Records of the
Reformed Dutch Church at Smithfield, PA
Contributed by Amos Canfield, M.D.
Member of the Publication Committee of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
From what appears to be a genealogical society publication....
...most likely New York, Jan. 1926


1750-1759                  1760-1788                  1789-1807

        In the original record the first twenty baptisms have been crossed out, and the following explanation given:  "NB.  These children are judged, by the Rev. Classis of Amsterdam, to have been unlawfully baptised."
May 22, 1741 1 Daniel Broadhead
Hester Wyngaerd
Luke Peter Casoy
Anna Prys
     " 2 Garret Schoonmaker
Catharina Du Puy
Madlena Herman Rosenkrantz
Magdalena Rosenkratnz
     " 3 Jan Decker, Jun.
Dina Kuyckendal
Lisabeth Moses DuPuy
Elisabeth Decker
     " 4 Florenz Sulliscane
Catharine Warrin
Edward Edward Cannade
Mary Baly, his wife
     " 5 Valentyn Snyder
Mary Jar
     " 6 William Williams
Mary Richerson
David William Megknap
Sara Mills, his wife
June 21, 1741 7 Richard Howel
Ann Daniel
     " 8 Jacobus Kuyckendal
Alida Dingenman
Jacob Benjamin Kuyckendal
Christina Kuyckendal
     " 9 Benjamin Schoonmaker
Lisabeth Du Puy
Susanna Gerret Decker
Susanna Du Puy, his wife
     " 10 Thomas Ready
Hanna Rochman
July 26, 1741 11 Abram van der Pool
Jannetje Welling
Sara Aeri Kuyckendal
Margriet Quick
     " 12 James Fannen
Maretje Kuyckendal
Sara Jacob Kuyckendal
Sara Westfael, his wife
Dec. 25, 1741 13 Joseph Hendrickson
Lena Schoonmaker
Mar. 14, 1742 14 Hendrick Huber
Susanna Hohleys
     " 15 William Devoor
Catharina Schoonmaker
Rebecca Cornelius Devoor
Lena Westfael, his wife
May 9, 1742 16 Luer Kuyckendal
Lena Consales Duke
Benjamin Benjamin Kuyckendal
Christina Kuyckendal
June 7, 1742 17 Pieter Casoy
Magdalena Du Puy
Nov. 7, 1742 18 Adriaen Quick
Rachel Dingenman
     " 19 Rachel Westfael Johannes
Nicholas Du Puy
Weyntje Du Puy
     " 20 Garret Decker
Susanna Du Puy
Nicholas Du Puy Nicholas Du Puy
Weyntje Du Puy, his wife
Apr. 25, 1744 21* Lambart Brinck
Rachel van Garden
Arie Daniel Broadhead
Hester Luykese, his wife
     " 22* Nathan McGommery
Sara Cole
Johannes Antony Swartwood
Lena Decker, his wife

*These two baptisms are not crossed out in the original, but they have the letters NB in front of them, which refer to the not about the unlawful baptisms, given at the head of the list.  The entries are in Fryenmuth's handwriting.

"By me, Joh. C. Fryenmuth, beginning the lawful service."

