A Sampling of Odds and Ends from the
Warren Journal
Belvidere, Warren County, NJ

Note:  "Inst." means "instant", and refers to the current month.
"Ult." means "ultimo", which means "in the last month."

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March 28, 1857


        To Mary Snyder, widow of Jacob Snyder, deceased, William Youman and Mary Ann Youman, Powell G. Snyder, Isaac Lanterman and Carolin Lanterman, his wife, Jehiel T. Snyder and John F. Snyder.
        You are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Orphans' Court, to be held at Belvidere in and for the county of Warren, on Tuesday the twenty-eighth day of April next, at ten o'clock, in the forenoon of that day, for the appointment of Commissioners to assign the said Mary Snyder, her dower in the lands of which her late husband Jacob Snyder, died seized, situated in the said county of Warren, state of New Jersey.
        Dated March 17, 1857                                                                AARON SNYDER

April 4, 1857


        NOTICE is hereby given that the firm of Shannon & Hutchison was this day dissolved by mutual consent.  The books of the firm are in the hands of J. B. Shannon for collection, and all persons indebted thereon will please settle immediately.
                                                                                JEREMY B. SHANNON
                                                                               ZACHARIAH HUTCHISON
        Belvidere, April 1, 1857



        Is hereby given that I will be in Belvidere on Wednesday of Court weeks, on the Fourth of July, and on the first Wednesday of every month with the above exceptions, to attend to any business connected with my office.
                                                                                            JOHN H. FLEMING
                                                                                Collector of the County of Warren
May 24, '56

April 11, 1857

        HOOP DE-DOODLE-DOO--We understand that there will be a new fashion on here this summer from Paris.  It is something in the way of wearing apparel for gentlemen, called hooped, unmentionables; which are "excruciatingly" cool for summer wear.  This fashion was invented by an ingenious Yankee, to protect Gentlemen's locomotors, while walking with the Ladies.  In the meantime we would advise all who ants the latest styles and the best made garments ready made or made to order, to visit PYLE'S EASTON HALL OF FASHION, opposite the old Easton Bank.  It is admitted by all, that he gets up the best garments for the least money of anyone in the trade in Easton.  His motto is large sales and small profits.  Don't forget the place, 4 doors above the Court House in Northampton at Easton, Pa.


April 25, 1857

        RAILROAD ACCIDENT.--A collision, we learn, occurred at Morristown on Thursday night about 12 o'clock, between a freight train on the Morris railroad and a train engaged in carrying stone.  The latter was a special train, and owing to the freight train being ahead of time was unable to get out of its way.  On seeing the freight train approach, the engineer of the stone train run back as far as it could, while those on the freight train also attempted to stop, but could not do so altogether.  They came together, and the collision resulted in the breaking of a cow catcher of one and the trucks of the other.  No persons were injured.--Trenton State Gazette.


NOTICE.--A dividend of 8 per cent on the Capital Stock of the Belvidere Manufacturing Company will be paid to the stockholders or their legal representatives at the office of the Treasurer on and after the 1st day of May next.  By order of the Directors.
        April 11, '57                                                                                            A. N. EASTON, Treas.

May 9, 1857
        Teachers are wanted immediately to take charge of the Public School, District No. 1, Belvidere.  Apply to:
        Belvidere, May 9th, 1857.

May 16, 1857

RAILROAD BRIDGE BURNED.--Loss $20,000.--The large bridge on the Central Railroad of New Jersey, at Bloomsbury, about seven miles from Easton, was destroyed by fire on Saturday night last.  A train of coal cars passed over it about 10 o'clock at night, and at half past 11 o'clock a woman residing near the western end of the bridge discovered it to be on fire near that end.  She immediately gave the alarm but the flames spread with great rapidity and the entire bridge was consumed.  It was an expensive structure, about six hundred and fifty feet in length, with four spans, heavily arched.  The loss will exceed twenty thousand dollars.  The piers and abutments were not insured.
        But little delay to passenger or freight cars will be caused by the accident, as arrangements have been perfected to run trains to each side of the bridge, occupying but a few moments to change passengers from one train to another.
        A large force of men will be put to work today to erect trestle work and lay a track upon it to used until the bridge is reconstructed.--This trestle work can most probably be completed for crossing, in the course of ten days and the bridge will be rebuilt with all possible haste.--Eastonian.

