Excerpts from
Rev. Muhlenberg's Journal
Greenwich, Warren County, NJ
available on microfiche at CU-Denver Library

Special thanks to Brian Cole for sharing this information with us.

NOTE:  Many of these names duplicate those of St. James Lutheran ("Straw") Church  for the same year.

"...But because divine service had been appointed for tomorrow morning in Greenwich, where I was to confirm the young people, I promised, God willing, to visit him [a former major named Arndt, then a justice of the peace in Easton- BDC] next Tuesday.  Toward evening I set out with my travel companion [Gottfried Klein - BDC] and re-crossed the Delaware to his home in Greenwich.  I caught cold again as a result of getting wet today and having no opportunity to change my clothes.

July 2, [1770 - BDC] Monday. Early in the morning the young people came again for instruction. At eleven o'clock we went to the church.  I preached on the words of institution of the Lord's Supper, whereupon I examined the fourteen persons, had them renew their baptismal vow and pledge faithfulness, laid my hands upon them, and gave them Holy Communion.  This seemed to make a deep impression on young and old people because, as they said, they had never experienced anything quite like
it in this place.

[Memorandum. On Monday, July 2, 1770, I Muhlenberg confirmed the following persons in Greenwich, opposite Easton:
(1) Jacob Schipman, son of Matthias Schipman, 20 years old
(2) Wilhelm Moelich, 17, son of the late Gottfried Moelich
(3) Philip Fasbinder, 22, son of Jacob Fasbinder
(4) Maria Catharina Klein, 16, daughter of Gottfried Klein
(5) Maria, 16, daughter of Matthias Schipman
(6 and 7) Rebecca and Johanna, daughters of Johannes Hennershits
(8) Catharina, 16, daughter of Martin Holtzhauser
(9) Elisabeth, 15, daughter of Theobald Scherer
(10) Sophia Dorothea, daughter of Michael Christian
(11) Anna Euphronica, 16, daughter of Philip Klein
(12) Anna Margaretha, 19, daughter of Jacob Fasbinder
(13) Maria Catharina, 15, daughter of Philip Op
(14) Maria Catharina, about 17, daughter of widow Fein.

Spent the rest of the day visiting the schoolmaster and several other families once again. In the evening we had a terrible storm with heavy lightning and thunder.  He that keepeth Israel graciously protected us so that no harm befell us...

[Theodore G. Tappert and John W. Doberstein,

translators, The Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg (Philadelphia: The Muhlenberg Press, 1958), 450-451]."

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