Soldiers of the Revolution and Other Wars from 1791-1815
Buried in Upper Harmony (Presbyterian) Graveyard
Harmony, Warren County, NJ

The following were soldiers in the Revolutionary War, from Stryker's Official Roster.

Barber, Thomas, Private
Dewitt, Barnet, Private (D.A.R. Marker)
Gardner, James, Private & Wagoner
Neal, John, Private
Snyder, Henry, Private
Youman, Benjamin, Private (D.A.R. Marker)
Young, Capt. Peter, Corp. & Wagon Master
Winter, Henry, 2nd Lieut.

It appears that all of the following are from Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Wars, 1791-1815 (no author cited).

Expedition against the Indians, 1791:  Fair, John, Private, page 6

Pennsylvania Insurrection, 1794:  Gardner, William, Private, p. 13

War of 1812

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