Warren County, NJ, 1931


Board of Chosen Freeholders:  The members of the Board in 1930 were:

        In the fall election of 1930, Jacob R. Bryant, of Washington, was elected Freeholder, replacing P. R. Thatcher whose term expired.

Director:  Charles G. Smith is the present Director, now serving his third consecutive year in the office.

Clerk of the Board:  This work is being efficiently carried on by Hilton L. Butler, the present Clerk.

County Counsel:  Now functioning as County Counsel for the fifth year, Clark C. Bowers, of Washington, has most ably served the County in these many respects.

Treasurer:  County Treasurer Charles F. Reinhold, of Phillipsburg, assisted by the Clerk, gives careful attention to the responsibilities of the office.

County Engineer:  Giving to the County fifteen years of continuous service as its Engineer, Harry W. Vetter's intimate knowledge of the County's engineering needs and problems is invaluable.  In addition, he brings to the office high recognition and reputation in his profession.

Other Board Appointees:  County Supervisor of Roads, John J. Connolly of Phillipsburg; County Physician, Dr. G. Wyckoff Cummins of Belvidere; Steward of County Home, George S. Whitesell of Oxford; County Home Physician, Dr. Walter Storm of Hope; Matron of County Home, Mrs. George S. Whitesell of Oxford; Superintendent of Weights and Measures, W. Armstrong Mackey of Belvidere; County Adjuster, Samuel T. Beatty of Blairstown; Warden of County Jail, George W. Smith, Belvidere; Matron of County Jail, Mrs. George W. Smith, Belvidere; Superintendent of Veterans Burials, Hilton L. Butler, Belvidere; Janitor of Court House, J. Creighton Baker, Belvidere.

        In addition, the Board appointed to membership of the 1931 Commissions, the following persons:

County Free Library Commission:  Will G. Atwood, Belvidere; Arthur G. Danks, Allamuchy; Mrs. Freeman Vliet, Phillipsburg, R.D.; Harvey Cole, Broadway; Mrs. Theo. B. Dawes, Blairstown.

Shade Tree Commission:  Harry W. Vetter, Belvidere; Howard Mason, Belvidere; Edmund S. King, Belvidere.


County Home and Corrections

        To provide for the indigent, poor residents of the County and aid those who ae sick or incapacitated and unable or only partly able to pay for needed attention and provision, the Freeholders maintain the Count Home; and as recommended by County Adjuster Samuel T. Beatty of Blairstown, extend aid to those physically and mentally unfit.

County Home:  Situated on a 541.79 acre farm in Mansfield Township, the County Home consists of two main housing structures and 22 farm and accessory buildings.  The original tract of 390.29 acres was purchased for $8,950.00 in March, 1830, from David Sutton, by the Freeholders, and was increased on February 10th, 1930, through purchase of the adjoining 151.50 acre Kiefer Farm for $4,116.56.

        In 1930, purchases were made as follows:  Feed and Seed--Alva Thomas, Hackettstown; Edwin S. Goodnow, Townsbury; Bennett & Thomas, Belvidere.  Bread--Paul W. Cool, Phillipsburg; Coal--The Washington Coal and Supply Co., Washington; Electrical Work--Skinner's Electrical Store, Washington; Equipment Repairs--Frank Koehn, Oxford; Germicides--Germo Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, Mos.; Furniture--Walter L. Cooke, Inc., Hackettstown; Meats--Washington Meat Market, Washington; Monuments--Wilson J. Litzenberger, Belvidere; Plumbing--Frank P. Titus, Hackettstown; New Jersey Tobacco Co., Dover, N.J.

Court House, Jail, County Park

Court House:  A T-shaped, two and a half story, red brick structure of colonial design; the Court House is surmounted by a white clock tower, is fronted with a high, white columned portico, stands in the shade of lofty trees, and faces the beautiful County Park.  The original 40 foot by 60 foot structure was built in 1826, its site having been donated by Garret D. Wall.

        Supplies and service were furnished as follows:  Carpenter Work--William H. DeRemer, Washington; Coal--Belford & Niedermiller of Belvidere and Edward T. Green of Oxford; Furniture--Ford Furniture Stores and Williams & Brands, both of Belvidere; Gas and Oil--Waco Service, Inc., Hackettstown and Mingle's Service Station, Hackettstown; Office Equipment and Supplies--Bookkeeping Equipment Co., Easton, and Charles J. Montague, Easton; Paint--The Adams Paint Co., Cleveland, O.; Faust Brothers, Belvidere and Robert M. Bodine, Belvidere.

Jail:  Located immediately back of the Court House is the Jail.  During 1930, a total of 365 prisoners were admitted to the jail, who were confined for a total of 7,060 prisoner days, or an average of 19.3 days each.  Meals cost an average of 29.7 per day for each prisoner.  During 1930 supplies were purchased as follows:  Bread--Howard A. Helb, Belvidere; Coal--W. G. Tindall, Belvidere; Coffee--The John F. Bauer Co., Elmira, N.Y.; Cleaning Compounds--J. M. Gruitt, Washington, representing the Prominent Specialty Co.; Meats--Gordon J. Richards, Belvidere.

