A Sampling of Odds and Ends from the
Warren Journal
Belvidere, Warren County, NJ

Note:  "Inst." means "instant", and refers to the current month.
"Ult." means "ultimo", which means "in the last month."

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April 8, 1854

FIRE:  The store of Mr. Robert Pettit, at Rockville Centre was discovered to be on fire yesterday morning, about 4 o'clock, and was extinguished.  It was evidently the work of an incendiary, as a sheaf of straw partly burned was found standing by the part of the building on fire.  A few moments more and the building would have been leveled to the ground.

THE NEW CENT.--The proposed new Cent is to be of white metal, resembling silver in its appearance, with a round and slightly raised edge.  It is about 8 10ths of an inch in diameter, larger than a quarter eagle and less than a twenty five cent piece.  There is not to be any hole in the coin, as has been adjusted in some of the papers.  It may be readily distinguished we think from other coins of about the same size, and will be a very great convenience.

April 15, 1854

June 3, 1854


        A large number of good miners and laborers to work on the BIG TUNNEL and adjoining section of the WARREN RAIL ROAD.  Situate in a healthy and cultivated country 5 miles from Belvidere Warren Co., N.J.
        The highest wages and constant employment given.--Apply on the work to
                                                                        RUTTER & DUPUY Contractors
June 3, '54

June 10, 1854

INVENTIONS:  An experiment was tried recently by the New Jersey railroad and transportation company on the meadows west of Bergen hill.  Mail bags were changed while the trains were at a speed of 50 miles per hour.  One bag was placed upon a post, another was taken from it.  If this plan proves practicable, mails may be transported on express trains for way stations.
        A lately invented life preserver was experimented upon, a few days since, at the Conard Docks, Jersey City.  A stool is converted into a life-boat three feet long, and one foot wide, in an instant, by touching a spring on either side of the stool.  It is capable of supporting one or two persons.

July 1, 1854

July 15, 1854

        List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Washington, N.J. for the quarter ending June 30th 1854:  Edwin Woods  *  Edward Ashley, 2  *  Sarah Blauvelt  *  Rev. Penshoner or heirs  *  Robert Gurin  *  C. S. Rounds  *  Peter H. Ellis, 2  *  Francis J. Wily  *  Saml. Smith  *  J. C. White  *  Jacob P. Marlatt  *  Mathew Moone  *  Mrs. Rachel Past, 2  *  Rebecca Davis  *  Daniel Sowey  *  Rev. Pensioner or heirs  *  James H. Byers  *  Daniel Wolf  *  John Curry  *  Danl. Vanhorn  *  Rev. Pensioner or heirs  *  Capt. Yatus  *  Caroline Penae (Pehae?), 2  *  Derick Gulick  *  James A. Hearin, 2  *  George B. Hawk  *  Thomas Nee  *  John Shubart  *  Jonah W. Smith  *  Thos. Ewing  *  G. G. Harvey  *  John J. Doughty  *  Jacob Eaton, 2  *  Margaret Major  *  Mrs. Cramer  *  John Emmons  *  John Lyons  *  Mrs. Frederick C. Tanner  *  Mr. J. Stoan  *  Rebecca S. Froth  *  Isaac Smith  *  Mrs. Martha Z. Stewart  *  John S. Curtle  *  Messrs. Berry & Melick  *  Agustia Right  *  Elijah Travis  *  Jacob Erwin  *  Wm. Kinnsman  *  Robt. Vannatta  *  Luke Gahegan  *  Gerhard Nichols  *  Rev. Wm. Midwinter  *  Sarah Jane Benward  *  Daniel M. Polhamer  *  James Manacex  *  Wm. H. Putford  *  Miss Sally A. Stephens  *  Mrs. Mary S.  Paleter.
        Persons calling for the above will please say they are advertised.
                                                                                            Wm. L. CYPHERS, P.M.

July 22, 1854

A NEW CURE--A young lady of Philadelphia was cured of palpitation of the heart the other evening, by a young M. D., in the simplest and most natural way imaginable.--He merely held one of her hands in his, put his arm around her waist, and whispered something in her left ear.  He called it physical galvanism.

September 9, 1854

DEDICATION:  The New Meeting House of the Evangelical Association, near the Clinton Bridge of the C. R. Road of N. J. by  Divine permission, will be dedicated to the worship of Almighty God on Saturday the 23d of September.  Service will commence at 10 o'clock a.m.  Several ministers are expected to attend.
                                                                                            H. C. MAJOR
                                                                                                L. KELLY

September 30, 1854

Belvidere Bank

        A DIVIDEND OF FIVE PER CENT FOR THE last six months, will be paid to the Stockholders of the Belvidere Bank, on and after the second day of October next.
        By order of the board.
Sept. 18, 1854                                                                                                                            I. HARRIS, Cashier

November 18, 1854


        THE WARREN COUNTY Teachers Association held at Belvidere, October 26th 1854, after a discussion on the necessity of introducing a uniform series of School of the County, and the best Books to be introduced, unanimously
        RESOLVED  That the Teachers of this Association approve of the course taken by Mr. J. H. Hichok to introduce a uniformity of Books, into the schools of this County.  Also that we approve of the Books he is introducing, and recommend all Teachers and Patrons of Schools to aid him in establishing the desired uniformity.
                                                                    J. V. ROBBINS, Secretery
                                                                    J. B. WOODARD, President
Belvidere, Nov. 6, 1854

December 30, 1854

        The new Methodist Episcopal house of worship in this city, will be dedicated to the worship of God, on Sunday, January 7th 1855.  Services may be expected at 10-1/2 A.M. at 8 and at 6-1/2 P. M.  The exercised conducted by Bishop James of Mendham, and Rev. J. E. Shaw, of Newark.  The public are cordially invited to attend.
                                                                            GEORGE WINSOR, Pastor

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