Balesville Cemetery
Sussex County, NJ

Because my dear friend Bob Lanterman had expressed an interest in this cemetery, I wrote to the Special Collections Library at Rutgers, and got a copy of the transcript.  It is in very rough form--handwritten by a least three different people, many abbreviations, spidery handwriting, etc.  The only heading on most of the pages is "Balesville," with no notation of who did the transcriptions, or a location of the cemetery.  I found Balesville on a map, on Route 626, north of Newton, along the Paulins Kill.  Some of the pages are dated 6/3/23, and all the pages are written on the same type of paper, with tabs for each letter of the alphabet, leading me to believe they were all done at approximately the same time.

Note:  Rick Lane has done research on this cemetery and has a copy of the layout; he is willing to do lookups.  You can contact Rick at:  Thanks, Rick!
Corrections:  Harold Van Auken has visited this cemetery.  All those names formerly listed under "Marrig" should have been listed under "Morris".  These Morris additions are listed below in red.  Thanks, Harold!

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