Following is an alphabetical list of surnames on headstones in Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Jacksonburg, Warren County, NJ, which are subsumed within another surname.  Names in bold print are names which appear on the headstones.

Adams, J. W. [husband of Catharine S. Miller, widow of Wilson H. BALL]
Allen:  Edna Allen ARMSTRONG
Anderson, Sarah M. [wife of Elmer J. VOUGH]
Auble, Alice [wife of Floyd Smith]
Babbitt:  Lena V. Babbitt BAIR
Beck:  Mahala Beck DUTT
Beck, Sarah [wife of Peter MERICLE]
Bell, Stella A. [wife of A. Winfield LUSE]
Berthoff, Mary J. [wife of David R. NEWMAN]
Bird, J. A., wife of Harry H. Read
Blair, Dora E. [PERRY headstone]
Blazier, Margaret A. [wife of Calvan CRISMAN]
Brands, Annie E. [wife of Witfield J. WILDRICK]
Brewer, Wm. [erected stone for John W. & Matilda MILLS]
Bunnel, Mary Phebe [wife of W. S. SWEENEY]
Bunnie, Annie M. [wife of Robert BALDWIN]
Chandler, Emma [wife of John M. HILL]
Christian, Hanna [wife of Reuben GLASS]
Crisman, Maggie C. [wife of William W. GOUGER]
Crisman, Emma TEEL Crisman
Dickisson, Almira [wife of Franklin P. HUFF]
Englert, Lottie G. [wife of Abram R. LUSE]
Flock, Margaret A. [wife of Isaac F. READ]
France:  M. Katurah France AYLESWORTH
France, Mary H. [wife of Alexander TITMAN]
Freeman, Mary B. BOUTON
Gibbert, Harold G. [WILSON headstone]
Gibbs, Ella [wife of John E. VANKIRK]
Hoover, Georgia [wife of George L. VANSYCKLE]
Koenig, George S. [dau. of W. S. & Mary Pehbe Bunnel SWEENEY]
Haddey:  Stuart Haddey BAIGRIE
Hartman, Emma A. [wife of John M. KISHPAUGH]
Henry, Harriet L. [wife of Read SMITH]
Henry, Mary A. [SAVACOOL headstone]
Hill, Catharine [wife of David VANCAMPEN]
Hill, Elizabeth [wife of Abram K. WINTERMUTE]
Hill, Elizabeth J. [wife of Marchall H. CRISMAN]
Hill, Elmira J. [wife of Reuben H. VANAUKEN]
Hill, Florence V. [WILSON headstone]
Hill, Mary A. [wife of John FOX]
Howard, Mame Y. [YETTER headstone]
Howell, Ann L. [wife of John C. JOHNSON, M.D.]
Howell, Mary S. [wife of Martin PAINTER]
Hughes, Catherine [listed with Clark E. READ, "Mother"]
Hutchinson, Lillian [in TITMAN plot]
Jones, Mary E. [wife of George E. OSMUN]
Keen, Edith [SMITH headstone]
Kent, Mary [wife of Reuben GLASS]
Kern, Mary E. [wife of Samuel V. JOHNSTON]
Kinney, Mattie M. KEYSER
Knight, Annie E. [wife of James D. SWARTWONT]
Konkle, Catherine [listed with Henry C. and Mary Wilkdrick]
LaBar, U. Blair [in LUSE plot]
Lanning, Martha E. [wife of Isaac B. WINTERMUTE]
Leida:  Margaret [wife of Frank D. Brands]
Leport, Anna E. [wife of Abraham HILL]
Linaberry, Lulu [wife of John VANSYCKLE]
Maggia, Laura L. [wife of Jabez E. TITMAN]
Maines, A. Louisa [wife of Daniel S. MATIER]
Maines, Carrie L. [wife of William W. GOUGER]
Mann, Sarah E. [wife of Abram A. RICE]
McConachy: Martha J. McConachy BRANDS
McCracken, Gertrude [wife of Cleaveland SHUSTER]
McMurtrie, Lulu E. [wife of Anza LINABERRY]
Miller, Catharine S. [widow of Wilson H. BALL]
Newbaker: Sarah E. Newbaker REEDER
Newman, Elizabeth [wife of George O. THOMPSON]
Parr, Beatric [wife of Harry B. Read]
Parsons, Henrietta D. [wife of William C. HOWELL]
Ragen, Sarah C. [dau. of Samuel & Sarah COLE]
Raub, Anna Bell [wife of David H. GREEN]
Raub:  Catharine Raub BRANDS
Raub:  Sarah J. Raub DEAN
Read:  Brazilla Read TEAL
Read, Malinda [wife of Baltis TITMAN]
Read, Margaret A. [in LUSE plot]
Reeder, Alice E. [wife of Isaac READ]
Rice, Emeline [wife of Aaron L. LUSE]
Rosenkrans, Edith Wilson [WILSON headstone]
Rosenkrans, Martha A. [WILSON headstone}
Roy, Nellie J. [wife of Raymond SMITH]
Shafer, Catherine [wife of David G. RUTH]
Shuster, Cora E. [wife of Marcus E. RICE]
Siney, Anne M. [wife of Isaac E. Read]
Slack, Mary E. [wife of Marshall MACKEY]
Smith, Anna [wife of Elmer W. KISHPAUGH]
Smith:  Mary E. Smith VANAUKEN
Smith, Sarah A.  [wife of John V. ALLEN]
Snover, Ethel [wife of Charles J. JONES]
Snover, Ethel [wife of Clarance JONES]
Snover, Hannah Margaret [wife of Jacob KEYSER]
Snyder:  Minnie Snyder MABEY
Staley, James H. [LANTERMAN headstone]
Staley:  Mary E. LANTERMAN Staley
Stout, Emma L. [wife of McClellan WILDRICK]
Strouble, Mattie A. [wife of Charles D. KEEN]
Titman, Anna [wife of Jacob B. MERICLE]
Titman, Ida J. [wife of J. Elmer SAVACOOL]
Titman, Marilla [wife of Jaby S. ERVINE]
Titman, Mary C. [wife of Wesley LINABERRY]
Titman, Matilda [wife of Samuel C. SNOVER]
Titman, May, wife of John A. Read
Vanauken: Lily M. Vanauken RAUB
Vanscoten, Sarah C. [wife of J. Read TITMAN]
Vaughan:  Susan A. Vaughan VANAUKEN
Walter, Hannah G.Walter [wife of George H. HALL]
Warner:  Hermione PERRY Warner
Weld, DeLeo E. [wife of Henry C. LAY]
Welever, Philip [husband of Rachel J. BEEM]
Wendel, Paulena [wife of SIMEON COOKE]
West, Sarah [wife of Wm. M. SAVACOOL]
Wildrick, Henry C.  [KONKLE headstone]
Wildrick, Mary [KONKLE headstone]
Wildrick:  Mary E. [wife of Nicholas E. BROWN]
Wintermute, Mary [wife of Conrad KISHPAUGH]
Youmans:  Susan E. Youmans WILDRICK

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