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      The information on the sites listed below is NOT primary source information.  Although I take care to proofread everything that I do, I make mistakes that I don't catch.  Much of this information is from lists typed by someone else; they also may have made mistakes.
        The only assurance you can have of 100% accuracy is to view the original records for yourself...and then hope that the original recorder was accurate!

      Beulah Gangaware, my source for most of the cemetery listings and other information on this site, died on February 18, 2002.  Her obituary is transcribed here.

        Al Hosbach, who acquired Beulah's collection, copied it, and sent it on to me, at his expense, died on June 24, 2003.  Al's obituary is transcribed here.


Baptisms of the Williams Township Congregation (Saucon, Easton), PA.

Baptisms from Salem Union Church, Gilbert, Monroe County, PA, transcribed by Pam Feit.

The Clove Dutch Reformed Church of Clove Valley is Wantage, Sussex County, NJ.  These baptisms cover the period from 1785 - 1818.

Baptisms in the First German and English Congregation, Knowlton can be found at Roger Gilbert's siteRoger also lists Baptisms at the Stillwater Presbyterian Church, some  marriage records from the Zion Lutheran Church at Oldwick, and burials at the  Harmony Hill Methodist Churchyard in Stillwater, NJ.

Here you'll find four pages of Baptisms of the Harmony Presbyterian Church from 1832 - 1881.

Some of my BRANDS,  BENSCOTER, COOL and QUICK cousins had their babies Baptized at  St. James Episcopal Church  Delaware, NJ.  There's also a list of funerals from this church.

Green's Bridge Methodist Church, Phillipsburg, Warren County, NJ.

Baptisms in three parishes by the Rev. William Frazier: St. Thomas Church of Alexandria Twsp., Hunterdon County, NJ, St. Andrews, Musconetcong.

St. James Lutheran Church (known as the "Straw" Church) is in Greenwich, Warren County, NJ.  There's a list of Baptisms, communicants (with some confirmations), funerals and marriages.

Baptisms from Lower Harmony Methodist Church, 1869 - 1900.

Greenwich Presbyterian Church, Greenwich, Warren County, NJ, a list of marriages.

Baptisms from Greenwich Presbyterian Church.

Smithfield Dutch Reformed Church, Smithfield, PA, was one of the original 4 churches of the Minisink.

Baptisms from the Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ, 1720 - 1832.

Baptisms from the Raritan Reformed Church, Somerville, NJ, 1699 - 1829.

Baptisms from the Second Presbyterian Church of Mansfield (Rockport).


Click here for Warren County Cemeteries that can be found on the net.

The Warren County Cultural and Heritage Commission has a listing of all the known cemeteries in Warren County.

John O'Brien has shared with us deaths listed in the Washington Star newspaper for 1941, 1954 and 1957The Washington Star is available on microfilm at the Warren County Public Library and Washington Borough Library, or from Rutgers through inter-library loan.

Northampton County, PA

"Find a Grave" is a web site that is undertaking to list cemeteries across the U.S.


Warren County, NJ, Index to Marriages, Volume 1

Marriages performed in Sussex County (before Warren County separated from it) from 1773-1804.

Marriages of the First Methodist Church, 2nd Street, Easton, Pennsylvania, 1836 - 1885.

Marriages in three parishes in Hunterdon County, by Rev. William Frazier.

Marriages in Green's Bridge Methodist Church, Phillipsburg, Warren County, 1880 to 1883.

Marriages in Harmony Presbyterian Church from 1832 to 1883.

Marriages in Lower Harmony Methodist Church from 1869 to 1933.

Marriages in the Reformed Dutch Church at Smithfield, Pennsylvania, 1745-1786.

Marriages of Stewartsville Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1855 - 1880.

A few Warren County Marriages.

Marriages recorded in Isaac Crisman's diary, 1805 to 1854.

Marriage records of First Church of Hanover, Morris County, 1746 - 1796.

Marriage records of the Second Presbyterian Church, Mansfield.

Pages from the records of Samuel Lanterman, one record from 1876, several pages from 1878.

Some marriages from St. James (Straw) Lutheran Church, Greenwich,  1780 - 1793, and 1850 - 1865.

Marriages from Williams Township Congregation (Saucon, Easton), PA, 1740 - 1760.

