A Sampling of Odds and Ends from the
Warren Journal
Belvidere, Warren County, NJ

Note:  "Inst." means "instant", and refers to the current month.
"Ult." means "ultimo", which means "in the last month."

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January 2, 1858

        Brigham Young has increased his harem of seventy-five white wives, by adding to it fifteen young and lively Indian squaws.

February 6, 1858

        ACQUITTED.--Some three months ago a Mrs. Nancy Wood of Port Jervis, Orange county, a woman having a husband and family, goaded to desperation by a man named Jonathan Eldridge, who boasted that he was her paramour, publicly shot him with a pistol, the bullet knocking out some of the fellow's teeth, and inflicting a severe wound.  Mrs. Wood was indicted for an assault with intent to kill, and tried at the Orange County Court last week.  The Jury, after an hour's absence, returned with a verdict of acquittal, which was received with great applause by the audience.

February 13, 1858

$25 Reward.

        The above reward will be paid by the subscriber for the apprehension of conviction of the person or persons who broke open and entered the Jewelry Shop in the village of Washington, Warren County, N.J. on Wednesday night, Feb. 3rd, 1858, and took therefrom one ---- -------- partly worn, one lot of new rasors and other articles from Jewelry case, 31 cents from the drawer, two pleopa of watch work from work table, amounting in all to about $20.
                                                                                JAMES I. HTEZEL
        Washington, Feb. 13, 1858
        N. B.--Customers watches were out of the shop at the time consequently are saved.  Same shop was robbed on the 30th of April last, of its contents--Same night (Feb. 3rd) an attempt was made to rob the Shoe Store of Stasy Bolby in said village, but was ----------- by two young sleeping in the store, they saw the man from the window.

March 20, 1858

        When Commodore Perry went to Japan, it was contended that he could do no good unless he used force to make the Japanese receive him, and even now Commissioner Reed is ridiculed by some of the newspapers for not joining in the war against China.--Com. Perry, instead of sending the Japanese shells and connon balls to show his tender regard for them, sent the Emperor a model of the locomotive and a magnetic telegraph.--The Emperor was so much pleased with these presents that he sent his nephew to the United States (now on his way), to learn something more of the nation which uses such improvements.

April 3, 1858

April 17, 1858

        The amount in the Treasury at Washington subject to draft is over six millions--The receipts last week were nearly five hundred and fifty six thousand dollars.

May 8, 1858

One Cent Reward

        An indentured apprentice named Daniel Cowell, ran away from the subscriber, on the 1st inst.  He is about 16 years old, small for his age, had on when he left a drab coat and pants.  All persons are cautioned against harboring or trusting him on my account.
                                                                                        JOHN A. WOLEVER
        Asbury, May 8, 1858

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