July 5, 2003

The Wedding of

Cecille Santos Herrera, M.D.
James Louis Reuther, M.D.

           On July 5, 2003, Cecille Santos Herrera, M.D., became the wife of my son, James Louis Reuther, M.D.  The Doctors Reuther have finished their residency programs in psychiatry at University of Texas at Houston and have begun their married lives in Vancouver, Washington.
        I am filled with joy that Cecille has become my daughter.  She is a warm, caring, compassionate, generous person, with a deep religious faith.  She has keen intelligence and a sense of humor that doesn't quit.  She's also a great cook who will spend an entire day preparing food for guests (see the pictures!).  My son is a lucky man; I am a lucky mother-in-law.

He appeared calm throughout, but he was so dazzled,
she had to remind him to kiss her at the end!

The hard part is over!

The ceremony was performed by
Sara Sheldon Sperrazza,
Niagara County (NY) Court Judge and Surrogate

They never stopped talking throughout their dance.

With Grandma Reuther

My son Scott posed proudly with his new sister.


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