First Methodist Episcopal Church 105th Anniversary
Blairstown, NJ

Society Officers

Sunday School

*Note these corrections from "Errata"--

F. G. Everitt
Asst. Supt. 
D. Brugler
Herman Wildrick
Asst. Secy.
F. A. Edgerton
E. Y. Willever
J. H. Martin
*Bessie Babbitt
Asst. Pianist 
Mrs. C. H. Bunnell
Supt. Cradle Roll & Primary Dept. 
Mrs. F. G. Everitt

        Teachers--Laura Messler, Mrs. A. L. Smith, Mrs.Frank Gordon, F. G. Everitt, D. Brugler, *Mrs. Chas. Bunnell.

*Note this correction from "Errata"--

        "Win One" Bible Class Officers--President, Mrs. Jos. Silvers; Vice Pres., *Dayton Brugler; Secreatry Mrs. S. Shuster; Treasurer, E. Y. Willever; Teacher, Wm. Burd.  Committees:  Social, Mrs. F. A. Edgerton; Missions, Mrs. H. Wildrick; Membership, Mrs. J. Edmonds; Flowers, Mrs. A. W. Luse.

*Note this correction from "Errata"--

        Home Department Officers--Superintendent, Wm. Burd; *Visitors:  Mrs. F. A. Edgerton, Mrs. S. Shuster, Mrs. A. W. Luse, Mrs. David VanCampen, Mrs. John Yeter, Mrs. John Edmonds, Mrs. E. Y. Willever.

        Missionary Society Officers--President, Mrs. Wm. Burd; Secy. and Treas., Bessie Babbitt.

Epworth League
Dayton Brugler
1st Vice Pres.
E. Y. Willever
2nd Vice Pres.
Mrs. E. Y. Willever
3rd Vice Pres.
Mrs. F. A. Edgerton
4th Vice Pres.
Hazel Willever
Theresa Smith
Financial Secretary
Hilda Matlock
F. G. Everitt
Hazel Willever
Asst. Pianist
Marjory Willever
Supt. Children's Church
Asst. Supt. C. C.
Hazel Willever

The Children's Church

        The Kingdom of God is coming in on a run and the children are in the lead.  This is their age.  The church has discovered its weak spot and like a giant has aroused from its slumbers for the next battle royal which will be to win the child for the kingdom.  We have a Children's Church.   Here the children of the church are being drilled upon the fundamentals of the religious and church life.  It is determined that the children of today, who shall be the leaders of the church of tomorrow, shall be more efficient than their fathers and mothers.  The response to our efforts here are beyond our fondest expectations and this department of our work is a mighty asset to our church.

The Knights of King Arthur

        This organization has a membership of a number of boys between 10 and 16 years of age.  The headquarters is in Michigan, from whence the pass word comes at intervals.  Chivalry and true manhood are the main motives of the order.  The order in general has grown very rapidly, until now it has about 3,000 members.  If your boy is between the ages referred to above you ought to encourage him to join.  The Officers are elected every three months.

President, Wm. Burd Secretary, F. A. Edgerton
1st Vice Pres., Herman Wildrick Treasurer, Floyd A. Burd
2nd Vice Pres., E. Y. Willever Chaplain, O. S. Everitt
3d. Vice Pres., Russel VanEtten Watchman, Charles Huff
4th Vice Pres., Andrew H. Hill Trustees, I. B. Bird, Jabez Quick
and E. Y. Willever
Pastor's Guild

        Mrs. J. H. Edmonds, Mrs. David VanCampen, Mrs. F. S. Gordon, Mrs. Abram L. Smith, Mrs. Henry Wildrick, Mrs. Jos. Silvers, Mrs. F. A. Edgerton, Mrs. J. A. Messler, Mrs. A. W. Luse, Mrs. Bertsall Smith, Mrs. Orville Larue.

Ladies' Aid Society

President, Mrs. T. H. Hartman Secretary, Mrs. E. Y. Willever
Vice Pres., Mrs. Chas. Bunnell Treasurer, Mrs. F. G. Everitt

Willing Workers' Society

President, Mrs. F. S. Gordon Secretary, Mrs. L. D. Babbitt
Vice Pres., Mrs. D. Brugler Treasurer, Mrs. V. Newbaker

Woman's Foreign Missionary Society

*Note this correction from "Errata"--

President, Mrs. Wm. Burd Secretary, Mrs. F. A. Edgerton
Vice Pres., *Mrs. Geo. Blackford Treasurer, Mrs. Andrew H. Hill
Purchasing Committee, Mrs. F. G. Everitt, 
Mrs. T. H. Hartman, Mrs. A. L. Smith
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