.....and More

Church records from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of StewartsvilleThe quality of this copy is extremely poor.

Some "interesting records" kept by Isaac Crisman from 1805 to 1854.

Excerpts from Rev. Muhlenberg's Journal, Greenwich

Colonial Naturalization List:  A complete list of the names of all persons who were naturalized during the Colonial period, compiled from Allinson’s Acts of the General Assembly.

West Jersey Tract DwellersMemorandum of applications made for purchasing & Leasing Farms divided and undivided in the West Jersey Society 1782 & 1783.

Warren County, New Jersey, 1931:  This was originally a 60-page book; it has been shortened a bit for use on the net, but all information regarding Warren County people, businesses and towns has been left in its entirety.  This book is from the collection of Bob Riddle.

There's some history of the Saucon Lutheran Church, Easton, PA, and St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Greenwich, NJ, contained in "Historic Easton; from the Window of a Trolley-Car," by William J. Heller, published in the Pennsylvania German magazine in 1911.

In 1916, the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Blairstown, celebrated it's 105th anniversary.  The program from that anniversary celebration is recreated here.

In 1911, Phillipsburg celebrated its Charter Jubilee.  Marilyn Souders has shared with us the program from that historic event.

The Centennial Celebration of the Presbyterian Church of Harmony, November 17-24, 1907, gives frustratingly small glimpses of some of the members of this church, and better data on the minsters of the church during the first century.

The 50th Anniversary Booklet of the Phillipsburg Presbyterian Church gives a history of the church and some of its founders and elders, and it lists church members as well as members of the choir, its elders and trustees, etc.

"Recollections of Baptistown" was a series of articles written for and published in the Hunterdon Independent, Frenchtown, N.J., 1893 - 1897.  An index for all the surnames in these articles can be found here.

John O'Brien's Quick Reference Guide to Warren County, NJ, resources.

The Warren Journal was published in Belvidere, Warren County, NJ.  I list here some marriages, deaths and odds and ends found from searching microfilms of the Journal.

Dennis Sutton has transcribed marriages and deaths in Hunterdon County from the Hunterdon Democrat,from 1838 to 1847, and from the Hunterdon County Democrat from 1848 to 1880.  Many of the folks in these newspapers have the same surnames as those in Warren and Sussex Counties.

In 1874, F. W. Beers & Co. published an Atlas of Warren County.  Each map shows the name of the person who lived in each place on the map!

Here is a list of members of the Green's Bridge Methodist Church, 1875 - 1884.

Membership of the Lower Harmony Methodist Church, which includes a few dates of death for members.

In the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, I found a list of 1773 - 1774  New Jersey Rateables.  I list here those names from Knowlton Township, then Sussex County, NJ.  For a list of all the towns which are now part of Sussex County, see Nancy Pascal's site when it becomes available again.

Marsha Smith has shared a list of delinquent taxpayers living in the Great Meadows/Dansville area of Warren County, 1789-1793.

Not everyone in New Jersey supported the idea of independence from England.  Those who did not were branded "Loyalists" and fled to Canada.  A list of some 48 Loyalists who arrived in Niagara, Upper Canada (now Ontario) in 1787 is shown here.

In New Jersey, beginning July 4, 1804, the birth of every child born of a slave was required to be recorded with the county, to begin the gradual abolishment of slavery in the state.  Included here is a list of those births in Warren and Sussex County.

A family Bible gives a list of births, marriages and deaths in the Vought and Howell families.

Membership roll of the Mansfield Woodhouse Presbyterian Church as of 1817.

Some post cards, one post marked as early as 1903, of scenes around Warren County.

Some more helpful links

More information about Warren County can be found here, and there's a link at the bottom of the page to the Warren County GenWeb page.

Nancy Pascal's site is an excellent resource for anyone searching New Jersey  for ancestors.  Here's hoping her glitches are soon a thing of the past, so her web site is available again.

For information about Newark, NJ,  Virtual Newark is a "don't miss" site.

My research into a state 400 miles from my home has been greatly assisted by the folks at the  Special Collections and University Archives at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.  At the bottom of the Special Collections linked page is an email address.  I wrote to them telling what I was looking for.  After they located the information, the sent me a request form, I sent a check, and in a week I had copies of the information I needed.

The New Jersey State Archivesare in Trenton.

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