May 23, 1857


        In the late freshet a quantity of fence posts, rails and other lumber drifted on my farm.  The owner by proving property and paying charges may have the said property.
                                                                                                ANDREW MITCHELL
        Pahaquarry, May 22, 1857.



        A small lot of lumber came on my shore on the 3rd instant, at Robinson's Reef, in the township of Knowlton.  The lumber consisted principally of oak posts, and hemlock joist and scantling.
                                                                                                    Matthias Cummins
        May 23, 1857.

July 25, 1857

        GIRL IN MALE ATTIRE--Catherine Craw has been arrested in Oswego, for being clad in male attire.  Catharine has lived in Oswego now some six months in the employ of M. Jones, fruit dealer, as an errand boy, &e., and has been noted for her honesty, modesty, industry, and general good behavior.  She says she has been in male attire for three years, and assumed the dress in order to earn better wages than she could get as a girl, and she had succeeded in laying up a little money.  She is aged 19, and a dirk knife was found upon her person, which she says she carried to defend herself.



        From frequent solicitation, the undersigned has determined to offer himself to the next County Convention as a candidate for the office of Sheriff.  In doing this (while he thinks himself not altogether undeserving) he wishes it distinctly understood that he advances no claim against the decision of the Convention.  Firmly believing n the time honored sentiments of the Democratic party he will cordially acquiesce in any choice the party may make.  Relying in the political integrity of his fellow Democrats he takes this method of announcing himself as a candidate as he has neither time nor inclination to resort to the acts of the demagogue.  Should I be the choice of the convention it will be a matter both of pleasure and pride to discharge the duties of the office in a manner alike creditable to myself and the party.
                            Respectfully                        J. T. JOHNSTON.
        Washington, July 25, 1857



        The corner stone of the new M. E. Church "Taylor," Scott's Mountain, will be laid at 10-1/2 o'clock, A.M., on Wednesday, July 29th.  Eminent speakers will address the congregation.--Should the day prove unfavorable the services will be postponed until 10-1/2 A. M., the following day.  The public are respectfully invited to attend.
                                                                GEO. F. DICKINSON, Pastor
        July 18, 1857.

August 8, 1857

August 22, 1857

House and Lot for Sale

        The Subscriber offers his House and Lot for sale, situated in the town of Belvidere, opposite the Town Hall.  For terms enquire of George W. Tunis.
                                                                                MAHLON MASE
        Belvidere, August 22, 1857.


House and Lot for Sale

        The Subscriber offers her House and Lot at private sale, situated in the Town of Belvidere, two doors below Davis and Loder's Store.  For terms enquire on the premises.
                                                                                MARY COOK
        August 22, 1857.

September 12, 1857

A Farm at Public Sale

        The Subscriber will sell at Public Sale, on Thursday the 12th of November next, the property of John McConnell, deceased.  Said property is situated in the Township of Oxford County of Warren, containing 90 acres of land.  Improvements consist of a Frame House and Barn.  Conditions made known on the day of Sale, and attendance given by the heirs.
        Sept. 8th 1857.

September 26, 1857


        The Vendue notes given to the administrators of Jonah Turner, deceased, are now due.  Payment without delay, may be made to either of the undersigned at Hope.
                                                                    GEO. B. TURNER
                                                                    G. WOOLVERTON
        Hope, Sept. 19, 1857.

October 10, 1857

October 24, 1857

        NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That application will be made to the next Legislature of New Jersey, for an act confirming the action of the Trustees of the Mount Pleasant Lutheran and Methodist church property situated in Harmony tsp., N.J. to their transfer of said property to the Trustees of the Lower Harmony Methodist Episcopal Church.
        Oct. 24, 1857


        NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That application will be made to the next Legislature of New Jersey to enact a law authorizing the borrowing of money from any person or persons living in other states at the rate of seven per cent, per annum, for the purpose of carrying on business in the State.
        Oct. 2, 1857.

November 28, 1857

        NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That an application will be made to the next Legislature of New Jersey, to charter the Oxford Iron Company, with a capital of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.
        Oct. 24, 1857.

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