A Sampling of Odds and Ends from the
Warren Journal
Belvidere, Warren County, NJ

Note:  "Inst." means "instant", and refers to the current month.
"Ult." means "ultimo", which means "in the last month."

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January 15, 1852

List of Letters

        Remaining in the Post Office at Mansfield, N.J. for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 1851:  Aaronson, Amy F.  *  Bowlby, Lydia  *  Bryan, Isaac  *  Braman, James  *  Compton, Henry  *  Conely, John  *  Decon, James  *  Fennel, George  *  Gulick, Gilbert  *  Gardner, William  *  Hibler, Joseph S.  *  Nixon, James  *  Quick, John  *  Lyda, John B.  *  Snyder, Jeremiah  *  Simmons, Marguretta  *  Thatcher & Slater  *  Trinson, Peter  *  Vanatta, John R.  *  Vanatta, Hamilton.
                                                                                                    JOHN R. BARTON, P.M.

April 1, 1852


        This is to certify that the co-partnership heretofore existing between Rittenhouse & Hoffman, carrying on the Tayloring business in this town, was this day dissolved by mutual consent.
                                                                                            M. RITTENHOUSE
                                                                                            C. G. HOFFMAN
        Belvidere, April 1, 1852
        N.B.--The business will be conducted hereafter by M. Rittenhouse in whose hands the books will be left for settlement.

June 17, 1852
Belmont Hall,
Schooley Mountain Springs,
THE FIRST GRAND BALL OF THE SEASON will be given July 5th, 1852.  We particularly invite the public to participate in this entertainment.  Nothing will be omitted on the part of the management to render it an elegant affair.  The Ball Room will be handsomely decorated, the Park gaily illuminated, the Supper Table richly and abundantly supplied with the greatest variety of choice delicacies.  An excellent Band of Music will be in attendance.  Every attention will be paid to the happiness of those who would secure to themselves the privilege of enjoying so rare a treat.  For those who remain all night, superior apartments will be prepared, as the attendance will undoubted be large, it is requested that gentlemen will notify the proprietor a few days in advance, stating the number of his party; this will save trouble and secure apartments.  Tickets $3.00 admitting two ladies and a gentleman; tickets admitting one gentleman, $2.00--can be procured at the principal hotels in Newark, Morristown, Dover, Newton, Belvidere, Easton, etc., or by addressing as above.
                                                                                        J. C. HINCHMAN, Superintendent
        Belmont Hall, June 17, 1852

September 16, 1852
        The subscribers take this method of giving notice of their determination to enforce the Law against every person hereafter trespassng upon their premises with dogs or gun, or without:  MICHAEL BANGHART  *  WESLEY BANGHART  *  WILLIAM MACKEY  *  GEORGE VASS  *  ASA VASTBENDER  *  THOMAS PRALL  *  JACOB TITMAN  *  MICHAEL P. BANGHART  *  WILLIAM GINGLES  *  JAMES VANSICKLE  *  ROBERT QUICK  *  JOHN HIXSON  *  THOMAS CRAIG  *  ROB'T CRAIG  *  MICHAEL BOYER  *  J. VANSICKLE  *  J. M. CRACKEN  *  A. B. ROBESON  *  F. DERNBERG.
        September 2nd 1852

December 2, 1852
        Whereas my wife Delilah, has left my bed and board, [taking with her my daughter Malvina] without just cause or provocation.  This is to caution all persons from harboring or trusting either as I am determined not to pay any debts of their contracting.
        Columbia, Nov. 18th 1852.
                                                                                SAMUEL SNOVER

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