Up Close and Personal

The Newest Generation

        First, and most important, let me brag about my kids.

        Jim was born in 1971.  He graduated from Michigan State University in 1994, receiving two Bachelor's degrees.  Since the degrees were being conferred concurrently, his brother Scott got a cap and gown and went to one of the services to receive the degree for Jim.  In the summer of 1996, he rode his bike (the kind you pedal) from Buffalo, NY, to western Michigan.  Jim next graduated from University of Buffalo Medical School in 1999.  This time he managed to get his sheepskin without any help from his brother.

        Dr. James Reuther finished his residency in psychiatry in June 2003.  On July 5, 2003, he married Dr. Cecille Herrera, also a psychiatrist, in a small civil ceremony here in Tonawanda.  Some wedding pictures can be found here.  January 2004 found Jim and Cecille in the Philippines getting married again in the large church wedding of her dreams.

        Dr. Cecille Reuther completed her undergraduate and medical school education in the Philippines.  She completed her residency in psychiatry in Texas in June 2002.  On May 28, 2003, she became a citizen of the United States.   In 2004 Cecille became a Board Certified Psychiatrist.

          Jim and Cecille made me a proud grandma in January 2006. 


        Scott was born in 1974.  He graduated from Buffalo State College in 1998, and worked as a Segment Producer at MTV in New York City.  He recently began freelancing as a video editor, but still spends most of his time doing editing for MTV.

        He tells me all those hours of TV watching he did as a kid were preparation for his career.  In 1995 Scott and his buddy, Tim, took a 7-week trip to Europe.  One of the things that has made his trudge across the Buffalo State campus in all kinds of weather (uphill, both ways) worthwhile is the opportunity his job at MTV gives him to meet rock stars.  It was a thrill of a lifetime for him to be photographed with his hero, Bono of U2.

        Not one to allow terrorists to change his lifestyle (even though his mother was a nervous wreck), in late October, 2001, Scott once more flew across the Atlantic.  This time he went to London, England, to interview another of his musical heroes, Noel Gallagher of Oasis.  He reports that Noel was a fantastic interview, and Scott was overwhelmed by the warmth of everyone he met and awed by everything he saw.  He's pictured at left with Noel.

        WBNY is the radio station at Buffalo State College.  Recently Scott (remember, he's Thomas Scott Reuther) received recognition on the WBNY web site, listed as one of the "best and brightest the field has to offer."

            For those of you who asked why there's no picture of me on my web site, here I am with Scott who's wearing his new beard and his American flag tie.

        My sons graduated from Tonawanda High School, Tonawanda, Erie County, NY.

        They have both become fine young adults who make me very proud.

My Generation

        I'm Janet (Jan) Raub Reuther; I was born in 1943, graduating from North Arlington High School in 1961.  I received a B.S. in Education from Buffalo State College in 1982, and an M.S. in Education in 1985.  I retired from teaching in June, 2004.

        My husband, Don Reuther, graduated from Irvington High School, Irvington, Essex County, NJ, in 1958.  We were married in 1967.  He earned a B.S. from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Florham Park, NJ, in 1970.  Don died in 1992 of malignant melanoma.

        My sister Nancy was born in 1940.  She graduated from North Arlington High School, North Arlington, Bergen County, NJ, in 1958.  In 1959 she began her second year at Trenton State College, majoring in Business Education.  On October 9, 1959, her World Literature class took two bus loads of students to New York City  to see the play "J. B.", based on the Biblical Book of Job.  On the return trip to Trenton, at the intersection of Ryder's Lane and Route 1 in New Brunswick, NJ, the first bus went through a yellow light.  The second bus stopped; the oil tanker behind it did not.  A professor and 12 students, including my sister Nancy, died in the accident.

        Don is pictured here standing next to his father, George Reuther.  Seated are Thelma Hegnauer Reuther, and Don's younger brother Alan.  Alan was born in 1952 and died in 1986 as the result of a motorcycle crash the year before.  Don also had a sister, Barbara, who was born in 1944 and died in 1950.

 Our Parents

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