Other County Officials

        Also elected by the people to administer specific branches of County governmental affairs are the Sheriff, the County Clerk and the Surrogate.  The fees charged for every service of these offices are set by law and may neither be increased or decreased.

Sheriff:  Elected for a term of three years, and not permitted to succeed himself in office, Mansfield Bowers of Washington is the present Sheriff and chief peace officer of Warren County.  Competently assisting the Sheriff is Under Sheriff Emanuel Tigar of Belvidere, who is empowered to act as Sheriff in all respects except the execution of deeds.

County Clerk:  This County official is elected for a term of five years, and his office functions in many directions.  Ramsey Reese of Phillipsburg, the present incumbent, is the official recorder of all instruments affecting real estate and personal property, such as deeds, mortgages and conditional sales contracts.  He also serves as Clerk of the County mortgages and conditional sales contracts.  Deputy County Clerk George D. Geis of Belvidere, equipped with 14 years of experience in the activities of the office, is direct assistant to the County Clerk and a most valuable help to him.

Surrogate:  This County officer is also elected for a five-year term.  Clayton Willever, of Phillipsburg, is the present Surrogate, the duties of whose office are to take care of all papers and instruments required by law in settling estates of the deceased.  Also, he is Clerk of the Orphans' Court, Judge and Clerk of the Surrogate's Court and custodian of all their records.  Ably assisting the Surrogate is Deputy Surrogate G. Wesley Widenor of Belvidere.

County Physician:  Dr. G. Wyckoff Cummins of Belvidere, noted genealogist, historian and scientist, is now serving his 14th consecutive year in this office.

Superintendent of Weights and Measures:  Appointed to protect the people against unintentional or deliberate fraud through incorrect measuring and weighing apparatus of all kinds, Superintendent W. Armstrong Mackey of Belvidere is constantly moving through the County inspecting and testing these appliances.

County Board of Elections:  It consists of four members, two from each of the major political parties, appointed for two years each.  The present members are:  Mahlon M. Kinney, President, of Delaware; Cora M. Britton, Phillipsburg; Isaac B. Brands, Columbia; and Maurice E. Beesley, Secretary, of Belvidere.  Printing was done for the Board by The Cavanaugh Press, Phillipsburg, and the VanBuskirk Press, Inc., Trenton, N.J., as well as by the newspapers of the County.

County Board of Taxation:  It is composed of three members, not more than two of whom  are of the same political party, and a secretary.  The present members of the Board and its Secretary are:  Maurice M. Corcoran, President, of Hackettstown; George Korp, Phillipsburg; Mrs. J. Milton Guthrie, Phillipsburg; and Charles H. Hoagland, Secretary, of Asbury.

Court Officers

        Presiding over the various County Courts--local municipal courts excluded--are the Judges appointed by the Governor of the State, by and with the consent of the Senate.

Judiciary:  The following judges preside over their respective Courts in the County:  Supreme Court Judge, Thomas W. Trenchard; Circuit Court Judge, Rulif V. Lawrence; County Judge, Harry Runyon, and District Court Judge, William P. Tallman.

Prosecutor of the Pleas:  Sylvester C. Smith, Jr., of Phillipsburg, has been Prosecutor since 1921 and, without the aid of an assistant in all that time, has single-handed fulfilled the heavy duties of the office with great credit to himself.  County Detective Theo. H. Wider, of Phillipsburg, aids in the work of the office.

Coroners:  Elected by the people, three Coroners function in the investigation of all cases of sudden, suspicious or unusual death, issue death certificates and serve the Courts of the County in these respects.  The present Coroners are:  E. John Wildrick, Hackettstown; Edward Brill, Phillipsburg; and J. Russell Doyle, Phillipsburg.

Other Appointees:  Also serving the Courts are Court Crier--George M. Appleman, of Belvidere; Court Clerk--William F. Chalmers, of Phillipsburg; Sergeant-at-Arms--Theo. H. Wieder of Phillipsburg, and Game Warden--John F. Cox, of Washington.

Representatives to State and National Legislature

        Directly representing Warren County in the enactment of State and Federal laws are its State Senator and Assemblyman, and the Congressman of their district, respectively.

State Senator:  Elected for a term of three years by the people of the County, State Senator Theodore B. Dawes, of Blairstown, represents them in the New Jersey State Senate, being one of that body's 21 members.  Reared in the County from early youth, ever intensely interested in the County's progress and thoroughly familiar with its needs, he has been and is an able and respected champion of Warren County interests in the State Senate.

Assemblyman:  In the General Assembly of the State Legislature, the County is represented by Assemblyman John S. Pursel of Phillipsburg, who is elected for a term of one year.  Elected for the third consecutive year, he brings to the service of Warren County's people his legal knowledge as a counselor-at-law, his experience in the office and a worthy aggressiveness in behalf of the County.

United States Congressman:  Bergen, Sussex, Warren and part of Passaic Counties together for the Sixth Congressional District of New Jersey; and thus combined, are represented in the United States House of Representatives by Congressman Randolph Perkins of Woodcliff Lake.  He was recently elected by the people of this district for this sixth consecutive term of two years each.  A member of the New Jersey bar, his very length of service attests to his ability and the high regard in which he is held.

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