Dec. 30, 1744 23 Hendrick Hoever
Susanna Holeysen
Samuel Boudewyn van der Lip
Themse Engellant, his wife
     " 24 Boudewyn van der Lip
Themse Engellant
Elias Hendrick Hoever
Susanna Holeysen, his wife
     " 25 Joseph Heyns
Lena Schoonmaker
Daniel Daniel Schoonmaker
Catharina Decker
     " 26 Moses Du Puy
Anna Prys
Aaron Aaron Du Puy
Catharina Decker
     " 27 Cornelis Devoor
Lena Westfael
Lisabeth Nicholas Du Puy
Elizabeth Du Puy
     " 28 Joseph Saims
Catharina Varway
John James Hyndshaw
Hanna Varway, his wife
     " 29 Robert Higgons
Hanna van Sand
John Joseph Whealer
Margriet Rafter
     " 30 Luer Kuyckendal
Lena Consales Duke
Samuel Jacobus Consales Duke
Lena Consales Duke
Jan. 1, 1745 31 John Bork
Wyntje But
John Benjamin Schoonmaker
Sara Cole
Jan. 27, 1745 32 Willem van Garden
Antje Vredenburgh
Elisabeth Abram Hendrickse Decker
Lisabeth Cole, his wife
Feb. 23, 1745 33 Jacobus Morry
Jannetje van Vlieren
Jacobus Hieronymus van Vlieren
Margriet van Vlieren, his wife
Apr. 28, 1745 34 Bernet Strout
Cousia Harker
Jennet Moses DuPuy
Hanna Prys
May 26, 1745 35 Anthony Maxwell
Evje Freeland
William Enoch Freeland
Mary van Hoorn
     " 36 Benjamin Schoonmaker
Lisabeth Du Puy
Madlena Joseph Heins
Lena Schoonmaker
June 28, 1745 37 Johan Adam Snyder
Anna Margreta Meyer
Susanna Johan Hendericus Huber
Susanna Holeysen
Sept. 1, 1745 38 Anthony Dirkse Westbroeck
Hendrickje Brinck
Johannes Johannes Westbroeck
Sara Tack, his wife
     " 39 Cornelis Cole
Clasje Jongbloet
Nicolas Du Puy
Neeltje Rosa
     " 40 Dirck Weybrand
Sara Deen
Hendrick Hoever
Neeljte Rosa
Oct. 19, 1745 41 Daniel Du Puy
Lisabeth Decker
Apr. 13, 1746 42 Enoch Freeland
Margriet Rafter
Samuel James Hyundshaw
Jennet Du Puy
     " 43 Nathan McGomly
Sara Cole
Majori Johannes Bosh
Marytje van Etten, his wife
May 11, 1746 44 John Mc Dowll
Hanna Du Puy
Robert Robert Hannah
Elleonar Mollhallon, his wife
Nov. 23, 1746 45 Moses Du Puy
Anna Prys
Elisabeth Banjamin Schoonmaker
Elisabeth Du Puy, his wife
     " 46 John Bork
Winny But
Robert Robert Ellison
Margriet Rafter
Feb. 15, 1747 47 Robert Higgons
Hanna van Sand
Robert Lambart Brinck
Rachel van Garden, his wife
     " 48 Joseph Sayin
Catharina Varway
Joseph James Hyndshaw
Mar. 22, 1747 49 Benjamin Schoonmaker
Lisabeth Dupuy
Elias Moses Dupuy
Anna Prys, his wife
June 28, 1747 50 Thomas Quick
Rachel Emmens
Neeltje Aarie Dupuy
Rachel Harker
     " 51 Patrik Kare
Dorkas Clarke
John William McKnabe
Marten Sloyd
     " 52 Mary Lennen William
Benjamin Schoonmaker
Lisabeth Dupuy
July 26, 1747 53 Willem van Garden
Antje Vredenburgh
Maria Benjamin Dupuy
Eyke de Witt
Aug. 23, 1747 54 Robert Hannah
Elleonora Mollhalan
Robert Boudewyn van der Lip
Themese Engellant, his wife
     " 55 John Houwy
Margriet Mollhalon
Margriet Nicolaes Du Puy
Sept. 20, 1747 56 Hendrick Hoever
Susanna Holeysen
Emanuel Valentyn Snyder
Mary Jar, his wife
Dec. 13, 1747 57 Charles Wilson
Mary Brewerton
Catharina William Wilson
Catharina Brink
Feb. 14, 1748 58 Lambart Brink
Rachel van Garden
Antje Jan van Campen
Antje Schoonmaker, his wife
Apr. 24, 1748 59 John Mc Dowell
Hanna Dupye
May 22, 1748 60 Aarie Dupuye
Rachel Harker
Aaron Moses Du Puye
Anna Prys, his wife
     " 61 Hugh Pugh
Lena Brink
Rachel Lambart Brink
Rachel van Garden, his wife
Nov. 13, 1748 62 Johannes Joh. Dupuye
Rachel Devoor
Hendrikus Jacobus van Kampen
Marya van Kampen
     " 63 Moses Dupuy
Anna Prys
Marya Benjamin Schoonmaker
Lisabeth Dupuy, his wife
Dec. 11, 1748 64 Sara Deen Samuel
Benjamin Dupuy
Eyke De Witt, his wife
Feb. 19, 1749 65 Daniel Du Puy
Lisabeth Decker
Niclas Niclaes Dupuye
Wyntje Rosa
     " 66 James Hyndshaw
Marya Dupuye
Mar. 26, 1749 67 Catharina Brink Lisabeth
Benjamin Dupuy
Rachel van Garden
Apr. 16, 1749 68 Catharina Emmens Hanna
Lambart Brinck
Rachel van Garden
May 14, 1749 69 Adriaen Quick
Rachel Dingenman
Benjamin Benjamin Dupuy
Eyke de Witt
     " 70 Valentyn Snyder
Marya Barbara Jagerin
Rodolfus Rodolfus Schoonhoven
Dorothea Dennemerken
     " 71 Jacobus Murry
Jannetje van Vlieren
Jane Hieronymus van Vlieren
Margarit van Vlieren
June 11, 1749 72 John Bork
Wynny Budd
Samuel John Parse
Elisabeth Potts
July 9, 1749 73 Nathaniel Westfael
Catharina Emmens
Elisabeth Cornelis Kuykendal
Maritje Westfael
     " 74 John Houwy
Margriet Mollhallon
Boudewyn Boudewyn van der Lip
Themse Engellant
Aug. 6, 1749 75 Benjamin Schoonmaker
Lisabeth Dupuy
Helena Joseph Heyns
Helena Schoonmaker
Oct. 8, 1749 76 Thomas Quick
Rachel Emmans
Johannes Victor Potman
Margreet Wies
     " 77 Victoor Potman
Margriet Wies
Maria Thomas Quick
Rachel Emmans
Dec. 31, 1749 78 Nathan McGomery
Sara Cole
James John Decker
Margriet Kleyn
     " 79      " Hanna Enoch Freeland
Margriet Rafter

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