall sell, or knowingly permit to be sold, any Ardent Spirits or Fermented Liquor to any person or persons known to be an habitual drunkard, it shall be sufficient cause for revoking his license if established by the oath of one credible witness before the Council, and open notice being given to said Innkeeper to that effect.
        Enacted into Ordinance by Council this 30th day of April, 1851.
                                                                                                   P. B. KENNEDY, Mayor
A. B. Searls, Clerk.

July 10, 1851
        REMAINING in the Post Office at Belvidere, N. J., for the Quarter ending 30th June, 1851.
Allen, Andrew  *  Bryant, Jno. M.  *  Bunn, Matthias  *  Griffith, Wm. B.  *  Hixson, John  *  Hart, Effy Ann  *  Murphy, Catharine  *  Miller, Margaret  *  Osmun, Sen., John  *  Roth, Anoch  *  Shuster & Flock  *  Styres, Alexander  *  Vliet, Nelson  *  Winer, Henry  *  Weller, George  *  Bowman, Wm.  *  Banghart, Rev. Geo.  *  Cahill, Michael  *  Hubert, Harmer  *  Haferty, Chris't  *  Jay, S. S.  *  McTier, Wm.  *  Muriarty, Florence  *  Roe, Joseph  *  Swift, Wm. A.  *  Shoup, Ruth  *  Silverthorn, John  *  Welsh, John R.  *  Weller, John
                                                                                                I. HARRIS, P.M.

July 31, 1851

        A Large Meteoric Stone.--The Montrose (Pa.) *Democrat*, of the 17th inst., says a meteoric stone, weighing nearly or quite 200 lbs. was found a few days since on the farm of Mr. Newton in Springville.  It was deeply imbedded in the earth, and the turf of the ground was still fresh under it.  It had fallen through a tree, breaking the branches.

NOTICE:--Application will be made to the Legislature of the State of New Jersey at its next session, to annex all that part of the township of Frelinghuysen to the township of Hardwick, commencing at the Sussex line, near the Hardwick Church, then to take a South-western course to the corner of the Hope and Blairstown lines, or to some other line which will make an equitable division.
        Nov. 20th, 1851

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